What is Divine Acceleration?

Divine AccelerationDivine acceleration is the supernatural ability of God applied to your life, your ministry, your time, and your circumstances, to bring His plans to pass at a much faster rate than is humanly possible.

When your Father is at work, nothing can stop Him. There is unstoppable momentum. Now, you find yourself caught up in a move of God that shifts your circumstances, removes obstacles, and commands progress.

As though lifted by a wave of the sea, you experience a sudden surge forward. It is the ‘now’ time of God and nothing can halt His purposes.

5 Circumstances in which you can Anticipate Divine Acceleration

1. Divine Acceleration When Spiritual Warfare has attempted to hold you Back

Elijah experienced a powerful victory at the frontline of the spiritual battle for Israel. Then, when Jezebel retaliated and threatened his life, Elijah ran in fear. There in that place of apparent failure—in such despair that he lost the will to live—an angel ministered supernatural food and drink to Elijah.

This provision for Divine acceleration enabled Elijah to travel 40 days and nights, non-stop, to meet with God. From there, God launched Elijah into his next season. (1 Kings 19)

There are times when the enemy will try to hold you back from fulfilling God’s purposes. Even when it seems that the enemy has succeeded, it is never too late for God. He can supernaturally replenish you, overturn the battle and launch you, victorious, into His purposes.

2. Divine Acceleration After You’ve been stuck in a Waiting Season

Moses spent 40 years living as a shepherd in the desert. Once upon a time, he thought he could make a difference. Once, he dreamed of delivering Israel out of slavery. Now aged 80, he had ceased to believe it was possible.

That is, until Moses encountered God’s Presence in a burning bush. God revealed it was his ‘now’ time to deliver Israel. (Exodus 3) In a short time—a season of Divine acceleration—God propelled Moses into a confrontation with Pharaoh, leading Israel out of slavery and into worship of God.

Does it feel as though you have been in a long time of waiting? It may seem as though it is past the due time for God to show up and to fulfill His calling on your life. Don’t think in terms of what is humanly possible—trust your Father that He can cause things to fall into place in a miraculous way. You are being positioned by God for Divine acceleration.

3. Divine Acceleration When You’ve Experienced the Destructive Consequences of Sin

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…” Joel 2:25

Year after year of crops destroyed. Harvests never gathered. Fruit that could never be recovered. Joel spoke of the ravaging effects of sin on the nation. And yet God promised that as the nation turned to Him in repentance, He would make up for the lost years with overflow harvest—and glory would go to Him.

God is by nature a Redeemer, and Jesus has paid the price for your mistakes, failure, sin and shame. Even when ‘sowing and reaping’ has taken effect and you have suffered the results of sin, when you repent and turn to Him, He can transform barrenness into fruitfulness. From poverty to plenty, and from emptiness to Divinely accelerated overflow—such is the power of His grace and forgiveness.

4. Divine Acceleration After You Have run from or Hesitated in God’s Call

Jonah 3:1 ‘Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time…’

Jonah did not just hesitate in the call of God upon his life—he ran from it in the opposite direction. And yet God in His mercy organised a sequence of events to set Jonah on track again.

And then those grace-filled words: ‘The word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time.’ (Jonah 3:1)

He is the God of the second chance. And even when it feels as though you have missed the opportunity to fulfill His purpose or to step into your prophetic season, it is never too late for God.

This situation hasn’t taken Him by surprise and He has a plan. Through Divine acceleration, He can bring His prophetic call to pass in your life. Repent, return, and place your trust in Him. You will see that your Heavenly Father has lined up circumstances and people like dominoes—once His power is unleashed, nothing can hold back His prophetic call for your life.

5. Divine Acceleration When You’ve been Held Back by the Choices of Others

Joseph’s own family mocked his call from God and conspired to prevent it from ever being fulfilled. The malicious choices of others sent Joseph to slavery and later imprisonment.

However, when God’s time came, Joseph’s ascent to rulership was immediate—for Divine acceleration was at work. Within a day, Joseph put aside his prison garments and put on the mantle of rulership. (Gen 41)

No person, and no action by anyone else can prevent God’s purpose from being accomplished in your life. Instead, as Redeemer, your Father can use what people have meant for evil and turn it into good. (Gen 50:19-20)

By keeping your heart clean, free of bitterness and resentment but full of the Father’s love, you can stay positioned for God’s purpose. Nothing and no one can hold you back when His time comes.

‘Divine acceleration’ is a reminder that you can trust the timing of God. For He is faithful, He is sovereign, and He is powerful. He is also the God of the resurrection.

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88 thoughts on “Divine Acceleration: God Will Make Up For Lost Time”

  1. What a great testimony Pastor Sylvester, even delays can result in God’s greater glory! Thank you for sharing and for being a blessing to me too.

  2. AMEN, Helen, awesome post, i receive it. I was driving home last night through the suburbs and i noticed a spider on my windshield [outside] intently holding on. When i stopped at traffic lights the spider would move looking for a place of refuge, as i drove again only doing a speed of 60 klm it would hold on tight. I thought to myself i am coming onto the highway soon then i can accelerate up to 100klm and blow him away, sure enough, that’s what happened, spider gone nowhere to be seen. Its time to come up onto the highway and accelerate for the enemy cannot hold on to you nor distract and hinder you on the highway, this accelerated speed is too great, the enemy cannot live nor survive up there, Is 35 :8,9 .I believe Holy spirit is calling me up higher Rev 11:12,. Ps 18:33.
    I believe there is a 100 fold return in this high place of acceleration.Phil 3;13,14.

  3. Great illustration David, and very true!
    (it wasn’t a huntsman, was it? Have seen a huge one crawling up the side of a car once…Eeuuw! 🙂 )

    Love this verse you’ve shared: ‘He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights. (Ps 18:33)

  4. I have experienced every one of the issues pointed out here.
    I am in a waiting place right now. I’ve been ridiculed, over-
    looked for promotion, thrown into a pit like Joseph.
    Lied about, false accused, the list goes on and on…..
    But I trust God to bring about His plan for my life in His time.
    It can happen overnight; things I have prayed for all this time
    that I have not seen in completion yet……I know God is working
    behind the scenes. Thank you for your article that brought me
    so much encouragement!!!

    1. Thanks for leaving the note, Lin, it sounds as though you have been through some tough times but your faith shines through.
      Yes, He is so faithful and working behind the scenes to bring His purposes to bear. I pray that you are strengthened in your faith today.

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