"Judah: God is calling His leaders out of hiding" text with image of lion's faceAre you a leader who has been waiting in the wings? You may have been preparing for your destiny as a leader or influencer. Yet right now, you do not know how it will unfold.  I believe we are entering a time when unexpected leaders, like Judah, will suddenly emerge!

Some of these leaders have been through traumas, abuse, and even failures. But they have been marked by God ahead of time.

And while this may seem to be a sudden promotion, as we look back, we will realize the Holy Spirit has been working all along.

The prophetic signs are there, like markers on a trail. And God’s leaders, who have been hidden in the shadows, will be seen by all.

Jacob and Judah: The Power of a Father’s Blessing

Recently, I have been writing about Judah. [1]
And as the book of Genesis draws to a close, Jacob has called his twelve sons together, to bring his final, patriarchal blessing—it is a weighty, significant moment.

Jacob condemns his firstborn, Reuben, for instability. “You shall not excel” (Gen 49:4)
Next, Jacob passes over his second and third-born sons, Simeon and Levi. “Instruments of cruelty”, he declares.

But then, Jacob’s attention turns to Judah.

“Judah, you are he whom your brothers shall praise;
Your hand shall be on the neck of your enemies;
Your father’s children shall bow down before you.
(Gen 49:8, NKJV)

Lessons from Judah’s Unexpected Rise to Leadership

1. You Have Been Chosen by God Ahead of Time

“Judah…Your father’s children shall bow down before you.”
Jacob prophesies the firstborn blessing—passing on the baton of family leadership to Judah—who is not his eldest son.
He is not even second or third in line.
Judah is fourth-born.

And being a fourth-born son, Judah was never going to be the obvious choice for a first-born legacy! (Deut 21:17)
Yet now, through Jacob, God says to him, “My hand is on you now. It’s a tipping point moment!”

Judah: “Now I will Praise the Lord!”

Looking back, we can see that Judah was God’s sovereign choice, marked by the Holy Spirit from birth. His mother Leah named her fourth son Judah, meaning “praise”, declaring, “Now I will praise the Lord” (Gen 29:35).

And just as God marked him for greatness, you also are chosen by God.

By grace, you have overcome great odds.
Today, you can hear the prophetic song the Father is singing over your life. He says, “I see you. I choose you!”

But wait—on a side note:

Why Judah—Why Doesn’t Jacob Choose Joseph?

If Jacob is going to disqualify his natural firstborn and the two subsequent sons, why doesn’t he choose Joseph?
After all, even though he is second to youngest, Joseph has been God’s instrument to save Israel and the whole region from famine!
And Joseph is the one who dreamed of greatness from the beginning (Gen 37).
The sun, moon, and stars will bow down to you. Your family will be subject to you.

  • In Egypt, the brothers have already bowed before Joseph (Gen 43:26)
  • That prophetic dream has been fulfilled

Now, God is preparing the family to be led by Judah. And so, Judah becomes the holder of a spiritual legacy that ultimately brings forth the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

2. God’s Grace Covers Your Past Mistakes

While Judah did have leadership ability, he also had a chequered past. His early choices seem to disqualify him from having a leading role in the family. [2]

He wasn’t “worthy” to an observer. Not by our standards.
But he was chosen by God.

You know that it takes extra courage to be who you are created and called to be—especially when you’ve had a background that says, you are everything BUT! Yet this is what our God specializes in. This is what He does! He’s got you covered!

Perhaps, like Judah, you had a rough start, but now, you are on track.
Now, you have a dawning revelation: for it’s not about what you deserve.
You are God’s sovereign choice.

3. As an Emerging Leader, You are a Work in Progress

Jacob continues his blessing over Judah:
“Judah is a lion’s whelp;
From the prey, my son, you have gone up.
He bows down, he lies down as a lion;
And as a lion, who shall rouse him?” (Gen 49:9, NKJV)

As we read the story leading up to this moment, we can see a gradual shift.
Jacob is relying on Judah increasingly for the leadership of his tribe.

For example, Judah organized the provision of food during the famine. He was instrumental in his family’s reconciliation with Joseph (Gen 43-44).
Then, when Jacob was moving the family to Egypt, he sent Judah ahead to prepare the way.

“As they neared their destination, Jacob sent Judah ahead to meet Joseph and get directions to the region of Goshen.” (Gen 46:28, NLT)

Like Judah, Faithfully Serving

So, Judah has been an emerging leader; and his character has also been maturing.
Now, God is revealing the greatness within him all along.

Can you identify with being a leader-in-waiting, like Judah was? There are many whom God has chosen to be at the forefront—yet at this time, are faithfully serving in support roles.

Jacob called Judah “a lion’s whelp.” Be encouraged, for you are the offspring of the “Lion of Judah”—Jesus Christ (Rev 5:5)!
You too are growing and emerging into your royal identity. It may take time, but it is a process, and God says, “It is good!”

4. The Power of Your Leadership is in Obedience

Consistently after Jacob’s prophetic blessing, Judah takes first place.
The tribe of Judah leads the way—and always in obedience to God.

This becomes true for generations to come and we learn, “the standard of the camp of the children of Judah set out first according to their armies…” (Num 10:12-14 NKJV)
In the book of Judges, the tribe of Judah leads in front during major battles (Judges 1:1-2, Judges 20:18).
And after Joshua’s passing, the first significant spiritual leadership of Israel is based in Judah. Caleb’s nephew Othniel, of the tribe of Judah, becomes Israel’s first judge!
Of course, much later, King David emerges from Judah.

Ultimately, Jacob’s prophecy over Judah points toward Christ!

As Judah Was, You are Marked by God

Judah—named for praise—and a story that brings forth wonder and praise.
Today, I pray it brings you awe, as it has done for me. May my brief sketch cause you to hunger for God’s Word, to study it for yourself.
And may you know God has chosen you. You are anointed by the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice, for you, the unexpected one, are being revealed. You are the offspring of the Lion of Judah.
You are marked by God for greatness!


[1] The Judah Series includes:

[2] Judah’s journey reveals evident problems: for example, his role in Joseph’s banishment to slavery in Egypt. (Gen 37:17-36) His dealings with his daughter-in-law Tamar (Gen 38)

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51 thoughts on “Judah: God is Calling His Leaders Out of Hiding”

  1. Praise King Jesus Helen,
    I believe the holy spirit is connecting me so much to point 4. in regards to obeying Gods every instruction every day and also being led to the forefront to handle ministry related tasks.
    I have been through traumas, abuse, failures and Jesus is teaching me to wholly rely on me.
    I pray for more grace and strength.

    God bless you, keep you and make his face shine upon you Woman of God.

    Tracy E. A.

    1. Hi Tracy, I say amen to more grace and strength, you are growing richer in God’s Word and in freedom every day.

  2. This is such a good word. I’ve experienced barrenness, widowhood, failures, family estrangement, but I am seeing now in mid-life where the Lord has been turning it all around for good, and the emotional turmoil that I have experienced is increasingly helping me to help others. I really relate to points 2 and 3. Blessings to you – your articles are always very encouraging.

    1. Thank you, Aria
      What a powerful testimony, may the river of God’s goodness and grace to touch many continually flow and increase from you. I pray and believe with you for this to be a time of reaping and joy in your life (Psalm 126) <3

  3. Just wanted to comment on this word but also another word you said recently also about praise. A couple of weeks ago my friend and his wife were driving and his wife said God whispered my name to her twice. And she said she thought God was saying that praise is the key to your blessings and breakthru. And i think the next day your email came about praise. So, i think that your em was confirmation of what my friends wife told me. Second on this em today abt hidden ones my spoke to me this word , who had alzheimers in 2013 that there is a call of God on your life what are you going to do about it. Then yesterday i thought i heard this whisper of God if you will , that now is time for this fulfillment. Something like that, coming to pass. Then your email, and a couple of months ago during worship this word or thought came to me, appointments. Bringing to pass, new assignments. So, i just believing what you are saying is correct. Now is the time for destines to be brought to pass, appointments. 1 Corinthians 12 verse 4,5,6. There are these words diversities and differences, and another translation for each of these words is appointments. So, in this hour i am agreeing with your word.

    1. I love all of that, John! And diversities and differences, as you say. Our God is so creative and we are each His masterpiece with a unique calling.
      He is moving with you in a significant way. I feel this is a time to enjoy our relationship with Him, delight in encountering Him and His Word, and that opportunities will break out of our prayer, praise and simply being amazed in worship. 🙂

      1. thanks for your response. Just a couple months ago i heard this word during worship Perth, Australia. And this is before i had heard of some of the things going on in Australia. Maybe something is going to birth in Perth, that will effect the nation in good way against the tyranny. i think God is setting up things, and changing things. Moving over the nations like in Genesis. In my own church with all that has happened over the last two years God has grown it. And now people are asking what next?

  4. I feel this WORD came to me directly.
    In my dreams last night, a man of God (priest) was inside Anglican church calling me who was hiding and trying to hide outside the church. But he kept calling on me. Finally I answered him. He said there’s a work for me. He gave me a name of a town saying “I’m sending you to ‘Ovu Ukwu’ in ihiagwa (a town In my state).
    I woke up, while i was praying, slept back and saw one of the leading pastors in my country talking to me about my dream. I was asking him about something touching the dream I had and he said IT WAS WHAT I PRAYED FOR. I was confused and asked him to explain further.

    He told me to come back later. I was afraid because letting him go at that moment was a difficult thing for me due to the fact that not everyone has access to the man of God (it was a big privilege and at the same time an opportunity I don’t want to lose). I begged him to permit to talk to his body guard to grant me access to him when next I come. He pointed at me and told his body guards to grant me access whenever I come again.

    I entered a car driven by a woman with a another lady and a guy at the rear seat.
    The lady behind the steering wheel was trying to explain what the man of said but She stammered so badly that I couldn’t hear anything.
    The car dropped me along the way, I came down and walked towards the road leading to my house, then woke up.

    Please mum, does this relate with this prophecy??

    1. Hello Kingsley, it sounds to me that God is awakening a hunger in you to seek Him for greater clarity.
      I love that He gives us these dreams when we are going after understanding, but never quite get there (in the dream)! He is calling us to be seekers.
      Be encouraged!
      And what I’d do (if I felt some specific guidance was coming up) would be to go to a trusted leader and talk about what I believe God is instructing me to do. Because part of the mystery of dreams is that the timeline can relate to now or years later!

  5. Amen glory to God. I believe the whole message resonate with me, I am God’s work in progress and He has covered my past with His grace. I’m also being obedient to His instructions even though I went through a lot but I know God loves me. I feel the shoes are too big for me but with God nothing is impossible.

    1. Amen to all of that Nondumiso. God is doing a good work in and through you. He loves that your heart is set on Him!
      Indeed, with Jesus nothing is impossible

  6. As I read this I realized that I am the 4th child and my name given at birth: Gloria, also means glory!! Some time ago someone prophesy ” God says, His praise is in you.” This resonates with me right now because my start has been very rocky and I have been asking God, “Who do I serve? What is Your Purpose for me?”

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