Finished Work: How to Have Peace with Unfinished Business

The Holy Spirit is bringing comfort to those who are weary, waiting, or working—especially where there is some “unfinished business” involved. If this resonates with you, today’s life-giving word about the finished work of Christ is for you.

The Light Switched On

Finished Work: God is taking care of unfinished business. Text on image of tree by the waterOne day, I saw the words, “Finished work” on a conference promotion on social media, and it seemed as though an anointing—a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit—leaped off the page.
And those two words flew like light into my soul.

Suddenly, I saw how much of my life was defined by “unfinished work”, and had been for as long as I could remember.

  • There was always something I was either procrastinating on and feeling guilty about or looking at and feeling overwhelmed about
  • And it wasn’t just a workflow issue or the “Achille’s heel” of my task-achievement orientation, it was a cycle that went back to childhood

In this moment, I saw my tendency to overthink mistakes, weaknesses, and lament being a work in progress.

Then, there was God’s ministry call, to participate in the great unfinished task of the “harvest”, which weighed on me.

The Stronghold Crumbled

In that instant, a stronghold that I had never known existed before, crumbled as I saw the truth—
that I had allowed not only my work and ministry but also my entire life to be defined by “unfinished work”.
And that it didn’t have to be that way.

Instead, the phrase “Finished work” flashed like a neon sign over my life and identity!

3 Signs of Spiritual Warfare to Do with “Finished Work”

“He canceled the record of the charges against us and took it away by nailing it to the cross. In this way, he disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by his victory over them on the cross” (Col 2:14-15, NLT)

Here’s an important truth:

  • The enemy hates the finished work of Christ and will try to rob us of the revelation of it.
    Because it brings forth the image of God in us—and testifies to the power of the cross (Col 2).

But how can you tell when “unfinished business” impacts your identity negatively?
For there will always be work in progress, and it comes clothed in the best of intentions!

Here are three areas in which spiritual warfare may show up to do with “unfinished business”:

1. An Atmosphere or Mood

Feelings about unfinished work, or the general atmosphere surrounding it, such as accusation, guilt, overwhelm, pressure, stress, or intimidation.

2. A Label or Description

For example, procrastinator, slow, inept, failure, or perfectionist. (This also goes for a ministry, organization, or business)

3. Stories We Tell

Our narrative—the stories we tell ourselves and others as to why we haven’t progressed as we ought. We may ascribe a reason to the problem such as a shortage of time, funds, people, or information.
But we are not considering God’s timing or supply. This can happen when a scarcity mindset creeps in regarding “unfinished business”.

Living and Working from Christ’s Finished Work

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32)

Right now, God is opening our eyes, so that we can see our unfinished work, in the light of His sufficiency.

God designed us to operate from rest and security in Him!
Over the last couple of decades, these phrases have come alive to us. You may have come across them:

  • Live from God’s favor, not for God’s favor
  • Wage spiritual warfare from Christ’s victory (rather than for it)

We can also live from finished work, toward finished work.

Seated with Him

Paul declares we are raised with Christ and seated with Him in Heavenly places (Eph 2:6). Seated is a place of rest and repose.

Think again about this passage in Hebrews 12:

  • “… let us run with endurance the race that is set before us…
    looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.”
    (Hebrews 12:1b-2a NKJV)

So, even while you run towards Him, you sit with Him.
Because Jesus IS the finisher of your faith.
And you are looking to Him, and even while running, you see yourself with Him.

Your Release from Pressure is in Christ’s Finished Work

If you can relate to this even a little bit, I encourage you to take time with God and his Word and reflect and pray. Here is my declaration for you (which you can also personalize):

The Lord is releasing you from any pressure associated with unfinished business—for it is a pressure that does not come from Him.

You will have peace, in the experience of being a work in progress and having work in progress.

  • Or leading a work in progress.

The enormity of the task ahead will not overwhelm you, instead—you will lean into the freedom of being in the space of Christ’s “already-completed” destiny.

Finished Work Fills the Gaps

Gaps or shortfalls will no longer trouble you. For you will know those gaps are a space of grace, into which God has an abundance of Kingdom resources, including other people and ministries, to fill.

You are not the sole “jigsaw piece” to meet a need or to fill a gap. God’s grace is fluid and abundant to fill every space and contingency and to expand His Kingdom.
What pleases Him is the “yes” of your heart and attitude to Him.

Your Completion is in His Finished Work

Perhaps, you have a ministry and the need you are called to meet is huge.
There has been progress—yet as far as the eye can see, there’s more to do.
You can have the conviction of it, and the Spirit’s urgency for it, without the feeling of being behind, inadequate, or insufficient.
Because you know, “He’s got this”.

God sees you as already complete.

  • He sees and calls it forth ahead of time.

So, don’t let “unfinished business” define you—or characterize you.
The pressure of it is coming off, and with it, the Lord is healing any “bruising” from it.

“Well done good and faithful servant” is the commendation of the Lord for completed service.
Hear Jesus speaking it over you, now.

There is a place where we can live with the reality of unfinished business, but our source and identity are in Christ’s rest.
Starting references to Finished Work: Heb 12:1-2 (Jesus is the finisher ), Heb 4:10-11, John 17:4, John 19:30, Colossians 2:11-15, Heb  9:12

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Can you relate to struggling with unfinished business? This has been life-changing for me. I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment or prayer request in the box below.

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47 thoughts on “Finished Work: How to Have Peace with Unfinished Business”

  1. Francie Robertson

    This Word is exactly what God is speaking to me right now and into my current storm-tossed season!
    My son has been finding faults and flaws in me and my walk with God. His marriage has broken up again so there is that pressure to colour his perceptions of his mother and his wife. So even though I know this, still, I am agreeing in my heart inwardly and hugely defensive outwardly!
    This has been the hardest trial for us to date. And in the midst you bring this message of hope, comfort, deliverance and healing to the forefront. It is SPOT ON!
    Back in 2002 I began a year long ministry course at Bible College and was not able to complete it. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and completed only 3 months of my course. Eventually God healed me completely and I was able to go to the awards and certification ceremony at the end of the Course even though I had not completed it. I certainly felt most inadequate at that time. I was not yet fully convinced of His healing provision and power. That was yet to come. In the meantime I would take a firm hold of HEBREWS 12 of The Lord Jesus as author and FINISHER of our faith…and decided there and then to never allow myself to leave things UNFINISHED! That with all my might I would say what I start I FINISH! I see now it was ME and NOT the Lord’s FINISHED WORK that I was leaning on!
    As a result I became a walking talking CONTRADICTION IN TERMS kind of thing!
    Oh BUT GOD!!!
    Thank You for my sister in Christ and thank You for this spot on Word!!!

    1. You give such glory to God through your testimony, Francie! We journey from glory to glory and ever-increasing light and revelation.
      I pray for restoration and softening of the heart for your son – may his testimony also be filled with the grace and goodness of God

  2. Ro God be the Glory you are prophesying to me going through a painful moment so torn aprt lost someone close to my heart this morning where by i failed to check call here in 3weeks n with this 3weeks i had the push that feeling to check but ddnt act even yesterday it was pressing me so this morning i got a message that she past on im hurting feeling guilty l that i failed the work its unfinished business but Through CHRIT JESUS THE WORK IS FINISHED thank so much woman of the Most High God through the Holy Spirit of God to reveal the living true word may the God continues to bless anoint n use you may He God Almighty enlarge your territory

    1. He is bringing you comfort, Kentsifetse. I’m sorry to hear of your loss, and I’m praying for you now, for the encounter with His grace to sustain you.
      yes, praise God for His finished work

  3. Confirmation that God got this. Thanks be to God and to you Helen for your obedience to the Holy Spirit to write this to me. Blessings!

  4. Juliet Marlene Hall

    This is such a timely word. My various engagement is filled with unfinished work and stressful delays that keep derailing my endeavours. Just this morning I am again faced with another unfinished business…….but God. I will trust him amidst the chaos.
    Thanks for your words of hope

    1. I know what that’s like 🙂 Chaos is the whirlwind that contains His presence, Juliet. “God is within her. She will not fall” Psalm 46:5

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