“I am giving you treasures in the darkness—and these will be a testimony in the light.”

As I’ve been praying this week, the Holy Spirit has reminded me of a prophetic vision I received many years ago. [1]

One in which God reveals that He is already operating within our scene.
And He is reminding us of His promises.
Or as Peter describes them, “exceedingly great and precious promises.”

Like a Heavenly Palace

Night view of forest with quote, "God is giving you treasures in the darkness"In this encounter with God, I was walking through a dark, cave-like tunnel. It had rough, stony walls, and there was no end in sight.
And yet, I was walking in wonder. Because there were jewel stones, embedded in the walls of this cave.

These were of many different colors, and each one glowed with an unearthly light. They were treasures of Heaven. And such was the wonder presented by each one, that this dark place felt like a heavenly palace.

The vision changed, and I saw a large fishing net being cast out across the water. And that net was covered with the same glowing jewels. They appeared in every knot and corner!
I knew many fish were coming to this net because they were attracted to the brightly shining gems.

God Says, “I Occupy that Space”

If this vision stirs you, hear the Lord saying:

“I am giving you treasures in the darkness—and these will be a testimony in the light.
And many shall see My wonders and I will draw them into the net of My grace.

So, you shall see that I already occupy the hidden and dark places. I have gone before you, even in those places so deep, that you do not know how you can emerge.
But you will emerge, for My hand is upon you.”

David Sings of God’s Deliverance

Umpherston CaveDavid‘s first place of refuge, when he was on the run from King Saul, was a stronghold known as “the cave of Adullam” (1 Samuel 22).
This is where David wrote Psalm 57.

And in its verses, David cries out for God’s mercy. He declares his trust in God—even in the face of his enemies’ hateful words and pursuit. There, in that dark place, David sings of God’s deliverance. And he finishes his song with these closing words of praise:

“Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; Let Your glory be above all the earth.” (Psalms 57:5, 11 NKJV) [2]

A Testimony that Touches Many

David’s heartfelt cry for mercy, together with his praise to God, reaches us today.
We have been in a prolonged time of crisis, globally—and for many of us, locally.
Even personally.

There is power in recalling the Lord’s personal promises to you and your family.
For these living words will be active and powerful as you speak them.
And what happens next, will be a testimony that touches many.

Courage to Move Forward

Hear Jesus say, “You will behold My face in the night. And you will receive the gift of My courage to continue to move forward.

Even the small nuggets of truth that you discover in this season, will become the greatest of treasures. And you will carry these onwards.

Now, you will know that I have spoken for you and reserved you for Myself. For I have marked you for greatness.
And you are held by Me and I will not let you go.”

Your Past Word Bears New Fruit

It’s amazing how a dream or vision from God, like the one I’ve described today, can be pertinent when you receive it.
And in that space of time, it is a comfort.
But then, later, that word returns to you, bearing new fruit. [2]

Now, you realize that vision has been held in reserve. And the passing years have only served to grow that word and increase its value!
For it has been kept—as you have—for such a time as this.

“I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the LORD, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.” (Isaiah 45:3 NKJV)

Notes & Related Posts:

[1] When I describe a vision I’ve seen, it’s usually a vivid impression in my mind’s eye (in this case also “hearing”), accompanied by a strong sense of God’s Presence—I’m not speaking of an “open” (physical) vision. I believe all prophetic words, encounters, and visions should be compatible with Scripture and need to be weighed up.—also see 8 Ways to Grow In Prophetic Visions and Pictures

[2] My husband Malcolm was visiting Umpherston Cave in South Australia a couple of days after I wrote this—he was on a business trip and did not know about my study! This photo is taken from just inside the mouth [entrance] of the cave and I think it’s wonderful. Even “the mouth” is prophetic)

[3] See the post, Prophecy: “This Prophetic Word is for Right Now!”

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53 thoughts on “Prophetic Vision: God is Giving You Treasures in the Darkness”

  1. I just woke from a dream, where my unsaved, grown children were in our old home, and I hadn’t been there overnight. Someone had broken in and the house was dark. I said “never again” before waking up. I began to pray for them after waking and found this in my email–I’m trusting the Lord to do what only He can do, while i do what I can. I trust him to give us hidden treasures in darkness.

    1. I love that declaration “never again” as a word of warfare over your family – I say amen with you Heather that you will see those treasures restored – and that those treasures in your home and family – gifts, salvation, Divine destinies, are held safe and intact and will be revealed in this season

        1. Lynette Rampersaud

          This is a confirmation of what Father God, has been saying to me. Yes Lord, I received this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

    2. Heather let God do the work – what you can do is simply obey : Psalm 46:10 GOD’S WORD Translation vs10
      Let go of your concerns!
      Then you will know that I am God.
      I rule the nations.
      I rule the earth
      Rest in His Promise that He that began a good work will complete it!

  2. Good morning Prophetess, I relate to your vision and post. I had a similar dream or
    Vision not so detailed. I saw over a River
    All colors of the rainbow really rich in color, on top of the River/ Sea. But on top of the colors was written lettering in a
    Sentence in which I was unable to make
    It out. I looked intently at it but I’m not
    Sure of it’s reading. I was amazed it was
    In lettering on the River/Sea. I woke up.

  3. Thank you. I needed this reminder. I had a similar dream in 2007 that shed light on a very challenging ‘time of restriction’ I was going through. Eventually the restriction lifted and I was left with treasures that became a blessing to others. It seems like such a time again and I needed to be reminded that this also is ‘unto a purpose’.

  4. Praise king Jesus Helen,
    This below message has pierced so deep in my heart, soul, spirit and has brought a well of tears in my eyes.

    “Now, you will know that I have spoken for you and reserved you for Myself. For I have marked you for greatness.
    And you are held by Me and I will not let you go.”

    “I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the LORD, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel.” (Isaiah 45:3 NKJV)”

    God bless you Woman of God

    Tracy E.A

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