You Can Prophesy, Full of the Spirit and Joy!

As the Gospels open, something is stirring. There is something new taking place.

I will pour out My SpiritIt has been four hundred years since the last Old Testament prophet spoke a message from God. But now, the Holy Spirit is breaking out. God is revealing what He is up to through unexpected vessels. Ordinary people are prophesying!

People just like you.

Luke highlights this prophetic outbreak in his account of the events leading up to, and immediately following, Jesus’ birth:

  • Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit as Mary’s greeting reaches her ears, responds with a prophetic proclamation. (Luke 1:41-45)
  • Her unborn baby—John the Baptist—leaps with joyful recognition in his mother’s womb. (Luke 1:44)
  • The young Mary makes a powerful prophetic declaration in reply. (Luke 1:46-55)
  • After John’s birth, his father Zechariah is filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesies. (Luke 2:67-69)
  • When Jesus is presented at the temple Simeon, an elderly man whose only status is that he is righteous, devout and led by the Spirit, prophesies over the child Jesus and his parents. (Luke 2:25-35) [1]
  • An elderly woman, a prophet and intercessor called Anna, becomes an outspoken prophetic witness of Jesus after she encounters the child in the temple. (Luke 2:36-38)

It is a powerful emergence of a new, prophetic era. Young and old, men and women, are suddenly prophesying, declaring the Father’s intentions, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.’ Acts 2:17-18

This is the era in which you live.

You can be led by the Holy Spirit—filled with Him, experiencing His joy.

You can be like one of these people who participated in the the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. You can be a prophetic witness of Who Jesus is, and of your Father’s intentions.

As you take moments in your busy schedule leading up to Christmas and the close of this year, meditate on this. Consider it and wonder. Grasp this Heavenly truth.

  • The advent of Jesus changed everything.

Now is the time to embrace the supernatural, prophetic life God has made available to you through His Holy Spirit.


‘Father thank You for this annual reminder of Your greatest gift to me, the gift of Your Son Jesus. In the middle of the busyness, help me to find stillness and to walk and talk with you. May I hear Your quietest whispers; may I meditate on Your Word. Help me to be aware of others around me, of Your love for them and what You want to say or do in any given instant.

I choose to stir up Your prophetic gift in my life. Give me boldness in the moment of opportunity to share whatever is on Your heart. This Christmas season, fill me afresh with Your Spirit and Your joy. May I, like Mary, Zechariah, Elizabeth, Simeon and Anna, be a witness of Jesus, of all You have done, and all You intend to do.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.’

[1] I love this statement from Faussets Bible Dictionary: “Christ’s advent brings to view some of His hidden ones, as Simeon and Anna, who, unknown to the world, were known to Him as yearning for Him.”

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47 thoughts on “You Can Prophesy, Full of the Spirit and Joy!

  1. Chidimma

    This morning before I got this message, it laid in my heart to give those women that expecting their child a gift of baby cloth with prophetic declaration to receive their baby. That 2017 there will be cry of baby in their house.


    my desire is the Lord, my desire is Him.
    I want to know Him and the power that quickens Him from the dead,
    and hear and obey His hear.
    Thanks for this article, it is really helpful.

  3. Renata Huster

    Hello there,

    Just in reply, I was listening to this amazing account about Mary, Zechariah & Elizabeth today. I was surprised to read this then afterwards…

    How can I be sure that this is from God? Like Gideon I am cautious.

    I liked what you wrote but noticed that your husband: I am always so amazing that I am actually married to the talented person that writes these……Love you Helen!!!

    I am very cautious about people who do this because it, don’t be upset, detracts and is sort of about YOU and not about what I would think is important God. You know when Moses tapped the rock and took the glory? Well, it is comments like this that make me uneasy… please don’t be upset.

    I will however pray on your words.

    All the best. I just don’t want to offend God, so I am Gideon was. Hope you understand.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hello Renata, it is good to always pray about prophetic words and insights, there should be a ‘yes’ in your spirit and check them against God’s word.
      I’m sorry my husband’s comment offended you. I have removed his comment now, but will leave your repeat of it above!
      I assure you he is the sweetest most supportive husband, he knows that very often it costs me a lot to write every week, regardless of how busy I am or what is going on in my world, so I appreciate his encouragement of me personally.

  4. Baffour Asare

    wow I like everything you are doing in my life. it is a great thing meeting you. I also like the way through your mails you encourage me. am much appreciated for the Scriptures given to meditate upon. And also God bless you for the prayer above. I have screenshot it and want to be praying with it everyday. I love it and I say God bless you.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      That’s awesome, Baffour I’m glad the prayer is a blessing to you, and thank you!

  5. Connie

    Thank you so much, please pray for em to grow deeper faith in our LORD JESUS CHRIST. Keep in touch!!!

  6. La Vetta Williams

    Helen and Malcolm: I’m grateful to God for the ministry model that He has revealed to you! All that you have shared is totally encouraging and confirmation of what God has spoken to me! GOD is preparing a people to FULLY advance the Kingdom in the entire known Earth!!!

    Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established!!!!! Glory and Honor to our GREAT KING, JESUS the Christ!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!!!

  7. themba

    I sinned with having sex with an hiv positive person. This is leading me to self conviction and I ask myself many questions. I know this might not be appropriet however I need the of knowledge and wisdom in my life- prophesy mam please.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Themba,
      I don’t give prophecies online, but do encourage you to embrace God’s forgiveness, do whatever needs to be done to get things right, and move on. His grace is abundant towards you.

  8. Samson Idowu

    Today, as I was departing my workplace, I was speaking to a brother about the atmosphere I’m sensing, how this time is so filled with streams of heavenly virtues flowing to the earth and how we can’t afford to be complacent now in prayers and preparations.

    Shortly after that, another friend who is a sister while exchanging chats on whatsapp started rehearsing the same thing I’ve shared with the brother…Tho up till now, I’ve not told her about the witness she beared but I’m understanding this prophetic gift more.
    May you in God continue to find strength.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I love how the holy Spirit brings confirmation like that, Samson, the same thing has happened to me today!

  9. Minister EN

    Hi Helen,

    First, congratulations on this new journey you’re taking. I pray that in the tough and uncertain times you have peace in knowing that God is with you and he is working through you. He is doing a great work in your ministry and your obedience will cause doors to open as well as an excelled elevation. I pray his covering over you as you move forth in proclaiming the gospel.

    I read your latest entry and wanted to respond by sharing what God is speaking to me about in this season. My last three dreams have been about me cooking. In the most recent dream, I was cooking and the person who was with me opened all of the windows in the house. The smell of the food I was cooking attracted a lion. I was upset that the windows had been opened because I felt this put me in harm’s way. To protect myself from the lion, I ran into a room and put a dresser against the door. I don’t believe that the lion actually got in, but when I woke up the Holy Spirit immediately reminded of this verse… 1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walketh about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

    I understood the dream as an indication that I am preparing something but it took a conversation with a great friend of mine to help me understand that our call as ministers/teachers/preachers is to feed the Lord’s sheep as he requested of Peter. In doing so, we will attract the attention of the lion (the devil). Though he doesn’t have a desire for food, he does have a veracious appetite for the people of God… seeking to kill, steal, and destroy and we must understand that this is the cross that we must bear.

    Though I am a licensed minister, I have not been active in ministry for about 2 years now. I’ve recently felt God pressing me to get about my father’s business and get back where I belong, in ministry. This entire time outside of God’s will, I lacked peace, feeling lost and unfulfilled. The beauty in it all is that God didn’t allow me to go astray, He found me, that I might be restored back to the fold. Isn’t it amazing how He loves us? Because of his unfailing love, I have recommitted myself to Him deciding to pursue Him with everything that I have in me.

    All that being said, God is communicating to me that it’s time for us to get up and do something. In fact I encourage anyone reading this to stop being stagnant and follow the move of the Holy Spirit. Join a church, join a ministry, and join us in spreading the good news. People of God, as Jesus told Peter “…if you love me, FEED MY SHEEP.” The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few. Though Satan may come against us, we know just how the story ends, We’re victorious!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thank you for the prayer, Minister EN, gratefully received.
      I love your testimony and your dream interpretation – that is all so very true.
      I am reminded of this thought I shared on the blog a while back:
      ‘Obedience is not drudgery, duty or hardship. To obey is to live in the ‘now’ moment with Him, experiencing your Father’s pleasure in you and His favour upon your life.’
      So I say yes, let us rise up with Him to do His will!

  10. wealth

    The lord is talking about hope. That you may think what u hv heard or seen from him is the greatest,he is saying that 2017 will blow ur mind away,as new,higher revelations will be given,greater blessings u will see and greater plans will he bring to you. Exceedingly abundantly above what we can think of. New greater plans and hoping for greater things. So,enlarge ur heart,to receive,be prepared that ye may not be overwelmed. 2017,a year of hope.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Amen! I love that His hope is abundant and overflowing…Reminds me of Rom 15:13 ‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’

  11. Sandra

    On a journey right now with my gift of prophecy. Reading, listening to many whom I respect.. Seems God is filling me lately with the understanding that as I grow in the gift HE has given me, that I stay humble and grounded in HIS word. I am sure from all I am hearing and reading lately, this is so very important with any gift but especially with this one.

    All I know is….I want to stay in HIS will and direction and not rush ahead. When it’s HIS timing HE will open doors whenever I am to walk thru. It is so very clear at this stage in my journey that God wants to get this message of humility deep in my soul. So, THAT is what I am hearing now.


    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Resting in His timing is a great place to be, blessings full and overflowing upon you, Sandra!

  12. Ken

    It has always been a blessing to learn the prophetic via this this blog. About two weeks ago, I felt The Lord impressing upon me the word revival. I am not yet sure whether it focuses on me or those around me. All I am doing is to pray for the church in Malawi including myself at the fore to benefit in the same.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I say ‘amen!’ to revival, Ken, for the church in Malawi, and for us all. I have been praying about prophetic insight for 2017 and the main thing I am getting is that He is leading us back to ‘first love’ for Jesus.

  13. Rosalind

    My whole thing, I’m desirous to walk in the begotten son Jesus Christ footsteps, being faithful to his father and to himself, the spirit of Christmas is peace, love and joy, that is how I would love my spirit to be ,holy and sanctified km Jesus precious name.

  14. Murray

    I am thinking about a few things and one of them is about embracing the supernatural. Not just prophecy but prayer for healing and miracles. Other things are related like, hearing more from God, dream interpretation, and working with Angels.
    I should also say I started to think about embracing the supernatural more after I had prayed and prophesied with all 12 members of a small group. For me, that was a real buzz in itself as it was only the second time I had done this. But it was the awareness of having stepped into the supernatural and caused a real shift in the spirit for those people that it created such a desire in me to embrace the supernatural more.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I love your hunger, Murray, may it continue to motivate you to pursue Jesus and His works, and may others catch that hunger too!

  15. Rosalind

    Really I want to be so deep into God I want to be his vessel, I want him to use me in so many ways, my prayer is too help people, be prophetic in all ways for God, that’s my pray.

  16. Matha

    I use to prophesy but without any reason I know I stop my the lord revive me again I want to serve him till the end

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Matha, the gift is still there, praying for you today, that as you press in close in your intimate relationship with God the spring will bubble up again.

  17. Michael

    I have had some very powerful dreams, two of which are virtually identical.
    My friend and I are fighting in Gods army, on earth, against Satans army, who are just humans armed with guns, and my friend and I are surrounded by hundreds of the enemy about to be overtaken until I cry out to God ” we need your help”. At that very instant the enemy froze, they couldn’t move or talk which allowed my friend and I a clean escape. I have had two powerful dreams just like this and the message was very clear to me that all I have to do is ask for help and God will be there for me. Not sure why I’m dreaming such things.
    These dreams happened in the midst of many other powerful dreams.

  18. aaron chewe

    mom helen, am blessed to be connected to your blog, one thing i greatly desire is to prophesy, heal the sick and preach the word of God.

  19. Gloria

    Thank you so much for giving me a change to read
    The Prophetic Gift Free . It’s help me a lot to understand
    more about my gift that God in trusted to me and also for
    encourage me study. Than you for meeting you . May God bless you always. Merry Christmas to all .

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I’m glad to hear that, Gloria. Thank you for the feedback about the book, that’s a blessing to me! And Merry Christmas to you, too

  20. Esther

    Merry Christmas! Praise God it new day and end of year 2016. I am so happy to meet you article that help my question and fulfill my dream. I need more help from you to grow.

  21. Ken

    I shared a comment on how I feel The Lord speaking to me about revival. Helen
    I have been reading stuff to do with revival. I have read? Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken your first love. Revelation 2:4 ?My challenge is, reading verses 1 -6, one actually sees what this church has been doing. I therefore had hard time figuring out what ‘first love’ is.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Ken, I’m blessed with you leaving this comment because I have just been reading it and wrote it down in relation to what I felt God was saying for 2017.
      I agree – when you read what that church was doing, it seemed they must be on track, and yet they are not! Reminds me that ‘works’ are never the measurement with God, not even miracles… (Matt 7:21-23) it always comes back to intimacy with Him, and simply doing what He wants flowing out of that.

  22. katina tsiglopoulos

    before discovering your blog just this week, God spoke two words into me last week and they were walk and talk, He litually woke me up last saturday morning and took me for a walk down to my local river, its a legthy tail teaching me lots… it was so real and enlivening! The main points was to trust Him in His direction and that along the way there will be weeds, but to still trust Him.. Also that he wants us to be free and enjoy life to the fullest and that he delights in seeing us do this!1
    at the end of our walk he wanted me to sit, be still and watch… we watched the river flow and the birds play in the river… HE said I delight in my creation I also delight in you!
    This is for all His children…Feeling very blessed 🙂

  23. Akinbinu Oladele

    For the past months God has being impressing it on my heart to shake off the dust, and forged ahead. This write up has propelled me to speed up. God will continue to strengthen you, and empower you to do more for Him. Amen.

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