Move of GodNow is the time to let go of control, get into the passenger seat and let Jesus take the steering wheel of your life and ministry.

This sounds risky—and it is. It is a threat to your comfort and your own idea of how things will work out. And there are onlookers watching you.

But God is completely trustworthy. Your Father loves you, and He has a greater purpose for your life than you have ever dreamed of.

Holy Ground and an Uncomfortable Destination

Have you ever had an old, catchy song come to mind and get stuck there? Recently this song of Keith Green’s has been on a loop inside my head:

‘Just think about Moses, in front of the burning bush, barefoot on the Holy ground,
You know, he must have been thinking, ‘What’s an old dude like me,
Gonna tell em all when I go down (go down Moses!)
The Lord said, hey Moe, don’t you worry about going down south,
I’ll be saying every word that comes out of your mouth,
Just keep doing your best, and pray that it’s blessed,
Hey Moe, I’ll take care of the rest.’ [1]

Sometimes the Holy Spirit uses songs to get our attention because He is sending a message, and I believe these words ‘He’ll take care of the rest’, along with the story of Moses, are meaningful for many of us at the moment.

4 Challenges to Navigate in the Move of God

Divine acceleration is taking place. It’s a season of encountering God and saying ‘yes’ to Him. You are beginning to see momentum in your personal life, or in your work, church, ministry or family. A new season is being birthed. So why is it so uncomfortable?

Here are four challenges you may face, when God is thrusting you into your new seasonfrom Moses’ story in Exodus 3-4.

1. You Didn’t Expect it to Happen like this

In his wildest dreams, Moses has never expected that God would send him back to Egypt to personally confront Pharaoh and order a bunch of plagues.

But that is the way of God—He is the God of the unexpected, the author of mysteries, the Father who delights to surprise His children.

During the waiting time, you have carried a vision of how God will move and what your next season will look like. Or—maybe, like Moses, you stopped believing that anything might happen.

But now God has shown up and His action plan is completely different to how you thought it would be. It’s going to pull more from you and require more of you than you ever could have anticipated. You’re not ready—but He is. It’s time.

2. There is Something to Leave Behind

Moses is used to the rhythm of his life—perhaps he has even grown to love his adopted tribe and culture, his work and his herd of sheep. Now God has shown up, requiring him to say goodbye to all he has known for the last 40 years.

When the Holy Spirit propels you into your next season, the opening of one door means the closing of another behind you. There is something to embrace, but there is also something familiar to release and that may even cause you to grieve for a while.

Saying yes to God means that there is something to let go of. It also means stepping out of your comfort zone, the place you feel predictable, capable and safe—into a place where faith is required, like never before.

3. You are out of Control

For a long time, Moses has lived according to a familiar cycle. Lead the sheep. Feed the sheep. Protect the sheep. And tomorrow, do it all over again.

Now he is discovering the reality of what it means, to live under Divine command during a Kairos, ‘now’ season of God. [2] He has suddenly been shifted from comfort to confrontation. It is God’s time to deliver Israel and Moses is His chosen instrument.

In the move of God, you feel out of control and that is because you are out of control. The Holy Spirit may be instigating change at a fast pace. It is a time to ‘let go and let God.’ Trust your Father for those things you cannot control. You can rely on His goodness and faithfulness.

4. Weaknesses are Rising to the Surface

40 years in the wilderness have worked humility and grace in to Moses life. But as he is confronted with this outrageous, extraordinary plan of God—a plan that propels him from backstage to centre-stage—insecurities, doubts and fears are first to rise to the surface.

‘I can’t do it. I’m not equipped for the job. I stutter. Let someone else speak instead of me.’

So you thought that all those character issues were dealt with during your times of trial and waiting? Now, you are in a different kind of fire and the tests are coming thick and fast.

The fast pace of what God is doing has knocked you off balance. You are fully aware of your weakness. But dependency upon His Spirit is what He desires from you. So receive His grace.

Laugh with Him at the incongruity of your capability in the face of His call. And launch out, reliant upon Him, for He is in charge, and He has you right where He wants you.

Move with God, and He’ll take care of the rest.


[1] ‘He’ll Take Care of the Rest’ by Keith Green, from the album ‘For Him Who Has Ears To Hear’ 1977

[2] ‘Kairos’ is the NT Greek word for ‘due’ or ‘opportune’ time (Strongs G2540) as distinguished from ‘chronos’ (Strongs G5550) which relates to a space of time, or calendar time. For more information and examples see ‘This Can Be A Year Of Visitation From God.’

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15 thoughts on “Swept Up In A Move Of God: So Why Is It Uncomfortable?”

  1. Ruthie Gutierrez

    You’re having to step out of your comfort zone. God told me to submit to Pastor from a different church & had one confirmation after another. I find hard because I am having to step out of my home church just. The trip out thing is I already knew that was going to happen. It not until I said yes to God and told Him your will not mine. Still want God will to done in my life to be about my Father will.

  2. He knows what is best for us in the long run, doesn’t He, Ruthie? Sometimes when we are obedient it takes a little while for our hearts to catch up. It can also take a while for us to see the benefits of what God is doing, on the practical side.

    In the meantime He is lining up circumstances and people to help us and to take is to the next level of what He has for us.
    May you have His extraordinary peace in your journey, Ruthie. Bless you. 🙂

  3. I think your picture says it all. If i let God drive he might take me somewhere i have never been before,[Is 41:3, Is 42:16] off the beaten track and at a speed, in a place i am not accustomed to nor can i control.Its uncomfortable because its new and different, though i know deep down its God but i am afraid. This amazing life in God awaits and i really want it, he is calling me out of the safety of the boat and the security of my peers, its easier to stay with the crowd [Matt 14:29] I will never walk on water until i step out of the boat.] but when he points to you and says come up here i want to show you something, i run and hide, but he is relentless in his love pursuit of me, i have stepped out before and only then have i seen the amazing happen. When these moments come by i cant think about it for too long or else i stay stagnate and procrastinate, i just have to jump .God does not see my weakness in the way i do, so Move over and hang on.

  4. Yes the picture does say it all, doesn’t it David? I also thought of ‘stepping out of the boat’ but not so easy to find a suitable photo. 🙂
    This article is personal to me as this year we are being ‘swept up’ with God moving and bringing change and requiring some big stretches.
    I think, in order to go with Him, our revelation of His love and Fatherhood has to be enlarged at the same rate as the shift and change that He is ordering. What an amazing opportunity to know Him more!

    I really appreciate your contributions David, not just the depth of your insights, but you also have a great writing gift. Thank you.

  5. I thank God for this on time WORD! It is just so much conformation for all that has been happening in my life and the unctions of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for being faithful and obedient !

  6. Wow! Talk about divine inspiration! I had a dream last night that I was in labor. The labor was easy and I was moved to the coveted area on the roof. It was more like a resort than a labor room. I woke up knowing there is a birthing of something blessed coming into my life!

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