One day, I heard the Lord say these words: “the oil is not in the bottle”!
It was an unusual statement, and yet potent with meaning.

And I believe it is a word for many today.

The oil of the Holy Spirit—in particular, His power to heal—is flowing.

It is not contained.
His power to heal is not confined!

The Father’s relentless love pursues and finds you.
There is no deterioration of soul or body, and no dark place, that is beyond His touch.

A Forgotten Bottle of Oil

It was 23rd February 2020, and a news report about COVID-19 caught my eye.

At that moment, I was reminded of John G Lake, who was used by God to bring healing miracles during a time of disease, a century ago—“Do it again, Lord!”

I went on to reminisce of the time I flew into Spokane, Washington, on a visit to my Mum and Stepdad, who lived nearby.

On my last day in the US, we visited the Spokane Healing Rooms ministry. [1]
I left with two bottles of fragrant anointing oil—both of which, I gave away.
It was now a decade since I gave the second of those bottles away. I had passed it on with a prophetic word, to a leader, with very little thought of it since! [2-4]

Yet at that moment in February, standing in my home, I felt a sudden desire to hold that bottle of oil in my hands again.

Longing for the Holy Spirit

The hunger I had in that instant was urgent.
The strength of it gripped me!

Of course, there is no special power in a bottle of oil —the power is in what that oil symbolizes.

  • The Holy Spirit and His anointing

God was stirring up a hunger in me for Him.

It had been months since I’d been in contact with fragrant anointing oil—and yet the following evening, I walked into our home with a gift, given to me that day.

It was a bottle of anointing oil. It was fragrant with rose oil.
This one was from Jerusalem.

The Oil Went on a Journey

As my husband Malcolm and I held that small bottle in our hands, we knew that somehow, it was a sign.
We had no idea of the trials that were to come.

A few weeks later, I the bottle of oil in my hand luggage to New Zealand, where I used it to pray for family members.

It was with me, during those long, drawn-out hours I sought to return home, through Australia’s closed borders.
It traveled with me when my flight was detoured via Christchurch, in the south.

Come to think of it, that bottle of oil has journeyed from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth!

Afterward, it sat on my shelf during our long months of lockdown, where I returned to it occasionally in prayer.

Not Confined to a Bottle

6 months after receiving the oil, the Holy Spirit again took me by surprise.

I wasn’t near the bottle; it hadn’t been on my mind—and yet He interrupted my thoughts with this statement:

“The oil is not in the bottle!”

To which I instantly responded, “No! The oil is the Holy Spirit, and of course, He is not confined to a bottle!”
I knew that all along. But a word from God holds great power.

Fragrant Oil in the Mantle

A desperately ill woman once said, “If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.” (Mark 5:28, NKJV)

Today, you too can reach out, touch Jesus and receive healing.

“If only I may touch His clothes…”
The Psalmist describes fragrant oil in the Messiah-King’s garments (Psalm 45:7-8)

It is echoed in the declaration of the maiden in Song of Songs:
“Because of the fragrance of your good ointments, Your name is ointment poured forth…” (Song of Solomon 1:3a, NKJV)

The name of Jesus is like fragrant oil poured out!

His reputation, the power of His name—all that His name represents. The essence of who He is!
Savior. King. Anointed One!

A Persisting Fragrance

Fragrant oil.
We see it in the anointing of Jesus, prior to His crucifixion when a woman poured out an alabaster flask of fragrant oil on His head. (Matt 26:7)

That oil would have flowed into His garments. The fragrance of it may well have lingered over His body, and been present as He was whipped and crucified.
For Jesus had said, “…in pouring this fragrant oil on My body, she did it for My burial.” (Matt 26:12, NKJV)

That day, it was our sin, that was borne in His suffering.
Our sickness.

Today, someone needs to know—God’s Spirit, now, is moving in power.
His healing is touching you.

Jesus’ willingness to heal has not changed.
His power has not been diluted.

The oil is not in the bottle!

The Message in the Bottle

small bottle of anointing oilPerhaps today, your need for healing is not of the body, but of the soul.

I treasured the gift of the oil, for its personal message.
For earlier in January, during a prayer retreat, my Bible had stayed open—the entire time—at a single verse:

“Because of the fragrance of your good ointments, Your name is ointment poured forth…” (SOS 1:3a, NKJV)

It was composed by Solomon, a king enthroned in Jerusalem.
His bride-to-be laments her shortcomings. But as chapter two opens, she realizes, “I am the Rose of Sharon”.

Such is the transforming love of the bridegroom.
And such is the love of God, who will even chase down His weary daughter, with a message inscribed on a bottle of oil.

“Anointing oil from Jerusalem.
Rose of Sharon.”

The Bottle is Unstopped!

“The oil is not in the bottle!”

“Poured out” means active. It means available!

Receive His healing now.
And see by faith, the healing power of the Holy Spirit being released from you to others, as you pray.
For you are His vessel.

Indeed, you are His bottle—and He in all His fullness, is pouring forth from you.

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A Prophetic Parable
Recently, I’ve written about how God will use your story, to tell His story. He is a God of parables and symbols, who may, at times, use unusual ways and means to speak to us.
This week’s post is an example of these.
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I believe all prophetic insights, including those received by remarkable and supernatural means are to be tested and weighed up. See 5 Reasons Powerful Reasons to Test Angelic Encounters


Scriptures about healing for meditation: Acts 10:38, 1 Peter 2:24, Matt 8:16-17

[1] At that time, the ministry was located at the same street address where John G Lake had established his own rooms.

[2] I tell more of this story in a blog post from 10 years ago: The Power of a Prophetic Act 

[3] A snapshot of the history of the modern Healing Rooms founded by Cal Pierce can be found on the Australia site here.

[4] Anointing with oil is a physical sign of a spiritual reality, oil representing the Holy Spirit and His anointing. It is one of a number of ways we can pray for the sick, and it’s seen in the Gospels (Mark 6:12-13) as well as in the New Testament church (James 5:14-15).

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33 thoughts on “Healing: I Heard God Say, “The Oil Is Not In The Bottle””

  1. Good morning Helen!

    Lately I suffer from severe allergies that worsen my asthma. My husband anointed me last night and asked YHVH for healing. This morning, like every other morning, washed my face and put some Jojoba oil on, then received your email, and realized the symbolism — a confirmation for me to know and trust YHVH for complete healing!
    Kind regards!

    1. Hi Luchelle, yes and amen. Such coincidences are the voice of the Lord reminding us he is present and moving. He is touching your life.
      I pray with you and agree that the allergy and asthma conditions go, in Jesus’ Name. His name is the name above every name!

  2. Spoke directly to me as I was thinking I needed to put on some olive oil that had been blessed and realised I didn’t need to put the oil on me the oil Holy Spirit is in me and straight away I felt the Holy Spirit me in me and takeover my body and it was a very moving and peaceful experience. Praise God Halellujah xx

  3. He never fails to use you in my life with an online message!! It’s life changing! Thank you for your obedience, love for the Lord and all sacrifices you have made. I am in the United States and as I was reading this message I began to weep as right before I was asking Him for help with healing in my mind, heart, and body. My back was in pain and after I read this and lifted my hands in a receiving and worship posture the pain is gone because the oil is not in the bottle!! Glory to God!! I also am ministering on Saturday and will be in a vessel position to be used for others to be healed! Thank you again! May the Lord bless you and your family abundantly!!!

    1. Praise God Maria, I worship Him with you! Father, I thank you that you are sealing the healing. Thank you Lord that you are flowing powerfully in and through Maria. Now is the time for her to be boosted and advanced in her ministry through faith, through knowing and encountering You, the season of greater things.
      So good. And thank you for sharing that

  4. Botsanyang moswetsi

    hi i am in pain my only sister is getting married and my boss want to refuse to give me a leave,,, I am confused because there is a lot of battles in my sister wedding preparations

    1. Hi Botsanyang, I’m sorry to hear that – praying with you right now, for favour to be released towards you, and for you to have PEACE and to see God at work in your situation, in Jesus’ Name.
      Let us know how you are going

      1. Botsanyang moswetsi

        hi Helen I believed and thrusted God ,, all is well the wedding its on the 03 of December I thank God because its all coming together ,,,thank you

  5. James Chihombori

    I receive my healing from ulcers and kidney infection in Jesus name. I trust Him to heal me, He uses me to minister healing to others and I strongly believe Him to heal me as well. Thanks Helen for the so touching message. Stay forever blessed. Jesus Christ is Lord.

    1. Yes Father, we thank you that RIGHT NOW you are touching James’ body. Ulcers and kidney infection GONE in Jesus’ Name. Let the healing oil of the Holy Spirit flow all over him right now, like a balm and like a cleansing.
      Father thank You for the turn around and the testimony, in Jesus’ Name

  6. Thank you Helen. I feel like God said this was a divine appointment.

    Thank you, so much healing is needed in my heart.

    So want to use my prophetic giftings to His glory.

    Mama to 8
    One homemade and 7 adopted

    1. Hi Kimmie, I pray you and your family have Heavenly peace and you will know a healing encounter with God’s Presence!
      You are loved

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