Prophetic Insight: Dawn is on the Way

Your Father is faithful. He is a keeper of promises, and He is watching over His word in your life, to fulfil it. [1]

I believe God is speaking to many of you who are waiting for a specific prophetic word—a personal promise from Him—to be fulfilled.

  • The answer has not come as quickly as you initially expected, instead, there has been what seems to be a prolonged time of preparation

Perhaps you are finding it difficult to see what lies ahead. It may even seem—at times—as though the opposite of your prophetic word is taking place.

You can be assured that behind the scenes, your Father is at work.

Night Before Dawn: Your Faith is Under Trial

Sometimes, God leads us by a way that is not of our choosing. It is a journey in which we experience a cost for our obedience. Our faith comes under trial.

If you can relate to that today, be encouraged by this story from 2 Kings chapter 3.

The kings of Israel, Judah and Edom are taking their armed forces out against Moab. After seven days of marching in the wilderness, there is no water for them or their animals. Jehoshaphat, King of Judah says, ‘Is there a prophet?’

Into this dire situation, the prophet Elisha brings a prophecy:

‘Thus says the Lord, make this valley full of ditches. You won’t see wind, and you won’t see rain and yet this valley is going to be filled with water…’ (2 Kings 3:16)

There is disparity between some Bible translations, because they were positioned in a valley, and a dry riverbed could have received the water. Yet the Hebrew word translated ditches does mean something dug. [2]

In this period of time, between the problem experienced and the promise revealed, God calls on them to dig by faith.

To exert effort. And then wait a whole night through. Think about this for a moment:

These people have had a seven day march. They have no water. They are faced with a physically demanding battle ahead.

Between the promise declared and the promise fulfilled there is a trial of faith; there is a gap.

A tired, thirsty, dark night of a gap.

Perhaps you relate to this today. You are waiting on God for a promised provision, change or breakthrough.

In the interim, you are digging. You are persevering under trial.

But dawn is on the way. 

You are Participating with God in the Fulfilment of His Promise

There are times when God simply requires us to receive, or to wait. But most of the time, he will call on us to participate with him in the fulfilment of His promises.

  • Esther fasts, risks her life and prepares two banquets before she overcomes the enemy Haman
  • Nehemiah must lead, labor and endure threats before Jerusalem’s walls are rebuilt

Many times God gives instructions that must be followed, and then, following a time of perseverance, the breakthrough takes place.

Simply waiting and receiving is one manifestation of God‘s grace—His undeserved favor.

  • But it is equally a manifestation of His grace that He gives us the honour of participating with Him. Of being with Him. Of co-labouring with Him.

Such grace! That we have the privilege of being empowered to rise up and possess his promise. That we would know the fellowship and anointing of the Holy Spirit!

It is grace that He trusts us with His promises. And this is also grace:

He values your faith so highly that He allows circumstances to bring forth gold.

Surrender Completely

Yes, there is weariness and there is labour. Yes, there is a dark night in which the answer cannot be perceived, except by faith.

  • But the dawn is on its way. And with it, the heavenly answer.

When daylight comes, so does the water. At the time of the morning sacrifice. 

At that final moment of offering, a flash flood sweeps through the valley. It fills the dry riverbed and the ditches prepared for the water.

Today, be encouraged. Receive a fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit.

Your endurance heralds the dawn and the beginning of great miracles. The enemy is being overcome, and God will get the glory.

[1] See Deut 7:9, Josh 21:45, Jer 1:12
[2] See for example differences between NIV and NKJV translations
Strongs H1356, geb, ‘a log (as cut out); also well or cistern (as dug):—beam, ditch, pit.’
Also used in Jer 14:3

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63 thoughts on “Prophetic Insight: Dawn is on the Way

  1. Methu Nyamakazi

    Thank you so much for such an in-season word for my family. God bless and shalom

  2. Susan Caley

    I found your blog about been given a promise and waiting in faith for it to be revealed really timely,.I feel i’m In that situation.I sense
    something more is coming but God is
    working on my character.He’s pruning out of my life things that are not fruitful,and in his love,disciplining me too.I’m really grateful as I want to co-operate with him,to be more like Jesus.
    I want to bear abundant fruit.Thank you
    for this word ,Praise the Lord.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Our journey is not always easy, but when God is at work in us, it is always rewarding. You have a powerful testimony, Susan


    Thank you ma’am,

    This is exactly what i need right now. ooooh Father am grateful.
    Thank you Jesus.

  4. Jeba

    Amen. Thank you Jesus. By the gift of Faith , I see all your promises in the Ministries for you . Our Nation will see Jesus and Worship Him !!!
    We are signs , wonders and more than conquerors. Amen. Hallelujah!!!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Daniel, if you are on my email list, you must have subscribed to Enliven Blog recently. Welcome 🙂

  5. Emilia

    This is so timely for me. The battle that I’m in, it seems that God is no where to be found (but I know He’s always here) and I just keep on persevering. Thank you for shining light into this darkness, really encouraging.

  6. Ajunwa Stanley

    I am so encouraged in my spirit just reading your message. Above all, i am lifted in my inner man. Thank you so much for these words. I ask from the depth of my heart that you intercede for me on behalf of my wife. Her health has been pinched but we not relenting in our faith that her healing and my healing shall be permanent in JESUS NAME, AMEN. God bless you

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Ajunwa, I am agreeing with you for your wife’s healing now, in Jesus’ Name

  7. Narbahadur Shrestha

    How much time have I to wait for my hope, I am 65years old, I received the God on 1st August 2008.I mean I was taken baptism .But when will I Get breakthrough. My remaing life I dedicated to God. I am effected with prostate enlarge, tinnitus of left ear, deaf ,high cholesterol and high blood pressure too.And I am drown in debt too. When will I get rid of from above problem. Can you help me from your prophecy?I am secretary of Jeewan Jyoti Church, which lies in Bharatpur 10,in Chitwan district of Nepal. Thank you for your email to me.Your email inspiring me lot of. God bless you forever.

  8. Adede

    this is my message! I won’t give up on my God,I know his promises will be fulfilled in my life. thanks so much for this word.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Yes praying for you and your nation now Jose… He is faithful
      Thank you also for your prayers for us

  9. Barb H

    20 years ago I walked forward after a vision from God and a teaching on this very section of scripture. My life has never been the same. I believed He had a special call, purpose for me. Today I wait for Him to circle my heart with a desire that comes from Him. I have been waiting and struggling to stay where He has me because He has not moved me yet. When I get worn and weary, I ask for encouragement and reassurance that I should stay-sometimes it’s difficult to tell if the struggle is to get me to move on or if it is the refiner’s fire. Above all else, I love Him and want to obey Him. Thank you for a Word that penetrated my Spirit like a double edge sword.

  10. Prince tony diwan

    Thanks for this beautiful words of encouragement,I was at the point of giving up

  11. Frances

    I am so convinced right now that He God has me and all about me in the palm of His hands. He has spoken again about the dawn. I believe it is truly coming. My eyes are fixed on Him tightly and I wouldn’t give up. Thank you Ma’am for this spirit lifting words.

  12. Dineo

    Thank you for the word it exactly what I wanted to hear as I had so much in my mind of how to face some of the challenges and you reminded me if who God is in my life and knowing he is the covenant keeping God….. I will keep pushing till something happens
    Stay blessed

  13. Robert

    37th day on the water and mint tea. No money, no friends, only faith! This is the biggest trial in my entire life. I’m almost through. I can feel it. Great post at the right time – again:-)

  14. Martha

    Thanks servant of God, am encouraged by this inspirational message, keeping waiting until my dawn comes.when the israelites were wondering in the desert, with no water, it was their night,but thank God,every night is followed by a day.powerful message. God bless you mom,you are a blessing to me.

  15. Ene IYOKO

    This message is actually for me,it ministered so much to my spirit because for awhile l have been discouraged. Thank God Almighty for using your ministry to encourage me never to give up…

  16. Elizabeth Akinrinade

    Just received the second teaching from your blog.on my mail. How wonderful, eye opening and a great treasure to my soul. You are doing a great job by His Spirit. I love to be taught.

  17. Valerie

    This spoke volumes to me. For years I have struggled with knowing I have prophetic gifts, without having any guidance through mentors. I struggled with the question , “Why would God choose to gift me in this area, if I have no clue what to do, or where to turn?”. He miraculously moved us to a different church 2 years ago, and finally, I feel I have “a covering”. Our pastor has opened a line of communication for me to share what I see, and a few months ago, I was so grateful to find your blog. It seemed to confirm EVERYTHING. I have never felt as peaceful and free as I do now. This particular post was so timely. A stranger prophesied things to me about 10 years ago, and they are finally beginning to come to fruition. This post gave me a huge boost of encouragement to keep digging ditches in faith, and it is His good pleasure to fill them! Thank you for being obedient to this important role of traininging and encouraging others.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      That’s so special Valerie! Thank you for sharing that, I love seeing our Father at work this way

  18. Boikago shimwe

    Thank u very much for your message and i receive in the name of the mighty Jesus..

  19. Tammy Dokubo

    I am encouraged by reading your messages
    my faith is lifted up, to day i realized that my Father is faithful. He is a keeper of promises, and He is watching over His word in my life, and i believe all his
    promises in my life will come to fulfillment.
    Thank you very mush.


    Just B E A U-TIFUL Helen….yes this very much encourages me and directly answers a question I have been asking Father this week
    The image of the dry river bed being flooded with a gush of water really touched my heart. Thankyou Papa! God bless you Helen and your precious family too. Xxxxx

  21. Lisa

    Helen I tried to tell you thank you with a picture of a cross with water splases but I see that the pictures turned into question marks. So sorry…….thank you from the bottom of my heart! May God continue to keep and bless you and your family.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I love emojis and use them all the time, it’s disappointing WordPress doesn’t recognize them!
      Thank you so much Lisa <3 🙂

  22. Tara

    I have a disabled daughter that we have been praying for for years – particularly that she will speak. We have recieved so many prophetic words / dreams that she will speak and yet we are still waiting…. God has opened doors for special therapies etc.. that we have been doing faithfully and seeing some results but we don’t want anything we do to get the glory – we want it to be a miracle of God so that he gets all the glory! It has been a testing few years with some very low points where I got tired of digging. But the last few weeks she has been babbling more and making sounds and last night said “I love you” for the first time – She’s 6. We haven’t heard any more words today so I called her therapist who encouraged me not to give up hope…

    …and then I opened my inbox and this word was in there. God has spoken very clearly to me today through your word so thank you!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      So beautiful Tara, what precious words to hear from her! I join my prayers with you now, for every vital connection, even at the micro level, physically needed for your daughter to speak, to experience life-giving, resurrection power in Jesus’ Name. May those first few words turn into the babbling brook and into the river you have been dreaming of.

      1. Tara

        Thank you Helen. You are spot on – that was one of the most recent prophetic words I was given – a babbling brook that turned into t a flowing river. Amazing. I love how God works!

  23. Valmai Stasinowsky

    Thank you God for using Helen to shine a light in a darkened place. Like those weary travellers, I have just clme through a dark placee and have claimed, by the authority of the Holy Spirit, the prophetic words spoken. After all, I am a daughter of an awe inspiring King. Bless you

  24. Kenneth M Knight

    Thank you for the encouraging word. I’ve standing on God’s promises of Native American and couples ministry, marriage, restoration of my family and a house. Its been a long trial and testing. I was down and doubting this message lifted my spirit. Pray for the Lord to manifest in the natural his promises. Thank you.

  25. Osborne

    This word is so refreshing and encouraging to me. I am currently faced with a peculiar situation and felt like giving up but this prophetic word has come at the right time to strengthen me. God bless you for sending such a word.

  26. Obioma

    I am so blessed by this. I have been trusting God for the fulfillment of his word over my marital destiny . I know God is speaking to me through this. I am encouraged and my faith is now revived. thank you.

  27. lorraine

    Thank you for the word of encouragement I am really blessed with this message. May God keep using you abundantly to reach his people.

  28. Bill O'Dell

    Yes, your message of “Dawn is on it’s way” is meaningful to me. I am believing that I receive my healing of
    diabetes type 2 as written in Mark 11:22-25. I am also pursuing the gift of healing.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Bill, I’m praying and agreeing with you right now…in Jesus’ Name

  29. Yebga

    Mother I am grateful for your advice and word of encouragement thank you, all say is the reality of what I am going true now,everything is I don’t know ,my son is paralys I don’t have money to take him to hospital one thing I know my God know, I don’t give up I will still the end,it is not easy with me

  30. Joshua

    This message is Prophetic and timely for my current situation. Thank God for your life Prophet

  31. Chris

    The revelation awaits an APPOINTED time.
    The Word is a word in season for me and
    I am believing God to let it come to pass in
    my peculiar situation and life.

    My prayer is for the Holy Spirit to shine His
    Light into every darkness in my life and dispel it
    in Jesus mighty name

    Helen, Thanks and God bless for your prophetic
    words of encouragement…May the Lord continue
    to open your eyes of understanding. Amen

  32. Elias Mudzamba

    Thank you Helen for the many lives including mine that the loving heavenly Father is touching and blessing through you and through your ministry. I was praying for you this morning and asking our heavenly father to release a special blessing into your life this week. I was praying that you experience a breakthrough this week in your area of need. Thanks be to God the Father who continues to shower us with His goodness and lavish His love upon us. To Him be glory and honour and praise and thanksgiving and adoration, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  33. shereen

    thank you so much for an in- season word, just what i needed today, going through rough times , at home , work and in my family, not to mention my marriage. I am under attack from all directions. i was feeling abit down, than your e-mail came through, thank you so much, i am full of energy and ready to carry on fighting the fight. I thank God for my breakthrough in Jesus name. amen!

  34. shereen

    you are such an inspiration to me…i always look forward to your next e-mail.

    thank you Helen, you are blessed woman.


    This is just for me, i have been fasting and praying concerning God’s promises for my father’s household and my marriage since 22nd of January, 2019 till date. its actually 40 days fasting but this night i had a revelation; a lady said to me “you look at your marriage it’s very close. wake up at might pray, do not beg them rather collect your marriage from those working against it.

    Am so happy. This is a confirmation.

    God’s name be praise and may God continue to bless you.

    Please ma’am, i also need you prayers.

    Thank you.

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