“The hand of the LORD came upon me and brought me out in the Spirit of the LORD, and set me down in the midst of the valley; and it was full of bones.” (Ezekiel 37:1, NKJV)

Confetti, Your faith is going from glory to gloryThe Lord is releasing faith, for situations where the outlook has been bleak!

He is bringing healing, where there has been pain.
He is turning trials into gold.
He is transforming the environment.

You will hear Him say, “Speak My words, and look again!” and you will realize that here and there, change is taking place.
You will know that you are empowered.
His life is yours! His breath is yours.
His Word is yours.

The Day We Were Struck by Surprise

It was Pentecost Sunday, 2019—just over a year ago.
After our church service at Planetshakers, Malcolm and I were walking in the city, as we often do, by the Yarra River.
We were just about to return to our parked car.
Yet…the day was fine, the sky was blue, and there was a celebration up ahead, at Melbourne’s Exhibition Centre.
I felt pulled.
“Let’s go and have a look!”

And so, my husband and I were walking, arm in arm, amongst the happy crowd that day. As we went along, we chatted about the service, what God was doing in our family, and an event I’d attended in that centre, years before.
The common thread of our conversation was faith, and I observed, “Faith goes from glory to glory”.

As I spoke the words, “glory to glory”, my husband and I were struck together, from above and behind.
We hadn’t seen it coming.
It was a giant beach ball, that was being playfully bounced around the crowd.

It was a fun environment, and we laughed.
But I was also astounded.
For the huge ball that collided with us both at the same time, was made of clear plastic, and filled with multi-colored, foil confetti.

Confetti was Pouring Out from Heaven

“Then He caused me to pass by them all around, and behold, there were very many in the open valley; and indeed they were very dry.” (Ezekiel 37:2, NKJV)

I was amazed, because only two hours before, during the worship at our church, I’d been encountering the Lord in a vision. [1]
In my mind’s eye, I was standing in an isolated, barren landscape, by a lake.

Everywhere I looked, it was bleak, and plain, dark grey stones covered the ground.
But I was drawn to look upwards.

There, in the sky was what looked to be some kind of circular portal, with the appearance of a large, transparent plastic vent.
And through that opening, a warm wind of the Spirit began to blow from Heaven.

As the wind blew, clouds of multi-colored, foil confetti began pouring out, over the landscape around me.

And whenever a piece of colored confetti touched a grey stone, it was transformed into a precious stone—the same color as the confetti that touched it!
Soon, the ground was covered with precious jewels.
The landscape was being transformed!

But then, my focus was turned towards the vent from Heaven.
All I wanted, was to be immersed in the Spirit, the One who was coming through that vent.
And as I moved towards it, I was praying, “Lord, touch me! Transform me!”

A “Sign” Moment

What a great church service it had been, that day. When we left, there was so much to talk about!
And an hour later, we were still talking, when Malcolm and I were struck by that huge, clear plastic ball, filled with coloured foil confetti.

So, I told him of the vision, and the vent—the one that was circular, clear plastic in appearance, and the colored, foil confetti that flowed out.

There was no doubt to us both, that this was an unusual “sign moment”, on this Pentecost Sunday.
I noted it in my prophetic journal.

And this week, a year later, I felt the Holy Spirit bring it back to mind.
“Pay attention!”

Why Does the Holy Spirit Speak in Mysteries?

The Holy Spirit often speaks in mysteries—as anyone who has prophetic dreams will be familiar with!
And the meaning of His prophetic language and symbols is not always clear immediately. Why does He do this?

  • God is leading us on a journey of intimacy with Him
  • A sign will lead us to seek Him, as well as to study the Bible to discover its meaning
  • Mysteries are a part of the language of the Kingdom, and in the Gospels, Jesus spoke in many parables

In our recent journey, Malcolm and I have often encountered the Lord speaking through the environment.

This week, as I recall this particular encounter we had last year, I’m encouraged.
The environment around us—in our State of Victoria, in Australia—is going through one painful trial after the other.
And just when there seems to be no immediate way out, I hear Him say,

“Look up! This is the time for your faith to go from glory to glory.”

Power is Being Released Through Your Words

Being struck by the ball in that moment has reinforced my belief that God has a sense of humor!
It was also a reminder that my longing for the Holy Spirit has already been answered.
The moment was also a powerful sign for us both; one that continues to encourage us.

And that weekend, God did a deep work of healing in my life, delivering me from past pain.

Perhaps today, this word is for you also.
There is no valley of pain where God cannot reach you, or others through you!
And there is no situation too dark, that his glory cannot visit.

“I will give her vineyards from there, and the Valley of Achor [trouble] as a door of hope…” (Hosea 2:15a, NKJV)
Hear God say today, “In the very place of trouble or failure, I am opening a door for you!”

Words from Heaven

Messages are being released from Heaven!
And as you speak what your Father is speaking, something is happening.

  • Power is being released to transform your environment

All around you, testimonies will be shared, and these will light up the land.

“Confetti” speaks of celebration.
For in the face of everything contrary, He is turning our mourning into dancing.

“He said to me, “Prophesy to these bones, and say to them, ‘O dry bones, hear the word of the LORD!
Thus says the Lord GOD to these bones: “Surely I will cause breath to enter into you, and you shall live.”
(Ezekiel 37:4-5, NKJV)

Notes and Related Posts:

[1] How I receive visions:
When I describe a vision I’ve seen, it’s usually a vivid impression in my mind’s eye, accompanied by a strong sense of God’s Presence. I’m not speaking of an “open” (physical) vision. I believe all prophetic words, encounters and visions should be compatible with Scripture and need to be weighed up.

[2] See the post I wrote on this here: Why Does the Holy Spirit Speak in Mysteries?

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52 thoughts on “Confetti: Your Faith is Going from Glory to Glory”

  1. Althea Coutou-Wallen

    This was a very good message. God speaks to us in so many different was. I look for Him in everything. Thank you for this post.

  2. This morning I was praying for my married daughter and her husband when I was I impressed to open my email. My attention was immediately caught by the title of this post for I had just made a declaration in prayer of being changed from glory to glory. When I read the verse about the door of hope being in the valley of trouble I was so blessed by the Lord’s detailed confirmation to me as a mother. Then I read the portion of the word where you shared about the area where you live going through one painful trial after another. My daughter’s name is Victoria, and like your area,, has been going through one painful experience after another. Praise the Lord for confirmation of His promises! Thank you for your faithfulness in declaring His Word!

    1. Helen this is as Powerful today as it was one year ago. I am moved again that moments and revelation like this can transform us! Thanks so much this is deeply encouraging!!

      1. Hello
        I’m from India
        My name is Sumanjali
        I have a prayer request.
        Please pray for my husband chandramouli to accept Jesus Christ as his savior n stop idol worship.
        Pray for my little boy Nissi.

        1. Hi Sumanjali,
          yes I’m praying for you right now, your husband and son, Father thank You for the moving of your Holy Spirit in this family, that strongholds are clearing out and your Spirit and angelic army are moving in. Father may Sumanjali have a powerful testimony in days to come, in Jesus’ Name

    2. Hi Rebecca, I’m praying for you and your daughter right now. I pray the Holy Spirit will touch and transform her and every situation

  3. I thank God for this post and also for using you to reach out to me, before receiving this email I have praying and asking God to visit me in a special way that I may from him and soon after the prayer, you are the answer to my prayer. And thank you for delivering this message to me. Thank you Jesus for you are turning my mourning into dancing and turning my trials to gold and finally transform g my environment. Amen

    1. Tebogo Mogolwane

      The message is directly speaking to my life. I feel so much blessed by it. After 3 weeks of praying and fasting for my elder brother who was very ill, he passed on. I haven’t had a moment of prayer since then to date.

      I am challenged by the message and feel that the dry bones are resurrecting. The Lord is healing the pain i have been feeling and bringing a moment of peace in my life.

      Be blessed!

      1. Hi Tebogo, I’m sorry to hear of your brother’s passing, may you know your Heavenly Father’s arms surrounding you and imparting comfort and even more, resurrection grace to rise up, Lord for Tebogo to breathe in Your Kingdom atmosphere in a fresh way, to know joy, and light and your favor, in Jesus’ Name

      2. Khethiwe Tembe

        Thank you so much for this message. I’m so touched because last month I lost my prayer warrior friend, I was hoping that she would be able to recover from the operation but unfortunately she didn’t . After praying for her healing for almost a month I still feel like I failed her, I should have prayed more, because she was still young, just married for a year and I was hoping that we still have time to be together but death took her away. It feels like this just happened yesterday the way it’s so painful and whenever I think about her tears just flow like floods. She was like a sister to me.
        Please pray for me to let her go and to heal in my spirit.
        I believe God for a transformation as I’ve been praying for the renewal of my mind.

    2. Yes Esther! I agree with you in Jesus’ Name. He is the God who makes the desert blossom and for rivers to flow in dry places. He is working powerfully on your behalf <3

  4. Thank you Helen.
    Whenever I pray for my husband and our marriage, I see us outside the church covered in confetti, smiling brightly and so happy! Not the case in the natural, but believing by faith that will happen.
    Holy Spirit breathe into the dry bones of our marriage! Amen

    1. Yes Lord!
      Thank You Father that this blog today is a sign, Father you’ve heard Heather’s prayers, you are moving on her behalf and I agree today, that which is dry, is coming to life, there is restoration and newness and strength in this marriage in Jesus’ Name <3

  5. To God be all the glory! For it is very a timely message that our Lord Holy Spirit gave you fòr my healing, encouragement, enhance, and empowered. I thank God that He used and your ministry for His glory! God bless you and your family and the ministry that God entrusted to you more and more and thank you.

  6. Elizabeth Marin

    What a blessing as I was reading mail and was impressed remembering you and my next mail was yours! I started to read and weep on and off throughout. Believing for an open door to help with affordable place to live. I pray they remember me as was told once offices open up they have packages (?). Guessing apartment help offers from Senators office. My son is waiting for a job and new ID please pray for favor as he was told they were going to hire him. All in God’s hands and prayers. Thank you for encouragement need healing from lower back pain and hard to pray these days, trial after trial BUT God I know is there! Thank you!! Want to take another of your course in time of Prayer 🙂

    1. Hi Elizabeth, whenever you’re ready, email me here and we’ll organize the prayer course for you. https://www.enlivenministries.net/contact-us/

      Father thank You that you hold in your hands every solution and every key to these needs and we believe together that “NOW” in Jesus’ Name a shift is happening. Situations are coming into alignment, help is being released for Elizabeth and her family

  7. Charles kalunga

    Dear Hellen, thanks very much woman of God, you have listed my spirit according to what I going through now truly God had spoken to me through this prophetic message, truly I appreciate and you are a child of God, please keep on praying for us; amen

    1. Hi Charles, yes I’m praying for you now, Father let your grace be manifested in every area Charles is reaching to You for, I stand with him now in Jesus’ Name for the release of all that is needed. Thank You Lord for a week of testimonies and that there will be more to come

  8. Gilberto Hidalgo

    Thank you. Your ministry is very encouraging to me. Please pray for my wife and I. We’ve been waiting for a breakthrough to go to Kentucky US for a pastorship. We’ve been waiting two years, but due to the pandemic, we’re not seeing doors opened and we’re discouraged. Thank you and God bless!

  9. My dearest Profetess Helen I cried with Joy as I read your Prophecy. My birthday is next week crying to my Father to settle my life. I started speaking the living Word over my husband’s clothes on our marriage bed. As I speak Ezekiel 37 :4-10 breath of God will restore my marriage. Hallelujah !!! We should be together in our latter years.
    Thank You Jesus affirming, confirming Lord’s Prophecy through Your precious Daughter. God bless her, family and Ministry. She will bring honour and glory to Your Name alone.

    1. Charles kalunga

      Yes our God is called almighty, he is doing might things just like it was in the past especially to those who called and worshipped him in truth and in spirit (in the Bible) amen!!!!!!!

    2. Hi Liz, I pray you will be assured, know that you are clothed in Heavenly authority, you carry His words and His breath and you are releasing His resurrection life and power when you speak.
      Happy birthday for next week, may you know His joy bubbling up inside of you <3

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