What is a Prophetic Calling?

Prophetic CallingA prophetic calling may be the call of God to a vocation, a particular achievement, or to work in an area of passion. Your prophetic calling may be a God-breathed call to prophetic ministry.

‘Prophetic’ speaks of Father’s intention for your life—the purpose and destiny that you are created for.

‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ (Eph 2:10)

A prophetic calling does not mean that God has a rigid set of plans that you must adhere to. Your prophetic calling has ebbs and flows, like a river. It is a journey; your personal walk with Jesus.

When it feels as though you have missed the mark, or in a prolonged time of waiting for your prophetic calling, God’s grace is there for you. You find that the Holy Spirit has been at work all along.

Then, when least expected, you enter a season of Divine acceleration and God unfolds His prophetic calling for your life in ways beyond which you have dreamed.

7 Ways to Prepare for Your Prophetic Calling

Do you feel called to prophetic ministry? Here are 7 ways to prepare for your prophetic calling, inspired by those called to the ministry of a prophet in the Bible:

1. Focus on Intimacy with God and Prayer

Anna was destined to be a prophetic voice at Jesus’ birth. Leading up to this time, she spent many years ministering as an intercessor at the Temple, fasting and praying. (Luke 2:36-38)

When the Prophet Elijah suddenly stepped on to the stage (1 Kings 17:1) to address King Ahab and announce drought, he already had a mature relationship with God, as well as a strong, anointed prophetic authority. He later took his successor, Elisha, through prophetic apprenticeship. However, the Scripture reveals nothing of Elijah’s own apprenticeship with God. It was accomplished in the private place of intimacy.

Focus on your intimate relationship with God, your prayer, Bible study and devotional life—in the secret place, before anybody sees the result of it.

2. Serve Faithfully Where You Are

Deborah was a prophetess who was called by God to ultimately be instrumental in delivering Israel from twenty years of bondage to a cruel oppressor. As a prophet, she must have foreseen that day would come. And yet she spent years leading up to that time faithfully serving as a judge to Israel, listening and settling disputes, enduring decades of oppression. (Judges 4)

Serve faithfully in the ministry you have, while waiting for God’s ultimate purpose and destiny to open up for your life.

3. Stay on Track During the Hard Times

Wilderness periods are a recurring Biblical theme, especially for those who have a significant call of God upon their lives. John the Baptist spent a long time in the desert, preparing for the call on his life to be a prophet who would prepare the way for Jesus. (Luke 3:2) Moses endured failure and 40 years in the wilderness before being raised up as a prophet and leader to Israel.

There are no shortcuts to a prophetic calling. Many times God calls us to endure seasons of waiting and wondering, whilst He is at work behind the scenes preparing our character, lining up people and circumstances for what is ahead.

4. Embrace Secular Work

Elisha was working in his family’s business the day Elijah came by with his mantle and prophetic calling. Peter and John were fishing—busy and successful in their family’s small business, when Jesus came by and called them. Daniel discovered that his prophetic ministry was to be carried out in the marketplace. He had the ear of Kings and was promoted to one of the highest places in the kingdom.

Family, business, government, and education—all of these things are significant in God’s sight. He is raising up powerful prophetic ministries; those like Joseph and Daniel who will serve Him primarily in these areas. Do not assume that a calling to prophetic ministry means that you will never work in secular employment. Even when called to ministry as a primary vocation, work wholeheartedly in your secular career until God releases you to move on.

5. Honour Leaders—Even During Times of Trial

Elisha had Elijah and the disciples had Jesus, but not all those who had a prophetic calling in Scripture enjoyed the benefits of healthy leadership. David continued to serve Saul as a warrior and musician when mistrust and jealousy were operating in Saul’s life. When Saul was pursuing David to kill him, David refused to kill Saul even when it appeared God had granted him an opportunity. His words were ‘But the Lord forbid that I should lay a hand on the Lord’s anointed.’ (1 Sam 26:11)

Samuel faithfully served as a priest under Eli’s leadership, even though God’s hand of judgment was against Eli for his weakness of character and allowing corruption in his family and ministry. Samuel waited for God’s timing for his ministry as a prophet and national leader to emerge. (1 Sam 3-4)

Keep a heart of honour towards your leaders, even during the hard times and serve their vision faithfully. Stay where God has planted you, unless He has released you to move on. Make it your mission to finish well.

6. Be Planted in a Local Church

When we first meet Agabus, a prominent prophet in the New Testament, he is one of a ‘company of prophets’ in the Jerusalem Church. (Acts 11:27-28). The Apostle Paul began his ministry serving in the local church at Antioch. In spite of the powerful prophetic call on his life, he waited until church leaders confirmed the timing of that call before he launched out in his missionary calling. (Acts 13)

The context for prophetic ministry, and for the Christian life, is within the community of a local church. Seek out and embrace the community of a church and flourish under the pastoral oversight God gives to you.

7. Move Past Your Comfort Zone

God challenged Jeremiah to speak in spite of his youthfulness and timidity. “Alas, Sovereign Lord,” I said, “I do not know how to speak; I am too young.” But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am too young.’ You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you.” (Jer 1:6-7)

In order to grow into your prophetic calling you will face times of stretching again and again. These are points of decision, orchestrated by the Holy Spirit, in which you have the opportunity to follow and obey God’s call upon your life.

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  1. I am not sure what the Lord wants to do with me.But I strongly feel a call into the prophetic in my heart. But I am also scared it might be just my mind.I also desire to receive a prophetic word for my life but I never do.

    1. Hi Tricia, it is very common to experience doubts about the call of God – my thought is, if you have a desire and pull towards the prophetic, trust that it is of the Holy Spirit and give yourself the freedom to develop and grow in it.

  2. Nicholas Osei-frimpong

    I am grateful to the Lord for leading me to the wonderful site.Oh any time I read your from your blog I became well enlightened.God bless you and help you with the necessary financial support to always to give us more.


    Your writing “Ways to Prepare for a Prophetic Calling”, aided me in at time in my spiritual growth where direction was needed.
    I have attained the age of seventy-eight. My whole life has been spent with GOD as my Father. I currently and for he past sixteen years have been a faithful member of The Word of GOD Church located in Brockton, Massachusetts.
    Five years ago I was rewarded with an appointment as Deacon. My responsibility was to help my Pastor, Abraham Bascon, to develop a ministry to provide housing to the needy. Now, I want to develop the gift of Prophecy. I would appreciate your instruction and directional advice.
    Norman E.Daniel

    1. Hello Norman, your story inspires me, thank you!
      I am honored to help you and please do ask any questions you would like here in the blog comments.
      There are lots of articles here on Enliven Blog about starting in prophecy, here are a few to help get you started:

  4. yongama mbutho

    i greet everyone in wonderful Name of Jesus Christ. i would like to know about a calling of being a prophet. i attended a night prayer in church of a prophet, he prophesied about my life he said that God wants to use me but am confused i delayed God’s plan there is un-ordinary things God wants to reveal about me . can you please tell me what to do. because in my dream i dream fighting with evil spirits by praying. should i start to call In The name of Jesus every evil obeys and i see things in advance before they happen in my life.

  5. Do you believe that the church is being to lenient on allowing church members to continue in fornication and homosexual couples?

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