Praise: Weariness is Giving Birth to Praise ~ Leah’s Story

Weariness is giving birth to praise. "Now I will praise the Lord" text on image of worship with hands raisedThis word about praise is not only true for God’s people throughout the ages, it is a timely insight for right now!

And I believe this one speaks of a move of the Holy Spirit—of a “garment of praise” the Father has available for each of us at this time. (see Isaiah 61:3)

It will be a sign for many.
This move of God will be experienced personally, and it will be seen corporately.

God is turning weariness into praise. 

“Now I will praise the Lord”

I was doing a deep-dive study into the story of Judah recently when the Holy Spirit interrupted me with a prophetic word.

As 2022 draws near, the words of Leah will be your words:
“Now I will praise the LORD”.

“And she[Leah] conceived again and bore a son, and said, “Now I will praise the LORD.” Therefore she called his name Judah…” (Gen 29:35a NKJV)

The name “Judah” means praise. [1]

Your Praise Marks a Tipping Point

I first received this word for a group I was ministering to, but it has continued to grip me and won’t let go!
“Now I will praise the LORD”.

That Hebrew word, “NOW”. It’s like a stroke, a beat. [2] It’s just like we would say—“at the stroke of midnight”. And then it arrives.
Suddenly, it’s NOW!

  • The Lord wants you to know that it is time—right now is the very moment—to praise Him

This praise does not come from your personal effort. It is being released as you simply let the Holy Spirit flow through you!

Regardless of what you’re seeing or hearing, and in the face of all that is contrary, your praise marks a tipping point.

“… Therefore, she called his name Judah…”

Weariness will Give Birth to Praise

The name “Leah” means weary and originates from a Hebrew word that means to tire, to be impatient, to be grieved, or offended! (Strong’s H3812)

It seems that Leah’s name described her identity and the pervasive attitude around her life.

  • And I believe it is a word that could describe much of Christendom at this time

So, if you can relate to weariness—or if there has been grievance in the atmosphere around you—let the Spirit of God lift your heart in expectation.

For you will see weariness give birth to praise.
2022: “Now I will praise the LORD”

You are Favored by God

Perhaps the greatest miracle in this story—and the one we usually miss—is the transformation that takes place in Leah herself!

Up until now, Leah has experienced great pain and rejection, as an unloved wife.
She has always been treated as inferior—but now, Leah emerges in her own right. And she realizes with wonder, “I am favored by God!”

So, she declares her new sense of identity with the words:
“Now I will praise the LORD”

From “Not Yet” to “NOW”

Many of us can relate to this Scripture: “Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; for I shall yet praise Him, the help of my countenance and my God.” (Psalms 42:11 NKJV)

So often, we get stuck in this place. And it may especially be true of the pandemic season:

“For I shall yet praise Him”.

We are dreaming of a day when there is momentum again, or change happens, or when we see a promise fulfilled.

But there comes a moment.
A tipping point.

“Now I will praise the LORD”

  • It’s no longer about something you’re waiting for, it’s about something you’re watching God do.

And you’re participating with Him; you are cooperating with favor.

The Day has Come to Prioritize praise

Judah was the fourth-born son in the family—at that time, he was not expected to become the family leader.

And for some of us, praise has been like the “fourth born child” in this story.

We are looking in every other direction for a breakthrough, and God says, “The day has come to prioritize praise.
For praise will lead the way!”

A Declaration of Intention to Praise

Praise—it’s what separates us from everybody else.

So, right here and now, let us decide, to be marked by one thing above all.
Praise is the one thing that the best and finest in the world’s eyes could never understand.
It will cause us to be a sign and a wonder:

“No matter what happens, I will praise My God.
In the busy times, in the blessed times, or in the hard times, I will praise Him.
During building times, I praise Him. And in the waiting season, I praise Him.

In times of acceleration, I will praise Him.
And during the victory, I will praise Him.
If recognition or acclaim is coming my way, I will praise Him.
Or when the world is criticizing me, I will praise Him.

Even in the face of all that is contrary, in loss or in pain, I still praise Him.
This is my story, and this is my stand—that no matter what happens, I choose to praise Jesus.

“Now I will praise the LORD”.

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[1] Judah [H3063]—praise, or praised, celebrated. From H3034 literally to hold out the hand.
Especially to revere or worship with extended hands.

[2] Strong’s H3812 H3811

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9 thoughts on “Praise: Weariness is Giving Birth to Praise ~ Leah’s Story”

  1. Hello Helen,
    Thank you for posting this beautiful encouraging message.
    I believe it is a timely beckoning to lavish God with Praise and give thanks to HIM as the end of this year, which was an arduous journey for many, draws nigh. Much appreciated. God bless you richly and bountifully.

  2. Thank you so much for this timely message Helen. Live long.
    This kind of intentional praise does not come from my personal effort. It is being released as I simply let the Holy Spirit flow through me!
    I deliberately choose to praise. The other message on prophetic praise was timely as I experienced a miracle there and then as I read your message and praised over my expectation. Praise overcame anxiety and boom! The LORD did it. Hallelujah.

    1. Hi Naomi, Happy New Year 2022!
      Amen to that – may His praise be as a glorious garment and banner over your life

  3. Wow praise the Lord, I just read this article tonight and it confirmed the Word in this blog; hallelujah! God is good all the time!

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