God’s power is coming upon you, as you surrender to Him

I believe God is bringing peace to those who have unresolved situations.
It may have seemed lately as though you have been in a fiery trial, but you are about to see His hand at work—His power is coming upon you!

And what He has designed all along, will come into view.

A “Sign Moment”

The Anvil: there is power in your surrender“Arise and go down to the potter’s house, and there I will cause you to hear My words.” Then I went down to the potter’s house, and there he was, making something at the wheel.” (Jeremiah 18:2-3, NKJV)

I stopped in front of the anvil, and caught my breath, amazed!
For it was the very one I had seen in a prophetic vision, a week earlier.

At the time, we were in the countryside ministering and had a short lunch break.
So, I said to my husband Malcolm, “Let’s pay a quick visit to the Murray River!”

That’s when we entered the blacksmith’s shop in the historic Port of Echuca.
It had seemed to be a spontaneous idea. A whim!
But we walked into a “sign moment”.

My Mind was Elsewhere

An anvil is a heavy iron block. It’s designed so that metal can be hammered and shaped on it.

And we watched, as the blacksmith took a metal rod and laid it in the fire until it was glowing and pliable.
It was ready to be placed on the anvil—where it could be hammered into shape.

Now, to be honest, I was listening to the blacksmith chatting—but my mind was elsewhere.
Back one week earlier, standing in our home church.

The Cost of Revival

It was Sunday, the week before, and Pastor Russell Evans had just finished preaching on “The Cost of Revival”.

As we returned to worship, I found myself in a vivid encounter with the Holy Spirit.
A blacksmith’s anvil was directly in front of me!

This was a prophetic vision.
But in this vision, I wasn’t standing. My whole body was draped over that anvil in a posture of complete surrender. [1,2]

I knew at that moment that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about what I’d just heard about the “cost of revival”.

But I never anticipated standing in front of an actual anvil, a week later!

There is Power in your Surrender

“Lord, come move. Come, visit us.
Have your way.
Bring revival!”

Sometimes, the very outcome we are praying for, calls for a personal response.
And I believe for all of us right now, God says, “Beloved, you are a part of My answer.”

Being “on the anvil” speaks of an attitude of surrender. Of holding nothing back from God.

And as I’ve been writing about this, the example of Samuel is coming to mind.

Samuel Took Time Out

It was a tough experience for a prophet to go through. The prophet Samuel anointed Saul as king of Israel, but early into his reign, King Saul failed.

  • Everything Samuel invested into Saul was lost, through the new king’s weakness of character
  • And worse still—Saul was acting in blatant rebellion against God

After pronouncing God’s judgment on Saul, Samuel stepped out of public life for a while, grieving and disappointed.

In that season, the prophet was struggling with the loss of a vision.
But there was hope, for God knew what was up ahead.

The Blacksmith has a Vision

That day we stood in the blacksmith’s shop, we saw only a plain metal rod in the fire. But the blacksmith saw a finished article. He had a vision in mind; it was one of his own designs!

Likewise, Samuel may have been through a fire, but he was on God’s anvil. And God had a plan!
Finally, there came a day when God spoke to the prophet again.
“How long will you mourn over Saul? …Fill your horn with oil, and go…” ( 1 Sam 16:1)

It was time to anoint David.

God is Working in Your Unresolved Situations

For some of you reading this, the “anvil” has a particular meaning.

God wants you to know, He is working in those unresolved situations.
You’ve been in the fire, and you don’t know the purpose for it.
You don’t have all the answers.

You may relate to the story of Samuel.
And perhaps there are “loose ends”. Your situation—whether it is recent or in the past—is not clear-cut.

There is Power in Your Surrender

In the anvil, is a message from your loving Heavenly Father.
And you realize, the point is surrender!
He wants you to surrender, even before you understand.
And to say, “Lord, even if I never understand why this happened, I choose to yield to you.”

Sometimes, being “on the anvil” means you are not available to something else, for a season.
There is a cost.
But there is power in your trust!

God is Giving You Strength Through Trust

It is trust that will keep you on God’s anvil.
Yes, your trust in people may have been damaged along the way—but you can receive a new trust.
For trust in God is not a feeling; it is a position. A choice.
And a gift!

The enemy has sought to rob from many, the gift of trust—by attaching conditions to it.
“God, if I see this, or if you do this, I’ll trust you.”
Or, “If I feel trust, I will know I have it.”

But this trust—the trust that keeps you on God’s anvil—is in a Person.
You can trust Jesus, the One Who laid His life down for you.

Out of the Fire

The anvil is your “yes” to God.

And being “in the fire” speaks of two things:

  • You may have been through a recent trial and can relate to “feeling the heat”
  • But also, God is inviting you into the fire of His Presence

Here, in His glory, He is purifying and preparing you.

And right here on the anvil—as you lay vulnerable but ready—is where revival begins.

“For You, O God, have tested us; You have refined us as silver is refined…We went through fire and through water; But You brought us out to rich fulfillment.” (Psalms 66:10-12, NKJV)

[1] Our home church is Planetshakers in Melbourne, Australia
[2] How I receive visions:
When I describe a vision I’ve seen, it’s usually a vivid impression in my mind’s eye, accompanied by a strong sense of God’s Presence. I’m not speaking of an “open” (physical) vision. I believe all prophetic words, encounters and visions should be compatible with Scripture and need to be weighed up.

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40 thoughts on “The Anvil: There is Power in Your Surrender”

  1. Dear,
    Helen I received this prophetic message because this day I’m Going same situation thanks god giving this prophetic words .Thanks Helen I get encouragement with god’s blessings words. To move forward in my life.
    Thanks Helen god bless you and your family God is always with you .

  2. Ginnerva Hernandez

    What a timely word, thank you so much for being a vessel used by God to share and encourage me. I needed to read this. God has been working in me and just like Samuel I have to keep going trusting Jesus even though I don’t understand.

  3. Thank you for your insightful teaching, messages of encouragement and prophetic words. “There is power in your surrender” flowed through my spirit as I read that section. I have been going through a process of surrendering for the last 15 months or so. At first it came with some resistance on my part as I was letting go, but more recently surrendering has come with God’s generous measure of grace and ease. Also, what came to my remembrance was seven or so years ago when the word “forge” came to me often after I moved to a different neighbourhood (where I settled until I relocated last year). I enjoy reading your prophetic words and experiencing a sense of knowing as I go into them. I am grateful for your ministry. God bless you and your loved ones.
    p.s. My father lived in Perth, Australia, after WW2, so one day I hope to travel there to retrace some of his steps.

  4. Lerato Mapekula

    Really powerful! To God Be The Glory! This came at the very time when I’m experiencing such trials and persecution in my life, and couldn’t understand why. Thank you Helen and may God continue to use you in amazing ways.
    Please, I never get the free e-book after I had signed in, please send it to me.

    Faithfully yours in Christ.
    Lerato, from South Africa

  5. Praise the Lord, Helen for this timely message. I was praying yesterday about a vision in my dream recently which I did not fully understand and also asking the Lord how to write skillfully to the person – my sister. Lo and behold, your email came and I was awe by God’s swiftness to my prayer. The vision I saw was similar to that of your anvil description except I was watching it and giving my advice to a young lady in class whose hair was half straight and half curly, that she should perm all her hair. While on my left side, I saw a man in his seat hammering away another man’s hair (he was on his knees)
    to make curls or to get it permed. Wow! After I read your blog, I received clearer interpretation for my dream vision and will forward your blog to her. Thank you for your ministry, Helen. It’s true that God wants to bring peace to her unresolved issues and is calling her to surrender her will to God to hammer the “loose ends” into permanent shapes. This is my prayer for her. Thank you and bless you, Helen.

  6. Betty Mickles

    Greetings Helen, what a powerful inspiring also insightful word. It speaks to
    Me of some the thing’s I’ve been sensing
    Not quite understanding what’s going on.
    I do appreciate your help and the Holy
    Spirits guiding me to your ministry.
    I feel a connection. I am going to attend the school for the intercessor I know it
    Will be helpful. Thank you.

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