Do you have any prophetic dreams, prophecies, or promises from the past, that you have shelved or forgotten?
I believe the Holy Spirit is “re-calling” some prophetic words that were given in the past.

They are not old, they have not expired; they are fresh for right now.
That prophetic word may have been fulfilled in part, but it is coming around again!

You may have thought that prophetic word or promise, was small or insignificant—and yet, that prophetic insight carries power for the present time.

“The Building Materials Have Changed”

On 19th July, Malcolm and I were climbing a hill at a local park, when I suggested a detour.
We made our way to where some objects from the original quarry site—one of which is dated 1876—are kept.

As we walked there, I explained, “I’ve had a growing conviction that a word I published two years ago, is for right now!”

We took some photos to mark the moment.
And we reflected on the word, which the Lord had spoken to me at a similar historic site, 2 1/2 years before.

That prophetic word was, “The Building Materials Have Changed” and it was published in August 2018.

In it, I wrote: “A master builder builds according to plan that he or she has been given—blueprints that are already in existence.
An architect, however, has insight into new materials and trends.
An architect has a gift of vision to create blueprints and plans that have never been seen before on earth.”

God was speaking of new building materials and a new era!
It is a word that is relevant for many of us right now.

An Unexpected Confirmation

It was Sunday morning, so we returned home and tuned into our online church service, where our senior pastor was preaching.
We listened with amazement, as Pastor Russell spoke from Hebrews 8:5 on, “Build a Life with a Heavenly Design”. [1,2]

“See that you make all things according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.” (Heb 8:5, NKJV)

“God was giving [Moses] a blueprint…a download of revelation.
A mountain represents His Presence.
Build according to the pattern God gives you, don’t copy someone else…patterns and designs for how to build in the future.
God is a Master Builder…the Master Architect.” (Pastor Russell Evans)

We knew God had led us to encounter Him through a sign in our local environment, to bring attention to this word, with the unexpected confirmation afterwards.

Perhaps this word, “The Building Materials Have Changed” is also for you today.
You recognize that some of the framework for your life, or ministry, has been changing.

It is no longer “business as usual”.
It may even be painful, adapting and making changes.
But God is saying, “Right here, you will see expansion; you will see a miracle!”

That Prophetic Dream is Not Merely a Past Word

Joseph dreamed when he was a youth, that one day he would rule, and that members of his own family would bow down to him (Gen 37).
It was a dream from God concerning his distant future.
But eventually, the day came, when that destiny dream became a “now” moment of fulfillment (Gen 42:6).

This is the work of the Holy Spirit: you can open a container that has been around a long time, and discover fresh bread!
So, today, ask the Lord, what promise or prophetic word do I have—that was stored in the past—that is fresh for today?

Perhaps, that Scripture, dream or prophecy, is not merely a past word. It is a password—to unlock your new season.

Some Prophetic Words are Being Birthed Through Prayer

Daniel was meditating on a prophetic word brought by the prophet Jeremiah, some 70 years before.
He realized that “now” was the time for that word’s fulfillment, and he began to pray earnestly over it (Dan 9:1-3).

There are times to reflect on past prophecies and prophetic insights.
Ask, “Father, is there a prophetic word or promise from the past You are drawing my attention to?”
One may leap out at you, and you are stirred to birth that word in prayer.

As you meditate on that prophetic dream, promise or word, you sense the Holy Spirit’s anointing.

2020: A Personal Reformation

A prophetic insight may be a recent word, but it is time to revisit it, and ask your Father to further unfold its meaning.

“Words for the year” are prophetic insights that we can review throughout the year.
They can bring encouragement and comfort.
They may be a word to pray or declare, or to wage warfare over!

For example, on 31 December 2019, I published this word for 2020, “Reformation: You are Being Shaped Again”. And I believe this excerpt is a comfort to someone today:

“On a personal level, you may have felt that you, or something important to you, has been in a time of crushing (Ps 42:7).
As you contemplate [2020], know that you are in your Father’s loving hands.
You may have experienced a shaking, but now comes the reshaping.
He is saying, “Beloved! Will you embrace my reformation?
Let Me re-shape and re-form that gift, that experience and that move of the Spirit that has already been in your life.
In your family line.
In your work. Your region.
In your ministry.”
God says, “I have something fresh for you.”

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Is there a prophetic dream, or promise that you believe the Holy Spirit is bringing back to you at this time?
I’d love to hear from you, so let us know about it in the comments box here on the blog, or on our Facebook page.

[1] We’ve been unable to have regular church gatherings due to COVID-19 restrictions in our State in Australia
[2] Quotes from Ps Russell Evan’s sermon – available on the Planetshakers Podcast. Recorded 19th July 2020.

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It’s the 11th Anniversary of Enliven Blog

This week marks 11 years of writing Enliven Blog!
On 30th July 2009, I tentatively began blogging.
What a miracle it has been, with the help of many special people along the way, with a shout out (of course!) to my husband Malcolm Calder, aka “The Hunk”.
I want to express my gratitude to Prophet David McCracken, Margaret and the rest of the David McCracken Ministries family, with whom I’ve now been journeying 9 1/2 years.
To the readers of Enliven Blog, who have been a part of the journey; thank you for the privilege of sharing together. I thank God for you 🙂

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65 thoughts on ““This Prophetic Word is for Right Now!””

  1. Dear Helen,
    Glory be to God for watching over us and also keeping us safe through this covid-19 pandemic. For the past four months I have been going through series of encounters in my dreams. Some of them are demonic and very scary. I have observed that the Lord is taking me through series of processes. At times I have about 8 dreams before day break. It started from dreams of sharing, blending letters, numbers, colours, praying, Bible Studies, Seeing Bible passages, Seeing Church Services etc. Most of the times I lie on the bed not sleeping but will feel the strong edge to visit the wash room and through that I will start recalling series of revelations that the Lord had shown to me. I also experience this strong burning sensation of hot peppery fire feeling moving all over my body with objects moving in my body like serpents. Please support me in prayers so I can be delivered from any serpentine spirit hiding in my body. Thank you and God richly bless you.

  2. My perpetual connection is Matthew 6:6. My building materials are in continuous upgrades. Details available @ BelovedChild.God.Heaven

  3. Wow! im in total aweness!!! of the Lord’s word about this NEW ERA! The Lord spoke to me also way back in 2018 in bible school on our worship time and said “IT IS THE DAWN and IT IS THE RISING OF A NEW ERA” and upon hearing this still small voice, i saw the earth and the sun rising behind it, giving light to the earth. I know that this new era thing is so overwhelming, got chills with this wayback 2018.

  4. Thankyou so much Helen. Before any of Covid, I knew God was telling me that I’d be going away, as in ‘hiding’. Then came the picture of a grub going into a chrysalis. I learnt that the grub goes to complete mush before it begins reforming into a butterfly.
    Easter Saturday my husband died unexpectedly.
    I was so encouraged by your words as God reminded me that ‘Yes, you need to keep on waiting, then you’ll have to struggle to emerge, then wait in the sun while your wings dry… then fly.’
    Leanne Bowie
    Menai Urban Life

    1. Hi Leanne, I’m sending distance hugs from Melbourne to you! I’m sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. I pray you know God’s favor touching, strengthening you. While your wings are still being prepared, He gives you His own wings <3

  5. Please pray that God will give us supernatural breakthrough in our christian school project,Camp David Green Academy in Kenya.

  6. In my dream I saw a prophet and asked him if am a prophet and he said yes that I am a prophet but not like him and that I will be known the whole federation.

  7. Msawenkosi Mlondo

    About 08 years back I had many dreams and I was advised to record them. One I often remember was whereby I heard the voice say ” my people are being stolen and destroyed, you shall…” Then I woke up and in my spirit I heard ” you shall lead them” as I was awake”. Lead them part was completed after i woke up.

    Whilst also praying the holy spirit said “pray against fear, anger, rejection and unforgiveness and I arranged these myself this way to remember easily by acronym FARU. For about ten years I went through a lot including attacked until I resigned from work. Even today, I keep getting witchcraft attacks.

    I received many prophecies confirming my ministry calling and advising that I must start a church. I’ve requested help, but nothing materialized yet. I’ve served in other ministries, just assisting but it doesn’t last long because if leadership is not fighting me, church members do.

    Covid 19 brought a lot of disturbance in my plans. Money being the main reason I can’t do much. If I had a running website, it would easy things a bit as I can post sermons etc. My last direct instruction was in 2018 January when the holy spirit said” gospel must be preached to all the rich and poor. Then in 2019 January whilst in prayer said ” remember you were assigned”. I therefore have no question or doubts about my calling or ministry. It’s just challenges.

  8. Mpho Matilda Senosi

    Thank you so Helen,mostly I thank God for using you mightily. Today’s message is a confirmation of my calling just yesterday I visited one of my friend’s church and the scripture that was shared took me to the vision that God gave me and now today again I think really need to go back revisit my dream.
    May God continue to use u and enlarge your territory in Jesus name

  9. Elizabeth Marin

    Thank you, as this word is now indeed! A very long time ago I had a dream and I was told, ” You are to walk with the prophets for the rest of your life”. My father was calling grom afar (natural dad) and I saw a prophet in a yellow suit in the dream. I had the night before attended a church as a guest by a friend. I have never forgotten it. I also have had a desire to write a book on dreams and on what the Holy Spirit has taught me much through the Word since 1983. I need guidance and prayer have had loss in my family but pressing on. I started to do frame art biblical base part 3D and trying to witness via Etsy have much saved but have not stepped out yet. Want the Holy Spirit to guide me and clearer visions much movement around me mamy pass very clear many glipms. Bless your ministry and those who partake!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, maybe it’s time for you to release what God has given to you, here and there, in small ways, and see what He does 🙂
      I started the blog 11 years ago, and had no readers except a few friends. What a journey!

  10. Hi Helen, I have been receiving your messages of prophetic encouragement for a couple of years now. Just want to thank you and let you know they have always been a light in the internet wilderness.

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