Breakthrough: An Unexpected Move of God is on the Way

Text "Breakthrough, An Unexpected Move of God is on the Way" on image of bridge with treesHave you been praying for a breakthrough recently?
I believe this is a promise for us all to lay hold of right now:
“The Lord will cause your enemies who rise against you to be defeated before your face; they shall come out against you one way and flee before you seven ways.” (Deut 28:7, NKJV)

For God has a “move” with your name on it—and you can have confidence that He has a gift of grace for you, your family, and your circumstances.

God has “Another Move” of Breakthrough

It’s a theme we see throughout the Bible, again and again:

  • The Lord leads His people to face the impossible
  • Then, just when it looks like “game over”, He intervenes with a miracle

When you think about it, God always has “another move” available to Him.
For He is Master of the impossible!

There was Nowhere to Go

Take Moses, for example, leading the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt.

The Egyptian army is pursuing them—and chariots are bearing down on them.
Finally, they are trapped between their enemy and the Red Sea.
There’s literally nowhere to go!

And just when all seems lost, God has another move—one that no one, least of all the chariot riders are expecting.
It’s a pathway through the Red Sea.

Just as He was for Moses, God is present to break us out of our stuck places and release faith, even in impossible circumstances.

It is not “Game Over”

The board game of chess leads to a moment when one player declares, “Checkmate”.
Now, it is “game over”. It means that the most important chess piece—the king—is now cornered. And it’s impossible for you to make another move.

But in the exciting games, where there is a battle of wits, there is an unexpected turn-around!
Perhaps, you make another move, unforeseen by your opponent.
And the outcome changes.

  • Likewise, there are times in life when there doesn’t appear to be a clear way forward
  • It seems we are stuck in some area! And the enemy comes into our situations, and whispers, “Checkmate”

But we serve in a Kingdom that has unlimited power.

And God steps in and He says, “I have another move”, one that no one expected.
And the situation changes.

Because He’s not confined to our “game board”—our earthly boundaries and limitations.
And we can always be confident that our God has moves that we don’t know about.

God Intervenes When We’re Stuck

This has been our own story and our testimony, again and again.

  • That when we have been stuck, with no way forward, God has made a way

And we realize with wonder, the Lord had another move—one we did not expect!
Even when we journey that imperfectly (which we do), and stumble along, He is full of grace to land us in that place of faith and breakthrough. (Psalm 37:23-24)

Today, He is awakening faith in you—and perhaps, He is opening your eyes to see new possibilities.
He wants you to know, that one of His names is, “God of the Breakthrough”. (2 Sam 5:20)

Why are Breakthroughs Delayed Sometimes?

Of course, there are times when we want a breakthrough, but God wants to take us on a journey of transformation.

The difference is, that a breakthrough is sudden, but a transformation is gradual.

  • Transformation takes place over time, during which we cooperate with God

Naturally, we want the “quick fix.” But His higher purpose for us is that we become like Jesus. So, He is working on our character, and taking us from “glory to glory” (2 Cor 3:18)

While this happens, we are increasing in faith, toward the breakthrough.

But here’s a thought for us right now, that I believe is from the Holy Spirit:

  • God has more breakthroughs available to you than you are currently aware of

The Queen was the Key to the Breakthrough

In the book of Esther, one woman stands between a powerful enemy and the preservation of her nation.

The enemy of the Jews, Haman, thinks he has a “Checkmate” in hand, but then Queen Esther moves into place.

And she stands in the gap to petition the king.
The identity of the queen is the key to victory, and Haman doesn’t see it coming.

  • Because God always has another move, and often, an unexpected one

As in Esther’s story, so it is in your own! Your identity, as a royal member of God’s household, and as His child, is the key to a breakthrough.

God has a Breakthrough for You

The Holy Spirit may be speaking to you through this statement right now:

  • God has more breakthroughs available to you than you are currently aware of

So, what is that for you? What is stirring in your heart, that the Holy Spirit is bringing to your attention today? Consider, “What if God has a breakthrough for me, but I haven’t perceived it yet?”
Let’s declare together:
My Father is moving in that situation (name it).
Jesus is working in my family, my ministry…(and whatever else comes to mind)
And He is not through with me yet.
It’s not “game over”, because my God has another move!

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Breakthrough Can Begin with a Prophetic Word

Here’s one of my favorite insights from the Prophetic School:

Many times in the Bible, a massive breakthrough began with a word (or instruction) from God, which is a reminder that at the heart of prophetic ministry is a relationship!
And the prophetic gift is sourced in a Person—the Holy Spirit, for example:

  • In John 16, Jesus introduces the Holy Spirit as a prophetic minister who “will tell you things to come” (John 16:13b)
  • Then, in the book of Acts, the Holy Spirit is clearly attributed to all kinds of prophetic insights and words
  • And Paul tells us that the spiritual gift of prophecy is a “manifestation of the Spirit” (1 Cor 12:7) and that is the Holy Spirit who reveals “the deep things of God” (1 Cor 2:9-16)

My prayer is that those who join me in the Enliven Prophetic School will be anointed by the Holy Spirit and touched by this truth.

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56 thoughts on “Breakthrough: An Unexpected Move of God is on the Way”

  1. Hi,I have been praying for financial breakthrough for almost a year and the half,nothing is been happing but currently I have that strong believe that heaven is working on my request however financial difficulties are all over me like I have been bombarded.Is this a sign of imminent breakthrough?

      1. I have been praying for a break through for debt cancellation for years.
        I am seeing some blessings coming with some debts already cancelled.
        I pray for a break through for the balance of my debts in Jesus name.

      2. Karen from De-la-ware

        Amen, I read the person’s comment and just felt led to stand in agreement with you regarding your prayer request. God has no limitation to what he can do ad sometimes the answer is right in front of our faces, and we can not see it because of our trees we see.

    1. Good morning! Praise God your blogs are always on time. I’m 66 years old and was battling with fear and rejection most of my life. I couldn’t understand why. About 8 months ago I learned that my father was biracial. I received my breakthroughs of why I went through all of that to get to this. God bless you and He is not through with me. Thanks again

  2. Praise King Jesus Helen,
    I bless the Lord for this timely prophetic message.
    I have been in endless battles at work, in December 2022 I was allocated my own sitting space but instead battles this week have intensified, I have played all sorts of “moves” until my enemies gave me a “checkmate” and it seems as if my only way out is to leave the organisation and yet I don’t see where else to go.

    God let your unexpected move come into manifestation. God bring that move that I don’t know about.

    God bless you Woman of God.

    Tracy E.A.

    1. amen to that Tracy, I pray your way will be made clear and you’ll see the open door God has for you

    2. Gifty Aruwajoye

      This message really resonates with me and I believe God is talking to me. I hope I’m not mistaken. I hope it comes to pass .

    1. yes Tumisang
      Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ ~ Eph 1:3

  3. Dr Lixon Chikumbirike

    Glory be to God it has been very impactful. May you please shed more light on the Ministry of the Holy Spirit. I really desire to pray in the Spirit without hindrance, please advise on how I can achieve this heart`s desire.

    1. Gabriel Okpeaye

      Thank u ma for this timely prophetic i received it in Jesus name. God bless u for ur continues insight God increase u from all side Amen…

    2. Dr Lixon, my thoughts, a good place to start is to simply rejoice in the capacity you do have, even in the longing for more, there is something in the things of the Spirit about returning to the attitude of a child
      this post has some insight on “incomplete but good”

      then remembering every blockage is dealt with by Christ’s finished work, gives more reason to rejoice again!
      Abnd I know there may be specific issues (these may benefit from personal counsel), but many will be washed away focusing on the two above points

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