photo of girl standing under a waterfall. Text reads, "WEariness is turning into a heavenly encounter"Recently, I heard the Lord say, “The season of tiredness and weariness is giving way to Heavenly encounters”.

I had the impression of Jesus standing on a mountain, waiting—and this reminded me of the day, He took three of His disciples up on a mountain to pray (Luke 9:27-36).
Luke tells us that instead of praying, the trio was heavy with sleep!
Perhaps, the climb exhausted them—the way may have been arduous, or the day long.

Another reason the disciples were “heavy with sleep”, may have been that they were experiencing the weighty glory of God! (Dan 8:18)
But however it happened, they were stirred awake to a great shining light.
And it was emanating from Jesus!
Peter would later say, “we…were eyewitnesses of His majesty.” (2 Peter 1:16)

It’s Felt Like an Uphill Battle

I believe there are many who—like the three disciples that day—have done their best to follow Jesus and have found themselves on an uphill climb. Perhaps, even an uphill battle!
You have sought to do the right thing, and at times, it’s felt as though you’ve given a great deal of energy into it.

There may have been few opportunities to rest along the way.
Yet it may feel as though you are becoming “weary in well-doing”.

Be encouraged, for you are in a meeting place; a place of Divine appointment!

“…when they were fully awake, they saw His glory”.

Weary in the Waiting

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” (Gal 6:9, NKJV)

Weariness does not always come from working.
Sometimes, weariness comes from waiting.

Jesus tells a parable about a group of bridesmaids who take their lamps to meet the bridegroom (see Matthew 25:1-13).
The hour becomes late and all of them fall into slumber.
Suddenly, at midnight, the bridegroom is announced.

Immediately, the cry rouses them from sleep! But five of them—the ones Jesus calls foolish—have no oil supply for their lamps.
And in their rush to go purchase oil, they miss the bridegroom.

The Game Changer

At the moment of the bridegroom’s appearance, what was the one thing needed?
The problem of the bridesmaids was not their weariness.
It was not in the journey or the length of day.

What was the game changer, the difference maker—that which they needed to encounter the bridegroom?

  • It was the supply of oil

Wake up and Attend to the Oil!”

Jesus’ parable calls to mind a time an angel rouses the prophet Zechariah from sleep!
“Now the angel who talked with me came back and wakened me, as a man who is wakened out of his sleep.” (Zech 4:1, NKJV)

It is a sudden change of state—from being zoned out, to being awake!

And I believe that just as the angel roused Zechariah, this is the time Jesus is calling to each of us:
“Beloved, awake! Pay attention!”

If you have been feeling weary, or low, know that God is extending His kindness toward you.
For there is a gift in the presence of God for you.

He sees the Move of the Holy Spirit

Once Zechariah is awake, the angel says, “What do you see?”

Now, he’s alert, and Zechariah has a vision of flowing oil (Zech 4:2-4).
He is seeing the move of the Holy Spirit!
We know the oil represents the Holy Spirit, for God goes on to declare, “It’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.” (Zech 4:6)

The Holy Spirit is God in His glorious presence with you.

He is the difference-maker, the game-changer.
“It’s not by might, nor by power.” No amount of human energy or willpower can bring about Kingdom results, for they can only come about by His Spirit.

Today, see His glory in you, with you—and before you.

“I am Your Supply”

God’s anointing in you has not been “used up”. You are only beginning to tap into the fullness of what He has for you.
Now, His anointing is being released!
It’s like when olives are pressed, and the oil flows forth.
That pressure you have experienced—that weariness—is not emptying you.
Instead, God is using that pressure, to bring forth an abundance of fresh oil.
You do not need to run on empty, for God says, “I AM your supply.”

Now, that season of weariness is giving way to a heavenly encounter.

Happy Birthday, Enliven Blog!

This week is the 13th anniversary of Enliven Blog.
When I started blogging on 30th July 2009, I didn’t know if I could write beyond a few weeks. It is surely a miracle and a testimony to the Holy Spirit’s “supply of oil” that 13 years later, the Lord is using this platform to reach so many.
These days, my greatest desire for every post is that through it, readers will encounter Jesus and fall in love with Him. And secondly, that they will fall in love with God’s Word.

This year 2022 I have reduced the blog cycle to two posts per month. And this has given me some much-needed breathing space personally, and for other creative projects, like the one below.

A huge thanks to my husband Malcolm, to those who are on my board and team—and to all who have partnered and donated during the past year. You are the unseen champions and I’m grateful.

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44 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: From Weariness to a Heavenly Encounter”

  1. This is a timely and much needed word. I was just commenting to someone how weary I am. I have been waiting for the fulfillment of a promise and it has been a struggle of late to keep the proper perspective. The urge to “throw in the towel” has been overwhelming; the hiss of “Did God say..?” has been a daily tune in my ear.

    This was “cold water to a weary soul”. Thank you.

    1. May you feel the warm wrapping of His mantle (the Father’s favor) around you Patrick!
      (I deleted the double post, happens a lot 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary to enliven blog.Thank you Helen for encouraging me not to become weary and tired in God’s work. Last night i head a dream ,In the dream i saw the world being destroyed by fire.The fire was moving very fast and it was like a volcano with huge flames ,Houses ,trees, mountains and people were destroyed ,covered by the flames ,it was like a wave of fire , People were running away , trying to hide but it was useless because the wave was moving very fast .Before the fire reached our house i woke up. I was scared , i am praying for the meaning of the dream , Pray for me Helen.

  3. Hallow Helen, please pray for me I am tired as we speak, there are many things on the way, I feel weak and it’s been a while since I heard the voice of Lord speaking to me.

  4. Francie Robertson

    To Helen and all at ENLIVEN!!!
    Most importantly thank you again and again for your God breathed, HOLY SPIRIT inspired Words of hope and encouragement and love!
    LORD JESUS You are MAGNIFIED every time. God has continued to USE you to also LEAD us and to HELP us know the very next steps to take (direction in wisdom) on our pathway. I wish I had been more communicative but know this NOT one of your messages have been missed! Especially when God gives his children exactly what His other children need at any one time. It’s always life changing!
    Many joyful returns for this day and every day really

  5. Charlotte Northen

    Thank You! Helen for this Now word…It has encouraged & lift me up. Have been in the wine pressing & waiting patiently for His plum line revelation. Pls. pray for me as the Holy Spirit leads. “May God make all grace abound to you, so that in all things, at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” (2nd Corinthians 9:8)

  6. Dennis L. Wade

    Dear Sister Helen
    Reading Zechariah 4, the Holy Spirt focused my attention on vs. 7. The capstone is the finished product. God has the end already in sight regardless of the weariness, regardless of the struggles, regardless of the pain, and disappointments. The journey ends with God yelling out “Grace; grace to it” which speaks of the crowning of all that we go through! His Grace is far-reaching and endures through all of the struggles of life. The songwriter says, “My soul looks back in wonder how I got over.” It’s through His grace we finish the race!

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