Has God been speaking to you about provision, spiritual wells, or even re-digging wells of revival?

The Bible has good news for those who are dry, weary, or desperate; for those who are in need of provision!
And, for all who long for the move of the Holy Spirit.

Right here, right now—under your feet—there is a fountain; a spring of water, ready to burst forth.

The Prophetic Meaning of Wells

8 Prophetic Insights About Wells & Re-Digging Wells

“Wells of water” can speak of access and supply, and much more!
This week, I’ve been reflecting on the prophetic meaning and significance of wells in the Bible.

1. Wells Represent Supply and Provision

Photo of well in a forestWhen Israel traveled to a place where God had miraculously provided water in the past, they sang, “Spring up, O well! All of you sing to it…” (see Numbers 21:16-17) [1]

  • God’s people recognized that He was the One who had provided the water before and that He would do so again.

A well represents an opportunity!
A well may appear small in size—yet, it is connected to a vast underground supply. [2]

Today, know that your Father has already provided for your needs!
He is revealing new wells of supply to you.

2. Wells Speak of Encounters with God

a. Grace Encounters

One day, God found Hagar at a spring and instructed her to return home. Pregnant and alone, she had fled from Sarah’s mistreatment of her.
After Hagar’s personal encounter with God, that location was named, “Well of the One who lives and sees me!” (Gen 16:13-14)

No one is beyond the Father’s reach! God is ministering to the hurting and abused.
And as you pray, the Holy Spirit is positioning your loved ones. In a moment of need, they will cry out and see God, who loves them, moving on their behalf.

b. Worship Encounters

Some wells in Scripture were places of encounter with God!
When Isaac arrived at Beersheba (meaning “well of the oath”), the first thing he did was build an altar.
He worshipped first before his people pitched the tent and dug a well (Gen 26:25). [3]

When you worship, you acknowledge that God is the source of your supply.  You are giving honor to Him. You are positioning your “well” to become a place of encounter, for generations to come.

c. Prophetic Encounters

Years later, Isaac’s son Jacob visited Beersheba, where he worshipped and offered sacrifices to God. There, he had a prophetic encounter; “visions of the night” where God spoke to him of his destiny! (Gen 46:1-4) [4]

3. The Bible Speaks of Wells of Salvation

The prophet Isaiah wrote, “Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” (Isaiah 12:3, NKJV)
The Hebrew word translated “wells” here, also means fountains (Strong’s H4599)

Jesus met a Samaritan woman at a well. And from that grace encounter, an entire city was brought to faith in Christ! He said to her,
“…whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain [well] of water springing up into everlasting life.” (John 4:14, NKJV)

If this resonates with you, reach out in faith today.
Fountains are being released!

In our generation, new wells are breaking open—ways and means of reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

These wells of salvation will result in great joy on the earth, for the thirsty will come and find the water of life (Is 55:1)

4. Wells May be From Past Generations

Isaac took his family on a journey in the land, and along the way, his servants re-dug the wells of his father Abraham. He called them by the same names his father had! (Gen 26:18)

A well that has been in use before—even when it has been stopped up—can be accessed again.
Deep underground, a supply of water continues to exist.

Is the Holy Spirit speaking to you about re-digging a well?
That which has been abundant before, in past generations, is being revealed again.
It may be locational; it may be vocational.

Perhaps God has been speaking to you about re-digging wells of revival.
Where the water of the Spirit once flowed; where His power once gushed, you will see Him move again.

God is Healing the Waters

  • But what if you cannot identify generational (or regional) “wells” that are life-giving?
  • What if, instead, there has been bitterness, poverty or barrenness, or cycles of shame?

God’s Word has the answer—for He is a Redeemer who turns bitter waters into sweet (2 Kings 2:19-22, Exodus 15:23-25).

Your testimony will be, “God has healed the wells of generations!”

The story changes here!
In your family, in your location, now! A fountain of life is bursting forth.

5. Wells can Represent the Holy Spirit

Wells represent God Himself—He calls Himself the “Spring of living water”.

“…they have abandoned me—the fountain of living water.
And they have dug for themselves cracked cisterns that can hold no water at all!” (Jer 2:13, NLT)

The Holy Spirit is often characterized in the Bible by water, and the move of the Spirit can be seen in the River of Life, a recurring theme throughout Scripture. (Ezek 47)

A well that is located at an underground spring also represents the Holy Spirit.

Jesus spoke of salvation being “the well of water springing up into eternal life” (John 4:14).
The Greek word for well, pege (Strong’s G4077), meaning “a well fed by a spring”, and is also translated fountain.

Jesus said,
“Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’” (John 7:38 NLT)

6. Wells are Symbolic of Our Hearts

God created us to worship Him, and He looks to our hearts, to see what is flowing from us.
The Shepherd-King in the Song of Songs sees the maiden as, “…a fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and streams from Lebanon.” (Song of Songs, 4:15, NKJV)

Our hearts and spirits can be wells, where the Holy Spirit resides and flows powerfully from us (John 7:37-38)
The writer of the Proverbs exhorts us, “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life” (Proverbs 4:23, NKJV)

  • Jesus said that what we speak comes out of the overflow of our heart (Luke 6:45)
  • Likewise, James warns us, “Does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening?” (James 3:11, NKJV)

May we be so in love with Jesus, that our hearts will be given over to worship.

That from our hearts—through our mouths—the nature of God will be seen, and our every communication will be life-giving.

7. Wells are Places of Divine Appointments

Wells in the Bible were regularly a location of Divine appointments and answers to prayer.
As the story of Hagar shows us, this is true even in times of extremity and need.

When Moses fled from Pharaoh, he arrived at a well at Midian. There, he met the daughters of a Midianite priest (Exodus 2). One of these women—Zipporah—became his wife. This land would be his home for the next forty years of his life and prepare him for his future leadership of Israel.

Isaac’s servant met his master’s future wife, Rebekah at a well! (Gen 24:15)

Wells speak of Divine setups for provision and opportunity.

Not only does God provide the resources you need—but He is a God of relationship, who will bring people into your life at strategic times.

You can trust in God. For your Father is faithful and has a Divine appointment for you!

8. Wells Invite Us to Co-Labor with God

A river flows over the land and its water is freely available to those who reach it.
However, a well requires labor to access it.
It needs to be dug; it requires the proper equipment.

In ancient days, a bucket system was used to draw up water. And today, a pump and modern technology is used. One thing has never changed; establishing a well requires labor and materials.
It’s a picture that God will call on you to partner with Him.

Remember, your Father has abundant resources:

  • You can be confident that if God has shown you a “well”, He has set aside every means you need, to access that spring of provision
  • All the wisdom, strategy, and strength you need, is available through prayer (James 1:5)

Wells, Gifts, and Inheritance

God’s covenant promise to His people was that He would bring them into a land that had wells already dug for them, and harvests already planted! (Deut 6:11)

What an amazing truth!
There are times to work with God—and there are times to simply receive the inheritance He has given to us.
Today, the Holy Spirit is releasing passion and energy to God‘s people who have become weary.

Perhaps, it is time for you to say by faith:
“This is His appointed place for me. Right here is the location of His supply, under my feet. This is my God-given opportunity!
Right now, I receive His grace! Now, I celebrate the well of the Lord that is right here, right now.
For my God never changes.”


[1] See “How Your Prophetic Song can Release the Power of God” for more on this

[2] I talk about the geography of groundwater and its importance on the earth today in this post: “How to Dig a Well and Make Room for God to Move”

[3] This echoes Abraham’s actions, at Beersheba earlier in Genesis 21: 22-33.

[4] For inspiring thoughts from Isaac’s journey relating to wells, see this article: Second Wind: The Power to Keep Going

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Has God been speaking to you about wells, or re-digging the wells? Which of the insights do you most identify with? I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below (scroll down to view comments box).

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70 thoughts on “8 Prophetic Insights About Wells (& Re-Digging Wells)”

  1. I was blessed the day I came across you on the internet I have always been getting right on prophetic words from you constantly. Sometimes I ask myself is this lady beside me daily God has been using you and I look forward to read the word you send me constantly. That testimony God has healed my generation wells I am looking forward to. My whole life has been a journey one that my friends say they couldn’t do. During my worst days your word keeps me despite having to leave my homeland in fear of my life and the life of my son I see how God has been keeping me. My new well is bubbling and I know and believe I am now at the right place for its birth. I love you Helen and God has put you in my life for a purpose I look forward one day to come to your country to meet you. Love always

  2. Aa'ishah Alexander

    I experienced a well of Holy Spirit this week and the week only half way.

    Wow. I had an encounter this week with Holy Spirit that was so clear, precise and correct. Something happened at my workplace during the night and we caught it on camera. The person involved could not be identified on the CCTV camera, but I remember making a joke about the person’s shoes as he had pointers on at midnight. Three weeks went by by without thinking on this, but we still could not think who this could be. Then on a Monday morning I received a visitor, who saw that I was busy and left my office saying he will come back. As he left the office my eyes caught his shoes and I immediately asked myself why he would be wearing pointers so early on a Monday morning. That question immediately took me to the joke I made and I was convinced that this was the person without a shadow of a doubt. This was a very dangerous assumption to make, but I was so sure, because I know that it was Holy Spirit that was making me aware. I called one of our leaders and I told him that the person involved is in the building. The leader called him into a office and and showed him the CCTV clip and he admitted that it was him. This was the loudest and clearest that the Holy Spirit spoke to me regarding a matter. I want this type of communication to continue in my life as I trust the source.

    Today I drove past a house and I just stopped when I saw a number on the house. I reversed as I saw a women in hanging up clothes outside. This was the house as well as the mother of the baby boy whom we are fostering.

    This happened twice, two days apart in one week and I know that Holy Spirit is still going to give me confirmations and revelations like this in the future. Once you experience this there is no turning back.

    1. That’s amazing, Aa’ishah. It’s a clear example of a teaching I’m about to publish today about the “wisdom of Solomon”.

  3. Pastor Helen Calder thank you for sharing this message with me. May our sweet JESUS continue to bless you with the knowledge and strength to share and carry on your calling. I pray that this message would soon manifest in my life for a total restoration that the devil had stolen from me. I decree and declare my increase and promotion and all my financial breath through would soon come to pass. IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN.

  4. Greetings Helen.Thank you for a timely word because it’s directly talking to me.I know i have to walk in obedience with god and his word for him to use me at my location.I’ve asked him to use me for people to see that there is a god in heaven,because people don’t believe in him.The post talks to me directly,and i am ready to be used by god.All the bitternes and anger that i used to have towards the person he wants me to be with ,it’s totally gone.God has strengthed me with supernatural power,i was so so weak and he strengthed me.Helen i choose to forgive and forget for me to be used by God.I LOVE HIM AND I AM NOTHING WITHOUT HIM.IN HIM I AM BLESSED, PROSPEROUS AND NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM TO DO FOR ME.MAY GOD BLESS YOU,YOUR FAMILY,MINISTRY AND COUNTRY IN JESUS NAME.

    1. Amen amen Hilda. Your well is healed and the fresh water of the Spirit is bubbling up to quench the thirst of many!

  5. Buenas tardes Sra. Calder,
    Muchas gracias por la palabra que envió en este día, sigo insistiendo, es un refrigerio para este tiempo, gracias por ser colaboradora de Dios para bendecir a muchos.
    El Señor ha hablado sobre mi vida acerca de los pozos, sinceramente, hace muchos años. Volver a escuchar acerca de ese tema tiene un alto valor.
    Así que, por favor, permítame hacer esta oración al Señor.
    Señor Jesús, abre mis ojos y alégrese mi corazón en tu bondad, lo que has puesto en mi vida no morirá, sino que vivirá y contará de tus hechos.
    Señor Jesús, acepto tu invitación de ser tu colaborador. Todo lo que has puesto en mi: salud, inteligencia, conocimiento, preparación, y todo Don del Espíritu Santo que hayas puesto en mí, lo pongo a tu disposición para trabajar en tu equipo. El mejor equipo!
    Señor Jesús, acepto recibir la herencia que has preparado para mi vida, quiero ser un buen administrador de la multiforme Gracia con la que bendices mi vida.
    Señor Jesús, guía mis pasos en este nuevo tiempo, ayúdame a ser próspero en todo y traer Gloria a Dios. Alegrar el corazón del Padre es la razón de todos mis anhelos.
    Bendice a la Sra. Calder y su familia, a su equipo de trabajo, y que tu palabra llegue a todos los corazones encendiéndolos en gozo y esperanza para todo lo maravilloso a lo que nos has llamado.
    Muchas gracias Sra. Calder.
    Dios te bendiga grandemente.

    Good afternoon Mrs. Calder,
    Thank you very much for the word you sent on this day, I continue to insist, it is a refreshment for this time, thank you for being God’s collaborator to bless many.
    The Lord has spoken about wells in my life, honestly, many years ago. Hearing about that topic again has high value.
    So please let me say this prayer to the Lord.
    Lord Jesus, open my eyes and rejoice my heart in your goodness, what you have put in my life will not die, but will live and tell of your deeds.
    Lord Jesus, I accept your invitation to be your collaborator. Everything that you have put into me: health, intelligence, knowledge, preparation, and every Gift of the Holy Spirit that you have put into me, I put at your disposal to work on your team. The best team!
    Lord Jesus, I accept to receive the inheritance that you have prepared for my life, I want to be a good steward of the manifold Grace with which you bless my life.
    Lord Jesus, guide my steps in this new time, help me to be prosperous in everything and bring Glory to God. Rejoicing the heart of the Father is the reason for all my yearnings.
    Bless Mrs. Calder and her family, her work team, and may your word reach all hearts, igniting them in joy and hope for all the wonderful to which you have called us.
    Thank you very much Ms. Calder.
    God bless you greatly.

    1. A very significant prayer, Leonel! I say yes and amen to this (and thank you also for your kind words and prayer for us).
      Father thank You for the inheritance you are releasing to Leonel, for the grace and empowerment to minister with freedom and to prosper in your calling and fruitfulness, thank You that You’re making the way clear for this to happen, in Jesus’ Name.

  6. Helen! I bless God almighty for your life. May God strengthen you, keep you and bless you real good for your time to the services of God. Your mail on the well, had opened my spiritual eyes to some specific scriptures in the bible, recently following the after mount of covid-19 and the crises of our youth protest in Nigeria where l live, l have been so depressed because l have a prayer group that has refused to let God go until the light of the gospel takes over every nations of the world, so l hear a voice clearly saying all you need now is more of his spirit to keep you going because of the season and times we are. Am truly blessed ma. Thanks, from Evang lroro omoemu, Delta state. Nigeria, West Africa

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