If you can relate to being at a low point right now, be encouraged by this prophetic word from the story of Elijah.

“This low place doesn’t disqualify you; it prepares you.
It positions you.”

And your lowest point will become your launching pad.

“This is Where I Birth My Champions!”

Elijah, your lowest point will be your launching pad. Text on image of eagle flyingElijah had a low point when he was on the run from Jezebel’s threats. (1 Kings 19)
For a short time, the prophet was driven by fear.

And Elijah became so low in spirits, he despaired of his life.

But his lowest point was about to become a launching pad.
After encountering God, Elijah went on to anoint Elisha, his successor, and Jehu—the very one who would take down Jezebel!

  • So, if it seems as though the enemy has been chasing you, and for a time, you’ve failed to hold your ground
  • If circumstances have caused you to become disheartened, or you have been pressed on every side

You may feel as though you are in your lowest place. But right here, the God of grace is waiting for you!
Hear Him say, “This is where I birth My champions!”

Launching Pad: 4 Ways God is Turning Your Situation Around

1. God is Sending Angels to Help You

Exhausted, Elijah slept, but an angel interrupted his uneasy rest.
That angel gave him supernatural food and drink.

No matter what is happening right now, there are angels around you.

Even in the times of your greatest need and weakness, they are present.

We see this in Jesus’ life. After the temptation, angels came and ministered to Him (Matt 4:11).
And later, as He wrestled in great agony over the upcoming crucifixion, “…an angel appeared to Him from heaven, strengthening Him.” (Luke 22: 43)

Angels ministered to Jesus, and to Elijah.
They provided replenishment for the soul and body, in moments of pain and stress.

This tells us that one of their roles is to strengthen God’s people in times of trial.

Be assured that just as with Elijah, not only is God present with you, but He has also sent His ministering angels to impart to you what you need.

Today, hear your Father say,
“Receive my strength and comfort in the middle of the trial. For you are moving from here with flying colors.”

2. You will Personally Experience Revival

At his lowest point, Elijah was so depressed that he wished to end his life.
But it was right there, he met the God of resurrection.
Buoyed by that angelic encounter—and the refreshment supplied—he began his journey again.

  • A low place can be like a drop in a road. When there is a dip in the terrain, the way ahead is obscured
  • At such times, it is difficult to make progress. Perhaps, “hope deferred” has made you heart-sick (Prov 13:12)

The way out of a valley requires a climb—and when you lack energy, it’s much easier to stay in a slump, than to move forward.

Yet, this is a Biblical principle we see over and over again:

  • Our God is a God of revival
  • He is the Reviver

So, if you can identify with being at a low point today—even if you feel you’re at your lowest!
Receive new life, the breath of God today.

3. As Elijah did, You Will See Divine Acceleration

Renewed in strength, Elijah traveled 40 days and nights, until he arrived at Mount Horeb.

There, he had a significant encounter with God—experiencing His manifest Presence and hearing His audible voice.

And so it is, that a destiny doorway often stands at a low place.

You may have been stopped for a moment, but as Elijah did, you will experience Divine acceleration!

A low place may be characterized by depletion, or beset by uncertainty.
There, stripped of your usual capacity, you realize that you cannot fulfill God’s call in your own strength.

Emerging, freshly reliant upon the Spirit of God, you are empowered for your new season.

4. God is Giving You a New Song

For a time, Elijah forgot his message.
He lost his voice.
He was in a pit of despair.

David writes of being rescued by God at such a low point:
“He also brought me up out of a horrible pit,
Out of the miry clay,
And set my feet upon a rock,
And established my steps.”
(Psalm 40:2, NKJV)

Miry clay speaks of being a stuck place, and the pit is a symbol of helplessness.
It is the ultimate low point.

The word translated “horrible” means an uproar; a rushing noise!
It so well defines our day, when clamor surrounds us.

David spoke of the low place becoming a birthing place, where a new song would emerge, given by God!

And with it, a ministry to many (Psalm 40:3, NKJV).

So, if trials have weighed you down; or uncertainty has rocked your world.

If you have reached a low point or even your lowest.
Or, you have felt weak or stuck.

God has not left you.
He is here to rescue you.

Look up and see the hand of Jesus reaching down to you.
Hear Him say, “Let me lift you up, beloved, for I want you to be with Me.
I have a secure place for you to stand. Walk with Me.”

Take it from Elijah: Your low place is about to become a miracle zone.

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Have you been touched by God as you’ve read this prophetic word, with regard to your own “low place”? Which of the four points most inspires you? I’d love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts and prayer requests in the comments box below (scroll down to view).

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106 thoughts on “Elijah: Your Lowest Point is Your Launching Pad”

  1. A new song, a new beginning. Thank you Helen for reminding me through this prophesy that nothing is too hard for God. We have been at our dead end as a ministry but now I can see the hand of Jesus reaching out and out for us. May God bless you for this specific prophetic word. I receive now in Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen. Greetings from Kenya

    1. Hi George, I pray you encounter and receive the supernatural replenishment and supply! May you receive the fresh instructions God has for you, for this new season.
      Blessings from Down Under, Australia

      1. Dear Helen,

        Firstly, I am writing to say thank your Ministry for beeing the one voicing out GOD’s message for me today.

        As today specifically, I have woke up from a dream which ended up whilst I was at the an international airport where a takeoff on a business trip was awaited.

        I also wish to confirm that my life is at the lowest point for about 5 years now.
        I am believing GOD for Divine Acceleration turning my situation into a launching pad soon.


      2. Susan R Williams

        I am:
        At my lowest, weakest place and feel stuck.
        I have forgotten his message and lost my voice.
        I am in a pit of despair.
        Right on point for me.
        Thank you for this encouraging message.

        1. Lord we pray for Susan. We thank you for her desire to walk with You. May Your hand be upon her and comfort her with Your words. Give her wisdom and strength. Amen.

          Karen Stuckey
          Enliven Ministries Team Member

    2. Number 3 reminded me of needing to get rid of old ways, thoughts, methods, assignments from the old season to prepare for a new wineskin and assignments for the new season. Blessings!!

      1. Hello Helena,
        I am so much happy to meet you here and to your words of encouragement as God uses you to speak to us…I am believing God for sending angels to help me.

  2. My low place has become a miracle zone. I’ve experienced this today morning. The Lord Jesus Christ showed Himself strong for me where I was not qualified. I could sing of His goodness forever.
    I am a living testimony for His own glory.
    Thank You so much Helen Calder for such a timely message.

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! I receive this and come into agreement with every word spoken!
    This is exactly for me and my husband, and it is the encouragement we needed so desperately this morning. We have been dealing with much warfare this last week and the Lord showed me a space shuttle warming up for takeoff, and here you spoke “this is your launching pad!”
    Thank u for sharing this, Helen, and God bless you and yours in Australia 🙂

  4. Bondo Mussolin Khonje

    Thank you for the message . I would like to ask for a help interns of prayer and prophecy for I know you are established, many times God speak to me in dreams and visions that He will send me, I will walk in the air, When young He Gave me the bullet (that of gun is copyright from it) He told me that I will be asoldier, and many more but all I am in is troubles, poverty stricken , insult from friends and family as of now I don’t have aclose friends, no good relationship with family members , am not working . What can I pray and do for God to open doors for me. Prophecy for I know you are established unlike me.

    1. Hi Bondi, i’m praying for you right now.
      Here’s an article with some significant points to help you. They are all important, and four and five especially. It takes more than a prophetic word or calling to establish a ministry. It takes character building, finding those who will speak into your life, and honoring the leaders God gives you. I pray you discover the keys to your breakthrough.

  5. Gm Helen I receive that because God is helping me move forward in my life. Thank you for that word and I pray your holidays be great

  6. I love getting your emails, they always speak to me and today was no different. Point #4 struck my heart because like so many I feel at a low point in this world right now, my 4 year old quotes one of her books sometimes about a truck being stuck in the muck and mire and I feel it. I have been wrestling with my purpose for so long now I feel exhausted by the effort of trying to figure it out and doing nothing is just easier. Could certainly use some prayers for clarity and action. Thank-you for doing you work.

    1. Hi Ellen,
      I can certainly identify with that at times!
      Right now, I believe the Lord is encouraging me, and perhaps you also. That it’s not the time to spin the wheels in the mud (tempting to try in our own strength to get out), but to focus on being lifted. Looking to where God is feeding you, being refreshed, focus on worship, but especially find that which lifts your heart.
      May you discover what that new song is for you! God bless you and your precious family with joy and contentment and delight <3

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