Transition: 5 Powerful Keys to Faith From Isaac’s Story

"Transition: More is on the Way" text on image of waterfallAre you experiencing transition or change?
When there is uncertainty around you, it is time to look up.

God invites you to see with the eyes of faith, His unshakable Kingdom.
There, above all, is your covenant-keeping God, who never changes.

Isaac’s Transition: 5 Keys to Faith During Times of Uncertainty

The story of Isaac sheds light on what it means to walk in covenant with God in times of transition.
Here are five insights from his journey:

1. God Will Use Transition to Reposition You

A transition may start with a growing feeling of discontent.
And you start to think and dream outside of the box of your current situation.
But there may also be times when change is thrust upon you.

This happened to Isaac when King Abimelech evicted him, and he had to relocate his huge household and flocks (Gen 26).

As a result, Isaac went on a journey through the land, encountering much opposition and uncertainty.

Finally, Isaac arrived at Beersheba, his future home. Here, the Lord appeared to him in the night and affirmed His covenant:

“I am the God of your father Abraham. Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bless you and will increase the number of your descendants for the sake of my servant Abraham.”

During painful times of transition, be assured that God has a plan for you.

And you will discover that the pathway of change has led you to a place of greater fruitfulness.

2. “Dispute” Does not Have to be a Permanent Address

As Isaac moves his household to a new location, he must keep his flocks and people supplied with water.
Along the way, Isaac’s servants work hard to reopen the wells previously used by his father, Abraham.

However, the locals quarrel with them and contend that the water belongs to them.
Isaac names those wells “Esek” (meaning quarreling) and “Sitnah” (enmity) and continues onward.

Here, we notice something remarkable about Isaac.
When conflict arises, he is willing to let go and move on.
He names the problem for what it is—but he doesn’t camp there.

Isaac’s story reminds us that contention will come our way, but “dispute” does not have to be our permanent address. There are times to contend, but other times, God moves us on.

Hear the Lord saying, “I have more for you!”
Freedom and provision are up ahead!

3. During Transition, You can Trust in God’s Unlimited Supply

Isaac is rich in the blessing of God upon his life.
And because he knows the source of his favor is God, he has nothing to prove to others.

This is because Isaac has inherited the same covenant with God that his father Abraham had.

Because his confidence is in God, who has made the promise, Isaac can release his claim. He is free to move on when there is competition for resources.

So long as we have a limited mindset, we will try to hold on to what we have possessed and lost.
But when the Holy Spirit tells us to release and move on, we are free to go, because we know that more is on its way.

This is the mindset of abundance—the covenant mindset:

  • You can trust in God’s unlimited supply and know that more is always on its way

4. Don’t Settle for Less than God’s Best in the Transition

“He moved on from there and dug another well, and no one quarreled over it. He named it Rehoboth, [Room] saying, “Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land.” (Gen 26:19-22)

Finally, Isaac is free of dispute! The season of contention is over. Isaac can stay in Rehoboth, where there is “room”.
But his Divine appointment is still ahead of Him.
So, he keeps moving until he reaches Beersheba.

Sometimes we want to settle for “enough”, but God has more for us.
He says, “I have enlargement and encounter for you”.
There is more up ahead!

Beersheba is significant, and not just because it has access to water.
It is a place of Divine encounter and God’s appointed home for Him. [1,2]

5. See Yourself at Home in God’s Covenant and Promises

Understanding God’s covenant brings us to rest and faith.
Finally, at Beersheba, Isaac has found a place to live. And here, King Abimelech approaches him with a treaty, to live in peace.

Just as Isaac named the other locations according to their wells, he names this one—Beersheba means “well of the oath”.

But Isaac is not the first to name it so—a generation earlier, Abraham made a treaty and first named it Beersheba.
So, the location was characterized by agreement.
And the covenant of God.

Like Isaac at Beersheba, the covenant of God is where we live. It is our permanent address—the Father’s house.
And like Isaac, we too can walk in covenant and live from covenant. And when times of transition come, we can trust God to take care of us. For no one can hold us back—neither the plans of others nor the strategies of our enemy.

And He will safely bring us to our destination.

Your Divine Appointment at the Well of Covenant

Whereas Isaac lived from the Abrahamic covenant, we have a better one!
Jesus “…is the one who mediates for us a far better covenant with God, based on better promises.” (Heb 8:6b, NLT, see Luke 22:20)

Today, Beersheba, “well of the oath” reminds us of God’s covenant supply.
A well may look small from the outside, but the underground supply of water it is connected to can be huge!
And all the promises of God are yes and amen in Christ, so within this covenant is the ultimate security—it covers every part of your life.

Today, see Jesus is waiting for you at the “well of covenant”.
He is your wellspring of supply—and this transition will bring you to your place of Divine appointment.


[1] Jacob, Hagar, and Elijah also had significant encounters with God at Beersheba. See

[2] Information about Beersheba can be found here:

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33 thoughts on “Transition: 5 Powerful Keys to Faith From Isaac’s Story”

  1. Praise King Jesus Helen,

    I will always bless the Lord God for using you as this prophetic message fits me like a glove.
    Iam really discontented with my current work place, where I live and everything, I just feel stuck and need to get out of the environment I’ve been in. there have been endless battles Iam weary and tired.
    I have cried to God to move on because there’s nothing to hold onto here, God I receive my divine encounter and God’s appointed home for me.
    God help me walk in the covenant and live from covenant, God let me like the sons of Issachar to sense the times and seasons of transition and trust you God to take care of me so that no one can hold us back neither the plans of others nor the strategies of our enemy in Jesus mighty name. AMEN

    God bless you, keep you, make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you Woman of GOD.

    Tracy E.A.

  2. Good day ,I am writing from Cameroon and I am 38 years.I am going through hardships right now for 5 months now I have been home not working and still waiting to be called to resume work as i was promised. I have rents and bills to pay with my family looking up to me too .Please pray that God should free me from debts and bless me with Divine health.Due to this long stay at home I started borrowing money to survive and assist my mum financially. Secondly pray that God should bless me with a companion that I will love her and she will be submissive to me as my wife.Thank you

  3. Moanaroa TeWhata

    Kia ora from northland nz.
    I have been following your blog for a few years now and it still excites to be able to read a new one or updates each week. Recently I went to the drs and had a CT scan around the kidney area. I’m still positive and believe God and His Word for every area my life and my families lives. I would love for you to put my wife and I and my family on your prayer list

    1. Hi Moanaroa,
      Yes praying for you
      Full health, in Jesus Name
      May God bless your family with gifts of faith and wisdom

  4. Praise the Lord Jesus for you Helen!
    God really uses you to encourage and build up His people with eternal hope. Thank you for what you do. May the Lord bless you.
    I am in a challenging position right now, close to retirement, lost a job recently, I have started a business for additional income that is not doing so well. I am feeling stuck but I feel the Lord has more for me. Seeking prayers for deliverance for this feeling of stuck and break this pattern in my life. My family will be united to work together as the outside forces create confusion and misunderstanding between us. Please pray for that those who cause confusion for our family be removed from our lives. Thank you.

    1. Hi Veera,
      I saw your post above. Let me pray for you.
      Heavenly Father, thank you for Veera and for her desire to move forward. We ask that You will give her wisdom and discernment in her business. Help her break out of the patterns that are holding her down. Protect her and guide her. We ask for sound minds in each of her family members. Amen.

      Karen Stuckey
      Enliven Ministries Team Member

      1. My husband and I have been wanting to move out of state and aren’t quite sure how it would ever work. We prayed about it last night. At 3am I woke up singing “I will make room for you to do whatever you want to.” Before I read this blog, I prayed about moving again and was feeling concerned about finances to do it etc. Not exactly sure what to make of all of this, but I know God is speaking!! Please pray for clarity on God’s will concerning moving. We are also foster parents and that plays a factor as well. Thank you so much!!

        1. You are certainly in a move of the Holy Spirit.
          He will shed light on your path, Melissa, I say amen with you for clarity Isaiah 55 : 9-13

  5. Shalom Prophet of the Lord. Thank you for the encouraging word you sent me. However I’m not sure if weariness and exhaustion is part of the transition or change as well.
    I strongly felt that I have stepped into the season of breakthrough and promises manifesting but suddenly I’m plunged into exhaustion and weariness from waiting for so long.
    I feel like I can’t wait any longer and if I do I’ll go crazy.
    Please lift me in prayer Mama.

    1. Praying for your refreshing, may you know the wind of the Spirit and grace, lifting you up and forward Mangaliso

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