How can we receive the mantle God has ordained for us?
As prophetic people, we are often drawn to the story of Elijah’s mantle.

Elijah’s mantle was more than the regular cloak that he wore. It represented his appointment as a Prophet of God. When he threw it over Elisha it was a prophetic act, declaring that the mantle—and the office of the Prophet it represented—was destined to be Elisha’s in the future. (1 Kings 19:19)

What is a Mantle?

A ‘mantle’ is a Scriptural metaphor (symbol) for a calling, ministry, anointing and—when applicable—office, given to individuals by God.

How to Receive God’s Destined Mantle for Your Life

Following are some significant lessons about receiving your God-ordained mantle, from the stories of Joseph and Elisha [1]:

1. Understand God Determines Your Mantle Ahead of Time

Your mantle from GodWe do not select a mantle; it is established and destined by God. 

Elisha didn’t just receive Elijah’s mantle because he happened to be at the right place at the right time. It was already his according to God’s word. (1 Kings 19:16)

Elisha needed to cooperate with the call of God on his life to receive the mantle that was his by God’s appointing. Elisha’s hunger and pursuit of Elijah was a sign of what God had placed in his heart.

Joseph knew at a young age, through prophetic dreams, that God had called him to rule.

A mantle is not ours for the choosing, it is determined ahead of time by God. The desire God places in our hearts is just one indication, among other confirmations, of the calling that is ours.

2. Servanthood Positions you for the Mantle God has for you

For a long season, Elisha was a servant to Elijah. He supporting him in a menial way and learned at his feet. (2 Kings 3:11)

Joseph practiced servanthood for years—first, he served his father, then Potiphar, then the prison warden—before he received the mantle of rulership he was destined for.

It can be tempting to go directly after a mantle, but just as with Elisha and Joseph, God has established His timeline for your life. God positions you with people and leaders that He wants you to serve now. Serving with faithfulness and a teachable heart is a powerful means of being positioned to attain your God-ordained destiny.

3. Realise you may Wear a Series of Mantles

Before he took up Elijah’s mantle, Elisha was first a worker in his father’s fields. And then, he wore the garb of a servant. When God took Elijah, Elisha took his own cloak—the one he had worn as a servant—and tore it in two. There was no turning back. (2 Kings 2:12-13)

Joseph had a series of physical mantles along the way. The “coat of many colors” his father gave him indicated favor, as well as his position as overseer to his brothers. Later, he was given a cloak as a head slave in Potiphar’s household.

Ultimately, Joseph was robed in garments that represented his position as ruler next to Pharoah in Egypt. (Gen 41:42) But he didn’t go from being a youngster with prophetic dreams directly to the palace. He wore a succession of mantles, being faithful with each, and so it is for us.

4. Wait for an Appointment to Establish your Mantle

Elisha was appointed by God as Prophet and successor to Elijah—but God used Elijah to recognize, prepare and establish that appointment.

God used Jacob, Potiphar, a prison warden, and ultimately Pharoah himself, to appoint Joseph to a position in Egypt that was already his through God’s intention. And it is the same today.

We do not ‘self appoint’ to a mantle or ministry. God uses those in oversight and authority to recognize and establish us in that calling at the right time. (Acts 6:6, Acts 13:1-3)

5. Understand your Calling will be Tested Over Time

As Joseph received the royal robes over his shoulders, maybe he recalled the earlier mantles that he wore:

  • The richly ornamented coat of many colors his father gave Joseph as a young man became another reason his brothers hated him. And when his jealous brothers threw him in a pit and sold him to Egyptian slave traders, they wrenched the coat from him. That coat became the evidence the brothers used to ‘prove’ Joseph’s faked death to their father, Jacob.
  • Later, Joseph became a trusted slave, promoted and given charge over all his master Potiphar’s estate. But then Potiphar’s wife approached Joseph, wanting to seduce him. However, he valued his master’s trust, his purity, and the call of God—and so Joseph ran. But Potiphar’s wife grabbed his cloak—and used it to accuse him. Not only was that cloak taken from him, but it was also used as evidence against him of a crime he didn’t commit. And landed him in prison.

Have you had this happen to you? ‘God, I thought that coat was from you. That mantle had promise. It was colorful. It represented good things to come. And now it’s been lost, robbed. That role, that job, that ministry opportunity—why was it taken from me?’

But Father God is seeing the big picture, from Heaven’s perspective.

Your Father wants to reveal to you what He is up to, even if you are feeling today as though you are in the midst of the trial or a long period of waiting in relation to your calling. He wants to show you how he is redeeming those trials, even the failures, and how He is using them for His purposes.

It is not too late. For like Joseph, and Elisha, as you stay faithful and committed in the long haul, you will ultimately receive the mantle God has for you. And the ministry God has for you will be above and beyond anything you could ever have dreamed.


[1] Read the full story of Joseph’s mantle in Genesis chapters 37 to 41 and Elisha’s mantle in 1 Kings 19 to 2 Kings 2.

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64 thoughts on “How To Receive The Mantle God Has Destined For You”

  1. As my husband and I wait for the next call, the next church, the next place that serve… I’m grateful to know there is “another mantle coming”

  2. Hi Stephanie, a big ‘amen’ to that! I pray you know the joy of moving with the Holy Spirit as you make the transitions ahead of you.

  3. I was looking at the rare photo of “Tee Time: Golfing on a Girder (circa 1932).” It shows the construction of the RKO Building in the heart of Manhattan (a skyscraper). The distance between the building and the earth below is staggering. From the photographer’s angle I can see two men on a single beam. The first man, dressed as a caddie (with the golf bag across his shoulder) is sitting…attentively watching. The other is standing. He is in full-swing, about to hit the tiny golf ball which is positioned at his feet. In my spirit, I see myself as the one who is standing. I’m immediately aware that my life of ministry is represented. If I successfully hit the ball, I may return to a place of safety. However, if I swing and miss, I will potentially lose my balance and plummet to the earth. What’s worse is the fact that there is someone watching to see if I’m successful or if I will fail miserably and thus, make a mockery of my calling. So I find myself “frozen”, unable to move forward and unwilling to turn back. Knowing that I am in a season of “testing”, I have been stalled by many obstacles: I am operating in ministry at a staunchly traditional church that has never consider a woman for its highest position; a position within that Body that I believe the Father has appointed for me. Although I am able to support my words and deeds with scripture, I am continually asked to prove myself. I don’t represent the “picture” of what many within the Body have adhered to as “proper” with regard to the manifestation of Spirit. These (and other) concerns often stall my efforts. If I could only gain clarity for myself, as I do for those who seek my counsel, I would know whether to “swing” or climb down.

  4. Hi Kimberly, all that sounds huge. I pray Father releases special gifts of wisdom and grace to you, so you can know what direction to take, and a sense of being able to rest and be secure in God’s love for you and His sovereignty in your life and ministry.
    I know from my own journey as a woman with a ministry call that often seemed impossible, and yet Father is extraordinarily faithful, He opens the doors in His time.

  5. To Kimberly, in these seasons in life the psalms are full of Goldly counsel , Be still and know that I am God , and Ps 42. Rest in Jesus , Lorelle

  6. Dear Helen, words can’t express the appreciation I have for you. You always have a rema word at the right time. I know in my Spirit that God has place a anointing of prophetic on my life, but it seems as though I’m not place around the right people in my church to grow the gifts. I yearn for that day to come! Sometime I get discouraged but God want let me give up. Knowing that it’s not too late for the Mantle I still have Hope!!!

    Overflow of blessings to you and yours


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