How to Overcome Fear and Stay on Track (Prophetic Dream)

The story of Nehemiah contains a powerful reminder for each of us right now: God who made the promise is faithful—and stands with you in your service for Him.

Just as Nehemiah had an unshakable confidence when faced with opposition, God has a gift of faith for you. One that is timely and specific to your needs.

Perhaps you have been experiencing changes. You may even be facing resistance—if so, take heart in this assurance:

  • “If God is for you, who can ever be against you?” (See Rom 8:31)

    A Prophetic Dream

    "Nehemiah: You will overcome fear and stay on track" text on orange backgroundA few months ago, we had some unexpected changes take place. For a short time, I experienced an extreme level of oppression.

    Then one night, I had a dream that an assailant was in my living room.
    He was armed and wearing camouflage gear—and appeared to be moving towards me as though on a mission.

    But instantly, I saw myself shoving that cardboard picture, and it fell straight over.
    Yes—it was a life-sized cardboard cut-out!
    Then, I stirred awake and laughed.

    You can Knock Fear Down!

    Who knows that in your peripheral vision or from a distance, a cardboard cut-out looks real!
    Likewise, fear can seem real when it is just projecting an image of threat. [2]
    One that we can easily knock down.

    God used that dream to shift my perspective during a time of transition and to remind me that I am an overcomer.
    It also inspired me to take another look at the story of Nehemiah.

    4 Ways to Overcome Fear

    In the right context, the physical experience of fear can keep us from danger.

    • Whereas demonic fear seeks to hinder our destiny.

    Nehemiah’s adversaries tried to achieve this by sending threatening messages (Nehemiah 6), and for a while, the rumors and evil reports were relentless.

    His response offers us wisdom for dealing with intimidation, whether it arises internally in our thoughts or externally from others:

    1. Know and Declare the Truth

    So, Nehemiah sent a message back, saying, “There is no truth in any part of your story. You are making up the whole thing.” (Neh 6:8-9, NLT)

    Those threats that come against you—that are based on lies—are empty of power.
    As Nehemiah did, you can declare the truth! Proclaim, “Fear, you are over and out, in Jesus’ Name!”

    • This is the light that brings comfort, reassurance, and joy!
    • You are undefeated and victorious in Christ Jesus.

    Through overcoming faith, you can push past every fear.

    2. Use the Bigger Picture to Stay on Track

    Nehemiah observed, “They were just trying to intimidate us, imagining that they could discourage us and stop the work. So I continued the work with even greater determination.” (Neh 6:8-9, NLT)

    Nehemiah discerned the motivation behind the threats—and (unsurprisingly) it aimed to stop God’s work.
    Sometimes, attacks of intimidation are designed to dishearten you, so that you give up the work of God. Or to prevent you from moving in the new direction He has for you.

    As I often say, “Where there is battle, there is bounty!” So, discern the bounty—the prize the enemy is after—and move in the opposite spirit, the Holy Spirit! As Nehemiah did, you can receive “even greater determination” to continue what God has called you to do.

    3. Apply Faith and Wisdom

    Nehemiah didn’t dismiss the threats—he acted wisely to prepare the people to face a battle.
    But he didn’t flinch from his God-given assignment. And he remained on track to complete rebuilding the city walls.

    This serves as a reminder that faith and wisdom work together—it’s not faith without wisdom; neither is it all wisdom and no faith! Sometimes, we mistakenly view them as opposites, but when we use them together, we honor God.

    The Lord is shining His light into dark corners to reveal what has been working in the shadows.

    • And some problems that seem to loom large will be overcome with wisdom and discernment.

    4. Recall the Track Record of God’s Favor

    When Nehemiah’s opponents were vocal, he remained on track.
    Because he knew God, who made the promise, is faithful!

    Nehemiah only needed to look back and see the chain of events that led to this moment, to see God’s hand at work.

    • Answers to prayer
    • The favor of the king
    • Being commissioned
    • Finances being released
    • The unity of God’s people

    And likewise, there is power in recalling the faithfulness of God and the milestones along the way.

    God is Your Defender

    “If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” (Rom 8:31)

    That little word “for”, is packed with meaning!
    It means, “…for one’s safety, for one’s advantage or benefit (one who does a thing for another, is conceived of as standing or bending ‘over’ the one whom he would shield or defend…” [1]

    What a powerful insight in one tiny word: God is your Defender and Shield.

    Just as Nehemiah knew his enemies had no real power when God was for him, you can have confidence.

    You are not at risk of being overpowered, for, “If God is for you, who can ever be against you?”
    God who made the promise is faithful—and stands with you in your service for Him.

    [1] Strong’s G5228 “hyper”
    [2] There’s an oft-used acrostic that’s relevant here: False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.)

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    I pray this word is timely for you, as it has been for me.
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    49 thoughts on “How to Overcome Fear and Stay on Track (Prophetic Dream)”

          1. Please pray with me I am believing God for a job in a local bank, I went for an interview about six weeks ago, I was told I got the job via a text message but still there hasn’t been anything official as yet

            Also please stand with me I am believing God for marriage this year 2024, I have been divorced before.

            Also please pray with me for my son’s education, he is doing his first year at the University of Botswana, for his tuition fees to be provided for by Abba Father.

            Also please pray for my fiance Felix who is in New Jersey USA to get a good job in his field of study now that he has been granted a work permit.

            Please also pray for me to stay in faith even in tough times, be grounded in the word & in prayer, to give generously even from the little I have & to be a light that shines in darkness & darkness comprehends it not.

          2. I am new here, as I was searching out something the Lord spoke to me . He said reverberate and showed me a shallow stream running through the back of the church where I was standing preservice, as the worship team practiced. Somehow I ended here.
            I did need to read on fear, I have fought through much fear since 2020. Holding tight to Jesus and trying to not let fear win.

            Thank you Helen. You write beautifully and very precisely. May God use you to train up and to speak His heart.
            Love, Kimmie

        1. This is timely. I had a horrible dream lastnight that there was a drive by shooting at my house and 3 people died. This spoke directly to me. Your ministry is always a blessing.

          1. Hi Virginia,
            thank God we can turn those dreams around!

            “And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross.” (Col 2:15) love that, disarmed!

    1. Fear is the evidence of appearing real. What we listen to, what we watch even hear. Our self conscious, replay every thing back to us when we go to sleep even what we eat before bedtime.
      So the enemy is always displaying fear.
      How do we pray for what we experienced. Start praying for our solider and that we don’t experienced and attacked.
      Bind up the hands of the enemy.

      1. thank you Promise

        “So do not fear, for I am with you;
        do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
        I will strengthen you and help you;
        I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” (Isaiah 41:10)

    2. Thank you so much. If God is for me……I prayed into this same verse this morning. This message spoke right into my present circumstances. Very timely indeed.
      God bless you

      1. that verse is so powerful Esther!
        And the whole passage too.
        I pray you see a shift in your circumstances this week

    3. This is a timely message for me. Of late, I’ve been worried and at times fearful of certain issues. Each time I find myself worrying over those issues, I’m reminded of how God came through for me in the past. Hence Point 4, recalling the track record of God’s favour, speaks clearly into my situation. It really reaffirms what I need to do in dealing with my worries and fears. Thank you Helen for this timely message. God bless you!

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