Picture of waves with text "At the turning point, God is with you"During a turning point season, you may feel out of kilter. In part, because the pathway ahead is uncertain.

And if you can identify with being in transition, be assured that God has gone before you.
The Lord wants you to know that His hand is upon you at the turning point!

And right now, His reviving power is at work in your life.

A Word from My Journal

“Revival!” This week, a story from my prophetic journal stood out to me.

Just over a year ago, my husband Malcolm and I were getting ready to attend our Planetshakers Church “Revival” conference.

We booked some accommodation near the city of Melbourne, but on the morning of our trip, I sprained my leg. And I couldn’t walk—only hobble very slowly!
Then, we faced one frustrating obstacle after another.

“We are Going Tonight!”

It seemed as though attending the opening night was out of reach. Until that afternoon, when I felt to hand the decision-making over to my exhausted husband.
And I said, “We are only going to whatever sessions you lead!”

Malcolm was resting on the bed and after a while called out to me, “We are going tonight!”

Because he was looking at a photo on the wall of a beautiful old church, with purple lavender flowers in front of it.
And the image of the church made him feel like we were at the right place, at the right time!

A Festive Group

So, a short while later, we left our room and made our way slowly down the hallway. [1] And as we did, we noticed that photos of the same church were displayed on the walls of the entire floor.

We could see the church was a historic building and wondered where it was.

Then, as we turned our car out of the driveway, we were surprised. For directly in front of us, was that same church!
And a festive wedding group was standing outside.

An Unusual Sight

Next, we saw that just ahead at the intersection, the bride and groom were having their photos taken, standing on the roundabout!

(Side note—in Australia, a roundabout is a circular-shaped traffic island at an intersection, which enables traffic to enter, turn and exit safely! :-))

As we turned around the intersection, Malcolm rolled down his window. And he called out, “Congratulations!” to the newly married couple.

At which point, the whole experience felt orchestrated, and I said to him, “This is prophetic!”

A Prophetic Picture

Shortly later, we were in the meeting, which in itself felt like a miracle.
That night, Pastor Russell Evans was speaking. And he talked about Jesus’ first miracle—which took place at the wedding of Cana.

And then, he added:
“A wedding is a prophetic picture of the bride and the bridegroom…
Revival in the last days!”

At that moment, we were stunned. And we looked at each other as we often do when God speaks to us this way.

“It was a Sign Moment”

So, I wrote this on my sermon notes and showed Malcolm:

“The bride and groom were on the ROUNDABOUT.
At the turning point.”

I later added, “It was a “sign” moment. The meaning is yet to unfold.”

Upon investigation, I found out that the name of that historic church was simply “Christ Church”.

God’s Glory in Our Ordinary

It’s typical of the ways the Holy Spirit speaks to us these days.
Through unusual coincidences and signs in our environment.
In the seemingly off-beat—God gatecrashes our ordinary with His glory.

But while the sign encouraged us, we knew the message was bigger than us.

And I believe it speaks of the Father’s purpose for the hour that we’re in right now.

From a Whisper to a Shout

Many of us hear it as a whisper of the Holy Spirit, but soon, many voices will rise in agreement.
And the cry will become a clamor.

Jesus speaks of a moment in which such a message rings out:
“And at midnight a cry was heard: ‘Behold, the bridegroom is coming; go out to meet him!’” (Matt 25:6, NKJV) [2]

There is a sound—a wake-up call that will pierce the night.
“Behold, the bridegroom is coming”.

Right now, Jesus invites us once more, to discover the love story of the ages.
One that is global—yet also personal.
For He is coming as King and as Bridegroom.

Taste and See

If you can relate to being at a turning point personally, change may have brought turbulence with it.
But this is the very time the Holy Spirit is drawing you, inviting you to return to the place of encounter.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Ps 34:8a)
Here, as you respond to God’s whispers, you will receive a great reward.

For in this season of revival, Jesus is calling you back to your first love for Him.
And He who has already demonstrated His great love for you—will make His love known through you.


[1] Oh yes, we prayed for my leg. Then, on the third morning of the conference a woman prayed for me again—that day I ended up walking 8 kilometers in the city!

[2] Known as “The Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids” or “The Parable of the Ten Virgins”, it can be found in Matt 25:1-13. There are also other parables that speak of a wedding and a wedding banquet. And we see the great culmination of the ages in Revelation chapters 21-22—the Marriage Supper of the Bride and the Lamb.

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Signs in the Environment:
I refer to this as “external revelation” (in contrast to the “inner revelation” of the Holy Spirit). For example, God spoke to Moses through a burning bush, to wise men through a star, and to Jeremiah through a potter at work.
Right now, He is speaking to many of us in these ways. And one of the distinctions is He can speak to more than one person simultaneously!

I’ve written about similar encounters we’ve had as a couple here.
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Learn More about Signs in the Prophetic School

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God is Rewarding Your Hidden Work

To those who give out to serve and feed others: God is renewing your strength—and highlighting your significance! Your sacrifice and even the risks you took may have been hidden from others, but they have been seen by God. And one day, the eternal nature of your legacy will be revealed. For God is rewarding your hidden work.
This story of a Divine appointment between Elijah and Obadiah from 1 Kings 18 with unexpected insights will inspire you!

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60 thoughts on “God is With You at the Turning Point (A Revival Word)”

  1. Malcolm Calder

    This amazing moment profoundly impacted me. Prophetic moments and Holy Spirit ‘Set Ups’

  2. This is for me. I’m in a period of transition right now. The whispers of the Lord’s instructions is becoming a clamor. It’s being confirmed everywhere by various signs and I choose to obey God though I seem out of kilter.

    1. Barnabas, I pray you receive the wisdom of the Lord, His grace and favor for your transition – all abundant towards you

  3. Christine Smith

    Wow! This was so on point for me! I am moving from one state to another state, and it seems like one thing after another has hit me. (Please pray for me) I do know that this move must take place! I have been met with all kinds of opposition (even to the point where I do not feel well). But I thank you for this post that has inspired me
    to keep going forward. I really enjoy all of your posts because they speak of God’s goodness! May you continue doing what you are doing so well in the name of Jesus! God bless you and your family!

    1. Christine,

      I am praying for you! God called me to move 2 years ago, right before the pandemic. It was a battle to get here and even more battles have occurred here. God has been so faithful through all of it! Our Lord will fulfill His purposes for you! Cling to Him, and know that the blessing will be so much greater than the battles!

  4. Rachel Hyacinthe

    Dear WOG Helen, your blog post generally encourage me but this one was right on time. I feel as if I am at a turning point and although it has not been easy, I cannot wait to see what God reveals to me in this season. Can you please pray for gainful God ordained employment for me and that I come to know my calling. God bless you

  5. musonda jacintha kasula

    This message has come at the time when am in transition. a new job has surfaced for me but unsure of leaving my current one. thanks for the word and may the Lord guide me in decision making.

  6. Rosanne Bocas

    Women of God u are right on point about this message. I am in a point where i am asking God to show me my purpose. I really would like to know my calling and wants to do it all for his glory. Also i pray for my reward that i truly deserve. Pray for me as well even when we don’t see it but he knows. Increase and promotion is long overdue and d devil is blocking. I decree and declare its done in Jesus name Amen!

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