Prophetic_Insight_2015_Encounter_God‘Encounter’ means coming face to face with God. It is a Divine appointment, in which you have a heightened awareness of God being very up close and personal with you.

I believe the Holy Spirit is saying that 2015 is to be a year of Divine encounter.

Encounter will take place through Spirit-given hunger that causes you to seek after God. There may also be unexpected moments of encounter—taking place at a time and circumstance when you least anticipate it.

Unpacking Hearts like a Suitcase

The picture I have is of God, in this season of encounter, unpacking hearts, like unpacking a suitcase.

The first thing I see coming out is like package filler or stuffing—it is like when you buy something new and it has been packed in to retain the shape of the product.

And Father is saying, “There are some things in your lives and ministry that are like filler, they have been like a place-keeper, and they have been right and good, but this is a new season.

It is time to yield some things up that are not the essentials, because you need to make room for the more of what I have for you.”

And I see Him taking out articles and examining them, and some He is not putting back, whilst other things He is putting back in a different order.

It’s a time to yield values and priorities to God and be willing for Him to shift them and rearrange them. It is also a time to yield up your abilities, your expertise and experience, and realise that there are some things that He will show you how to do things differently for a greater result.

Be prepared for tweaking and adjustment.

Be prepared to leave the comfortable and familiar, because there is a new harvest and fruitfulness out past the comfort zone of your previous experience.

This takes hunger for God and softness of heart. It takes flexibility. There are some who are not willing, but for whom God’s love and grace is so rich that He will actually allow a breaking in the encounter. And it is because His intention and destiny is so profound and powerful for them.


And the season of encounter is going to result in a transformation. It is going to so profoundly affect your viewpoint and perspective that you wonder why you never realised certain things before.

Because you see differently, you know that you can never be the same again, or do things in the same way. It will result in a significant shift in your life and in the life of your family, relationships, ministry, business, work, church, and every area of your life.


As you embrace the encounter with God and what it means for your life, others around you will also be drawn to encounter. Your obedience and willingness to align with your Father’s intention in the season of encounter will result in your influence will be extended.

Your testimony of what God is doing will cause the hearts of others to hunger for their own Divine appointment. You will become an agent of encounter, and see the ‘unusual’ become commonplace as hearts turn to God.

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39 thoughts on “Prophetic Insight for 2015: It’s Time to Encounter God”

  1. I feel this word is in the atmosphere waiting to burst out, God is moving in people’s lives quickly and like never before. People are encouraged in the Lord and are having personal encounters that move them in new ways. I can’t wait to see what He does in 2015!

  2. SO GOOD!! And in line with other prophetic words I’ve had recently 🙂 He has been preparing me for this next level this past year. We’ve moved house, added a family member and I resigned from a ministry role. Your blogs on transition were so on the button & confirming when I made that decision earlier this year! He’s been doing awesome things in our family and new community recently, so bring on 2015!

    1. Hi Louise, wow that is a big year of change for you and your family! May 2015 bring with it, even more, a fresh sense of God’s Presence and movement in your lives.

  3. Thank you for your articles. They are a blessing to many. God has truly given you a gift. Would you pray for me? My name is Brittany Reed I live in Columbus, Ohio . 2014 has not been a good year for me. I’ve gone through many attacks especially on my mind. Thank you. God bless.

  4. Hi Brittany, I do pray for you – may this Christmas and New Year bring with it a fresh awakening in your heart to Father’s intense, personal love for you, may the boldness of the Holy Spirit cause you to rise above the struggles, may you find keys to help you in the battle and may you be gifted with Divine appointments, of people who will help and be a blessing to you along the way.
    It’s a journey and a process, this life with God and not an easy one. But it helps to know, ‘all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.’ (Rom 8:28)
    Bless you

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