Prophetic_Insight_2015_Encounter_God‘Encounter’ means coming face to face with God. It is a Divine appointment, in which you have a heightened awareness of God being very up close and personal with you.

I believe the Holy Spirit is saying that 2015 is to be a year of Divine encounter.

Encounter will take place through Spirit-given hunger that causes you to seek after God. There may also be unexpected moments of encounter—taking place at a time and circumstance when you least anticipate it.

Unpacking Hearts like a Suitcase

The picture I have is of God, in this season of encounter, unpacking hearts, like unpacking a suitcase.

The first thing I see coming out is like package filler or stuffing—it is like when you buy something new and it has been packed in to retain the shape of the product.

And Father is saying, “There are some things in your lives and ministry that are like filler, they have been like a place-keeper, and they have been right and good, but this is a new season.

It is time to yield some things up that are not the essentials, because you need to make room for the more of what I have for you.”

And I see Him taking out articles and examining them, and some He is not putting back, whilst other things He is putting back in a different order.

It’s a time to yield values and priorities to God and be willing for Him to shift them and rearrange them. It is also a time to yield up your abilities, your expertise and experience, and realise that there are some things that He will show you how to do things differently for a greater result.

Be prepared for tweaking and adjustment.

Be prepared to leave the comfortable and familiar, because there is a new harvest and fruitfulness out past the comfort zone of your previous experience.

This takes hunger for God and softness of heart. It takes flexibility. There are some who are not willing, but for whom God’s love and grace is so rich that He will actually allow a breaking in the encounter. And it is because His intention and destiny is so profound and powerful for them.


And the season of encounter is going to result in a transformation. It is going to so profoundly affect your viewpoint and perspective that you wonder why you never realised certain things before.

Because you see differently, you know that you can never be the same again, or do things in the same way. It will result in a significant shift in your life and in the life of your family, relationships, ministry, business, work, church, and every area of your life.


As you embrace the encounter with God and what it means for your life, others around you will also be drawn to encounter. Your obedience and willingness to align with your Father’s intention in the season of encounter will result in your influence will be extended.

Your testimony of what God is doing will cause the hearts of others to hunger for their own Divine appointment. You will become an agent of encounter, and see the ‘unusual’ become commonplace as hearts turn to God.

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39 thoughts on “Prophetic Insight for 2015: It’s Time to Encounter God”

  1. Your articles are awesome and on point. Each time I receive them I just get excited. I have been blessed with the gift of prophecy & discernment and I am struggling with my mind, and also with feelings of unworthiness. It’s quite a challenge to hear fom God and then tell someone what is being said. Especially if one is supposed to. I learnt the hard way that it’s not about me, I just need to deliver the message and the rest is up to God and the intended receiver. For the past three years including this one I have have been hungry and praying for a personal encounter with God. Each time I think of the relationship Moses had with him I just wish I could have a similar relationship the one of having the opportunity to speak one on one and receiving an answer right there. I hunger for the things of God so much but I feel I am not doing enough or praying properly maybe. It feels as though something is missing. The thing is I have no one else but Jesus. Yes I have family and a daughter but no one else really matters to me as much but it’s as though God doesn’t understand how much I need him and how much I love him. Everything I do seems so tiny and hardly enough. He speaks to me and sometimes I think it’s not him speaking to me or that he’s referring to someone else because it just amazing what he’s saying. Your website is motivating and at times I wish you werent so far away but thank you and “the hunk” for the articles. Keep praying for us that in due time he will honour us with numerous encounters . He is High and Lifted up Yaweh, Yaweh. 2015 will be a great year of restoration, of great anointing and manifestation of gifts and prophecys. May everyone who follows your website including youselves Encounter God in such a way that no one will remain the same when they have

    1. Barbara, thank you for sharing, I love your heart!
      You will grow in confidence as you grow in understanding how much God the Father loves you and who He has created you to be. And then that will overflow through your gifts onto others. May this be a year in which the insecurities and things of old fall away and you emerge bright and tall, knowing God’s extraordinary acceptance and favour on your life.

  2. Felt the spirit move in me as I read this. Have just recently returned to my God and he has been revealing many awesome things, even breaking down the things I thought I knew, and showing me the truth. Jesus is Lord. Amen. Christ first, No turning back now. That’s what he has planted in my heart.woooooooh

    1. Sounds wonderful, Jon-Paul. May your relationship with Him and the encounters continue and grow throughout this year and beyond!

  3. Hi Helen! Upon reading this, I was stunned. I believe this is what God did to me for the first two months of 2015. Amazing God!

    1. That’s wonderful Talabebi, how encouraging for you, and for me too! Thanks for leaving the comment. 🙂

  4. Yes I had a visitation after a cleansing and not long after was reminded by him ….how he had raised me up to love everyone unconditionally.

    1. I love that, Jo. It is possible because we have love Himself on the inside of us. (1 John 4:16)

  5. I guess I was dreaming and sitting on a train watching the horizon and water just riding. next week I vision one train track. now two tracks appear on my phone in which the train could switch tracks on stay on course. I prayed for understanding,no answer yet. IN church I also get the unction to speak I’m kinda shy so I don’t say until It burst out of me then I will tell it. I also see moving pictures in my mind.I just look and wonder where am I sometimes. Can you help? pray for me please. Ramona

  6. If god chose u to change the world for better I been walking and seeing what gods plans are for us and the nations I been experiencing and going threw his tasks he been doing and its amazing intense and sad and happy experiencing all he’s doing he told showed me everything happening and how it gonna turn out I’ve been blessed to be picked to be just like god in everyday I know him inside and out the plan and i experienced a life exactly like his its great god brings u in suffering all the way down to show u no one can help no one u realize u have no body who can fix or stop the things occurring in life than u realize their is one who can and only him than u pray with full heart and knowledge he can and only he can save u from your didastets in life amen

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