Prophetic Word: The Building Materials Have Changed

Are you in pursuit of God and His will, and yet have felt as though your life, work or ministry has been out of kilter in some way?

If you sense you have been in a time of transition, be assured the Holy Spirit is releasing new strategies to you.

It is time to lean forward, for you are on the verge of new discoveries.

‘The Building Materials Have Changed!’

At the start of this year, I was walking along the hills when I noticed a lookout and sign just ahead. At that moment, I felt the Holy Spirit urge me, ‘Pay attention!’

The sign at the lookout told the story of limestone kilns that operated in the 1800’s, but are no longer visible. [1]

An industry once thrived there. But now, only a historic marker and archaeological site sign remain.

As I stood there, I heard the Holy Spirit say, ‘The building materials have changed.’

Are You a Builder, or an Architect?

A master builder builds according to plan that he or she has been given—blueprints that are already in existence.

An architect, however, has insight into new materials and trends.

An architect has a gift of vision to create blueprints and plans that have never been seen before on earth.

Receive an ‘architect anointing’ that will launch you into your destiny!

Some who are called to be specialist architects in the kingdom, but have been serving faithfully as builders, are about to be revealed.

They perceive by the Spirit, not only that the building materials have changed, but what those materials are and how they fit together.

The Beginning of a Significant Shift

‘See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?’ (Isaiah 43:19a, NIV)

The Lord is saying, ‘Pay attention! A new era is here. You have now crossed over.’

For many of us at this time, the anointing of the Spirit that has been on ways and methods that are familiar—even comfortable—has now lifted.

A ‘new era’ marks the beginning of a significant shift. From this point on, there is a permanent change.

This is true of technology, it is also true of the culture and the climate, and it is also true in the Kingdom of God.

Be Open to New Technology and New Ways

For you, the new building materials, or ‘new technology’ is that which is anointed of the Holy Spirit for you for this season.

This may mean that God has been preparing you to let go of processes, methods and means that are becoming outdated.

Hold lightly to old ways, but tightly to legacy that lasts.

Trust the Spirit to give you insight to know the difference.

If you are gifted primarily as a builder in God’s Kingdom, receive the humility and wisdom to recognize and listen to the strategies of God’s anointed architects.

They may be younger—or older—than you.

Josephs and Daniels are Rising

God is anointing individuals and groups who will receive wisdom, and blueprints and strategies from the Holy Spirit.

Sons of Issachar are rising up who will know the times and how to respond to what God is doing.

Some will have special insight into how technologies can be used to further the Gospel and extend the Kingdom.

Josephs and Daniels are rising up who will give timely insight and prophetic strategies to governments and administrations.

Build with Eternity in View

These words of Paul are meaningful right now:
‘If anyone builds on this foundation using gold, silver, costly stones, wood, hay or straw, their work will be shown for what it is, because the Day will bring it to light.’ ( Corinthians 3:12-14, NIV)

The gates of the heavenly city, the new Jerusalem, are formed of pearls and precious stones, and the city made of gold. Even the streets are paved with gold (Rev 21).

So, when Paul is speaking of using gold, silver and costly stones as building materials, he is speaking of the construction materials of Heaven.

Now more than ever, we need to build with eternity in view.

By way of contrast, the ‘wood, hay or straw’ Paul refers to, are worldly attitudes, such as jealousy and quarrelling (1 Cor 3:1-9). Competitive attitudes will not produce lasting fruit.

This is the time for Kingdom collaboration.

You will build, not only with gifts and abilities, but with integrity of heart, intimacy with the Holy Spirit, and love for people.

The Unchanging Word of God

‘Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.’ (Ps 119:89 NKJV)

There is Heavenly wisdom available through God’s Word, to know what does not change—and what is eternal!

Ways and means may change, technology will be transformed, but our Gospel remains the same.

Hear Him say,’Stay alert to My Spirit and true to My Word!’

Paul exhorts each of us to build with care on the unchanging foundation of Christ (1 Cor 3:11).

Expansion is on the Father’s Heart

A new era means new solutions are on the way!

While you are in the discomfort of transition, be encouraged that blueprints, solutions and mysteries are waiting to be uncovered. The Holy Spirit beckons you onwards.

The building materials have changed, and room is being made.  Expansion is on the Father’s heart.

Multitudes are about to enter the Kingdom of God.

1. This was at Limeburners Point, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

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Has God been speaking to you about a new season, or have you been through a time of transition? Leave me a note in the comments section below or on our Facebook page to share how this teaching is meaningful to you this week. 

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73 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: The Building Materials Have Changed

  1. albert

    Helen…this is a word I receive as I am currently transitioning (as it relates) to work). After 26 years of employment at a job and now unemployed, at times I find myself not sure of what directions to take and recover. As I read this prophetic word this morning, I am encouraged the Most High is the best architect and HE is making me over with HIS new building material…Jer 29:11-14, because ALL things work together for the the good to them that e God…Rom 8:28.

    Thank You, blessed woman of God…again…for this fresh anointed and prophetic word!!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Albert, praying for you right now, believing with you for the new plans being revealed from Heaven for your new assignment – employment to be released, in Jesus’ Name

          1. Dominic Tarawally

            Blessed with all your prophetic words the lord has been giving you.GOD will increase you and your ministry.

    2. Sherley Jackson

      May our Lord and Savior continued to give you fresh new insight in the prophetic realm. This was a powerful revelation for me and a powerful prophetic word. I am listening to what the Spirt has to say.

  2. Pholile

    The Building Materials have changed.
    Wow thank you for this teaching. God is truly faithful. Have been wondering what’s happening to me actually. Have been feeling to9tally out of sync.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I understand Pholile…it’s the process we go through when we’re on the way to being re-synced. Praying for you right now

  3. Susan Caley

    Thank you for your word I received today
    Helen,it is so timely!The Lord has started to do a new thing in my heart and life.
    He is changing my heart ,filling it with love,compassion and mercy which are overflowing into the gifts he has given me. Already I can see fruit.You said you
    said you will build’…with love for people’,
    the Lord is giving me new love,Praise Him!

    1. Esther

      Hi Helen,
      Wao thank you so much your prophetic word has just arrived on time,so uplifting and assuring coz that’s what I’m experiencing right now, a season of turn around in Jesus name.may I have grace not to slumber.

  4. CJ

    Legacy, Stones, Foundation, Future, and Generations To Come all resounded with me, as my husband had a dream last night that touched on these same themes the Holy Spirit revealed to you, and then the Lord directed me to your website today! Confirmation! Also in his dream, my husband saw the enemy who came in the form of a robber dressed in a helmet and on a horse, but in the dream my husband threw rocks from the roof at the thief aka satan, like David did against Goliath, and the enemy was destroyed. Children of the Most High be prepared for spiritual battle, the generations of Jacob are at hand, be prepared, build in Christ, because victory is the Lord’s! An on time word! Thank-you my sister for sharing!

  5. Rebecca

    I want to receive the architect annointing. So much to think about from this post, but also to be excited about and not just from a personal perspective. Thank you, I always enjoy your post.


  6. Sophia Ramsey

    Thank you for this word I receive it. I believe that all things are working for the goodness of God. As I was reading this morning I saw a long path way of a beautiful light.I’m not sure what it means but as week my father’s face I no he will revil it to me thank you for this insight and as I continue to pray and ask God for discernment.thank you

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I love that Sophia, thought of this verse, The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day. Prov 4:18

  7. Denise

    You are correct with all you said. Holy Spirit has told me to be alert and to protect my heart. My blood pressure has been up so I have changed my diet. He is preparing me and cleaning me for when my husband and I go to Israel. He has allowed me to know there is an Awakening coming that will sweep across the world. He said “to the Jew first”. I feel like I am being prepared for something straight from heaven. I will never be the same. He spoke the words “your life will never be the same” several years ago and each year God proves His words true.




    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Zerubbabel, thank you for leaving the message today, it means a lot to me! I’m praying for you right now, for the clarity you need in this new season of discovering and building.

    2. Esther

      Wow what a profound prophetic word. The very words you echoed from heaven in this blog is causing my baby to leap again…glory to God! Transition is never fin but its part of my making process but now to know I getting ready to get new strategies and bldg materials, etc is hope to me… because I am now expecting new eyes to see, new ears to hear, sharpness in mind and spirit, discernment, oil of the Lord smeared upon and in my mouth, new dreams and visions and an uncontainable prophetic flow. Pray that I will be the mouthpiece, word would come forth with ease and clarity, be filled with cloven tongues of fire, will have the spirit of wisdom, knowledge, understanding/comprehension, spirit of revelation. Most importantly an intense and close relationship with Jesus. And an unhindered prayer life.

      Mighty Woman of God, your writings are always so timely and you unselfishly take the time to hear what Abba is saying in the now and release it to us and I truly appreciate you and your ministry. Bountiful Blessings be unto you, may every work that you do for the Kingdom always and forever set the captives free, give hope, heal, deliver and make many disciples of him who has sent you.

      1. Helen Calder Post author

        Beautifully put Esther, and thank you…I say amen to your prayer for wisdom, knowledge, revelation, intimacy

  9. shirley anderson

    Helen, this is conformation to the word I received from the Lord in my quiet time with him two days ago. Thank you so much, it certainly has encourage and enlighten me.

  10. Sharon Jackson

    Thank you for this insite. I received a prophetic word a year ago…”mover, shaker, builder” and some other things. At retirement age (6 months), and resting on my mind, it caught me off guard. I have my “antennas up” looking through the Word and other resources for insite. Thanks again.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I love it Sharon how Holy Spirit breaks into our lives with the fresh and unexpected…I pray His strength being released in you for the more!

  11. Radeana N Washington

    This word came right on time for my life.I am transitioning to buy a home and this message fit my decision making to a T.Truly God is using you.As i was reading there was so much revelation coming forth and hearing the Holy Spirit so clearThank you so much.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Father, let your peace and favor rest on this home and a fresh anointing on every transaction and relationship associated with it!

  12. Carole

    Again, so timely a word for exactly where we are. Confirmation, confirmation, confirmation! Dreams, appointments and new assignments in this new era. God is building a new prophetic intercessory group in our church and has indeed given vision and assignments to begin the building. Appreciate your timely words and encouragement.

  13. Angelina

    Am so much blessed, you have been speaking into my own heart am in a new season and I need this type of anointing, at first I thought am getting lost but now some thing is happening

  14. Benny Mahew

    Dear Helen,
    These prophetical words came to me with perfect timing. I am entrusted with the responsibility of take care a small church very recently and struggling to keep with the ‘busyness’ of the work and ministry. The word I received from you truly encouraged me and assured me that transition is on the way for me. I firmly believe it and receive it, in Jesus’ name, Amen!
    Please pray for me if your busy schedule allows it, Thanking once again Helen.

    Benny from India

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Benny, praying for you and your church right now, believing with you for the discovery of the fresh new outlook He has for you

  15. Dessary

    Thank you prophet of Father God for the Prophetic Word….I was wondering what is happening to me? May the blueprint, solutions and misteries be revealed to me, I pray that I will be an honourable instrument for the Kingdom of Father God

  16. David

    Hey Helen,
    So great. This is one of the awesome things about God our creator, how he speaks to us so personally, he is right there with us, we just need to give him our days and time and be paying attention.
    This is how Holy Spirit speaks to me often also.
    To keep this story brief, my transition began about 7 years ago and Holy Spirit started to amplify it 6 years ago when my Wife and I where challenged to buy a brand new vehicle for the first time ever, not a pre-loved vehicle. (Such a big challenge to our belief system)
    We had been lead to a particular car and after much turmoil we agreed to purchase.
    It wasn’t until a few weeks later I read the car manual that the model of the car was an ASX which stands for (active smart crossover)
    Holy Spirit was saying it’s time to be active not passive, smart (wisdom) to be begin this season of transition (crossing over) form an old way into all things new.
    Bless you Helen.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Wow, I love that David! That’s such a great prophetic statement and I love the creative ways Holy Spirit uses to speak to and teach us. And how that even ties in with His encouragement to you that it’s time for to enjoy the ‘new!’ vehicle He had for you

  17. Bulie

    Hi Helen, this season was so difficult for me,I’ve been feeling drained, I wanted to be quite at all times, even so I struggled to hear anything from God,I must say it’s painful moment of my life,
    I felt that I am tired of trying or pushing for things to happen
    Now when reading this I am wondering if is this message for me?
    I would like to thank you,for the messages you bring upon my life,i am encouraged

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Bulie, praying for you right now, may the freshness of hope pour over and through you, that this is indeed a word from the Father’s heart to you

  18. Lita

    Thank you, Helen.
    Exactly the same Scripture passage (Isaiah 43:19) I got for the Theme of our Group Anniversary.
    Indeed God is doing and revealing something NEW to us!
    Receive an ‘architect anointing’ that will launch you into your destiny! Thank God for this prophetic words…
    We pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance for this “significant shift!:
    God bless you abundantly!

  19. Fungayi Matara

    Wow,thank you for this word which I receive.I am in a season of transition where like you rightly differentiate a builder from an architect I believe God is giving me insight into a very big vision.You confirm a word that I received a few months ago and was meditating on just yesterday Ezekiel 40 especially verse 4,”…son of man,look carefully and listen closely and pay attention to everything I am going to show you,for that is why you have been brought here.Tell the people of Israel everything you see.”

    What God has put on my heart is beyond me and I pray that I will not miss any of His blueprints.

    God bless you Helen.

  20. Shane Bekker

    Thank you Helen for sharing this prophetic word. I found it quite interesting as I had a dream which , to me anyway, touches on transition and a new thing. I’m not sure entirely what that is yet, yet the question posed under ‘The Beginning of a Significant Shift’. The Lord is saying, Pay attention! A new era is here. You have now crossed over. I thought I might share what my dream was:

    I had this dream, which repeated in pattern only a couple of times.

    I was travelling along in my car. I had no passengers and I came to a road block.

    The next thing I realise is that I am driving on the top level of a building and crossing over to another building via two car ramps wide enough for wheels to cross on.

    I looked below and saw the roadworks that was happening below that stopped me earlier. The buildings weren’t any more than 2 or 3 storeys high.

    Dream ends.
    There were no specific colours in the dream.

    So, I am being watchful to see what Father God is wanting me to do.

  21. Robert

    Good morning Helen

    Thank you for this wonderful work you do as it always helps put things into perspective for me and has taught me much, motivated and encouraged me much too.

    A old post which had me in tears was one where you said Father told you that He was going to raise up people He will use. The post was in November 2016. I had my FIRST encounter with Holy spirit in December of 2016 where the gifts blessed to me, which I knew nothing about where activated and heightened. It has been a wonderful journey since then 🙂

    A few months ago I had a dream which showed Holy Spirit(aqua blue water – anything that colour in my dreams are always Holy Spirit) flooding through a valley with amazing force, thereafter the scene changed to me being in my house with my wife. There was a knock on the door which I got up and opened. A professionally dressed woman asked me if I saw my fruit. She took my wife outside and all over the front of my house, was a thick creeping type vine which was hanging full of HUGE RED apples. I climbed up and picked one, threw it down to my wife and picked another which I ate….it was DELISHIOUS! The lady then asked me if I saw the litchis….. confused I climbed down and she led me around the corner of my house. Amazed I saw as far and wide as the eye can see trees hanging FULL of fruit. Just then I woke and Father told me: “I am the vine, you are the branches and my Father the vine dresser.” John 15. This is when my pruning process started.

    What I would like to focus on is the trees. I found the scripture this morning in Isaiah 32 15-16(Have a look) Its pretty significant.

    Two months ago or so I was eating in the kitchen at work when I felt the atmosphere shift. This was my first time experiencing something like this as I have only been walking with Father for 2 years now. After the atmosphere shifted Father told me that the rain was coming. Weeks prior to this I sang “let it rain” for days on end every where I went, in malls, streets, car, home literally everywhere and non stop.

    A week or so after that I woke up with a song in my spirit which was: “Get ready ready, Hold steady steady, I am about to do what you were not expecting.” I sang this song everywhere once again for days on end non stop.

    This week Sunday I had a wonderful encounter with Father at church during worship. His presence was tangible overwhelming. Since my refining process started last year November, Father has been quiet. So this experience was wonderful for me. Monday morning before work I put on worship while my wife, children and self get ready for the day. It was extremely difficult for me to get ready on time. I was completely lost in worship and praise and the presence of Holy Spirit. Crying non stop. That’s when Father started speaking. I saw a picture of a map, world map, with soldiers being positioned all over the map/region/globe – not sure where it was. Father told me that the people He has chosen for His work need to be listening, ready and obedient to His every word. ONLY doing what He instructs, nothing more or less in this next season. Reminded me of Abram and the city they conquered where he was not supposed to take any spoils and one of his people did…..we know what happened there after when they tried taking the next place and failed because of lack of obedience.

    The time is very near

    Get ready steady
    Hold steady steady
    I am about to do what you are not expecting

    Bless you ALL

    Robert – East London South Africa

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Robert thank you for that input…wow re the fruitfulness dream…all very profound. Your last vision (‘only doing what He instructs’) is particularly meaningful and also that Scripture. I say yes to all of that!

  22. Ann

    Thank you so much for this timely word. It so resonates with what the Spirit has been showing me in the last week. I also resonate with many of the comments that have been posted. The Lord is about to do something… and it’s not what we expect.


    Thank you so much Woman of God! You have spoken to me and I receive it into my spirit.
    There is something I have been waiting for years, and the enemy seems to make it look impossible, but I also know that the God who makes every impossibility possible is still alive today. The word you shared is a very big encouragement to me and also boost to forge ahead in this calling of God upon my life.

    When you said, “the Lord is saying, a new era is here, you have crossed over,” I knew the Lord was speaking to me, and I receive it in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  24. Olivia

    Hi Helen, I received that word. That is where I am at this time. Waiting the new and explosive move of God in my life and ministry.Thank You

  25. Molins

    Hi Helen, I thank Lord Jesus for His words through you. I always feel when I read your letters that they are very much I needed, when I read I feel comfort and have Hope in Jesus. your words which are from the Holy Spirit, they help and give me support to walk in narrow path.
    thank you for sending guidance from God Almighty Creator of all beautiful and good things.
    Lord Jesus bless you more and use you more and more for His Kingdom I pray In His precious name Amen.

  26. Samantha

    Thank you Helen for this word. As it happens I was reading the book of Ezra and Nehemia tonight, about rebuilding the temple and the walls of Jerusalem. I was very impressed about how God’s favour was upon them, that he even turned the hearts of gentile Gods to richly bless the Israelites as they set out on this endeavour. I am a little discouraged though lately about the prophetic ministry. There are so many loud false prophets in the media and false spirits, teachings and movements entering the modern day church. It makes you start second guessing your calling and gift. I have been crying out to God to sharpen my discernment. I know, I know…we shall know them by their fruits. It’s tuff for growing eagles.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Samantha, wow it’s amazing you wrote that when you did. I have picked up a message about rebuilding the temple, and been preparing for ministry this weekend, and you helped confirm I am on the right track. That’s prophetic right there. And thank you!

  27. Ji

    Greetings from the US! I am fairly new to your blog and still learning about prophetic words.

    I have been praying for my husband for now 6 months who no longer believes in Jesus and who is now addicted to alcohol, cigarette and gambling.

    I read this on Sunday and it touched me when I read that multitudes are about to enter the Kingdom of God. I thought of my husband. And as I was reading this, my eyes stopped at the verse Isaiah 43:19 but didn’t pay much attention to it.

    The next day (Monday), I saw the same verse from an email devotional that I get daily. This time I took some time to meditate on this verse.

    And surprisingly, today, I saw the same verse again from someone else’s blog!

    Seeing the same verse three times from three different sources… Do you think maybe God is trying to tell me something?

    God bless your ministry and I hope to hear from you!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Yes I call these ‘God-incidences’ Ji, a confirmation He is saying something. Praying with you for your husband right now

  28. florence

    Hai Hellen….your teachings are so encouraging and uplifting….everytime i read them i always get refilled and have so much joy and peace within me no mattet what am going through…thank you and may God continue to give you revelations cause you are always speaking to me….

  29. Dorcas

    Hello Helen,
    This prophetic word is so spot on for me. At the time you posted it, I was in a real transition in my ministry of moving to architectural anointing from a master builder. And now am reading this today and my first reaction is wow! The Lord just confirmed to me through your prophetic word that I am on track and He is part of the whole process.
    Thank you Helen. Your blog is a blessing to me.

  30. Margaret Debora Tafela

    Wow Hellen, I am really thrilled with the prophetic. God spoke to me exactly about this shifting. I receive the architect anointing. I am starting a Ministry Hellen but it is not doing well. I am believing God, the architect to put things in place according to his plan. I need a lot of help in prayer. Love you guys.

  31. jenn

    I am always so thankful to you Ms. Helen for giving a timely word. I have been praying for my ministry and calling as there had been a shift after I got married ten years ago. I used to work in Christian TV but had to leave it to attend to my young family. It’s always been my passion but I am really committed to raising my little kids. My husband often asks me if I feel I had to sacrifice my “career” bec. of family. I told them that I know that God has called me this season to be home and I know that though I am home, I can still be minister, albeit in a different way. This really spoke to me. I am praying for the specifics now as I feel God wants me to launch, but I am still unsure as to the hows and wheres. I am waiting on God for that and for the new technology that He is opening. God bless you more!


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