Have you found it difficult to move on from a past season?
Or, perhaps you feel as though there is some unfinished business.

If this sounds familiar, hear God say, “I am making room for you!
I have freedom and favor for you, now and in the future!
This is your time to flourish and be fruitful.”

The “Soul Tie” I Was Unaware of

Eagle flying, tent pegs, you can be free of soul ties from past seasons“Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away…the winter is past, the rain is over and gone.” (Song of Solomon 2:10,11 NKJV)

In the post, “The Holy Spirit is Coming to Your Room”, I tell the story of how the Spirit’s power flowed into our living room in 2018.
At the time, I was watching a live stream of our church service!

I was unaware that deep in my heart, I was still bound to a past season—until God suddenly revealed it and set me free.

Just a few weeks earlier, my husband, Malcolm had received prayer to break off a soul tie, regarding a past prophetic vision.
But I never imagined it applied to me!

Pull up ALL of the Tent Pegs

A season is like the chapter of a book—it has a beginning, a middle, and an end! Then eventually, a new chapter opens.

This is where we can learn from the tent-dwellers of the Bible, and tents today.
A tent is secured, when we connect it to the ground with cords. And these are held in place with tent pegs (or stakes).
Then, when we move on, it is time to pull ALL of the tent pegs out of the ground!

Of course, ties and tent pegs of the heart can be healthy, necessary, and powerful. For example:

  • Loyalty, love, and service are qualities that create a deep connection
  • Relationships form bonds and are a crucial part of our lives
  • And then, there is commitment and responsibility

In addition to this, those of us who are intercessors labor in prayer. We may travail to bring God’s purposes to birth.
If you are a prayer warrior, you will know your ministry creates a close, heartfelt bond.

But when God calls us to move on, it is time to pull up the tent pegs of the past and let those cords go.
For new things are up ahead—our Father has more for us!

A Spiritual “Umbilical Cord”

Soul ties, like tent cords and pegs, can run deep.
On that day the power of God came upon me, I felt that He severed a hidden “umbilical cord”. This was from the 16 years my husband and I served a mission organization.
We believed it was a life calling—but instead, it was a chapter that suddenly closed in 2004.

I mention this, because it may be helpful for someone:

  • God often uses ministries, leaders, and ministry relationships, to birth and grow new things in our lives

And just as an umbilical cord connects an unborn baby to its life support system, we may be nurtured and fed spiritually through a ministry, or mentors for a period.

This can also apply to work, and places we have lived, where our identity was nourished and affirmed.

If you relate to being in a new season, hear the Lord say, “I have a new source of supply for you! I have an abundance for you!”

5 Keys to Cut a Soul Tie from a Past Season

1. Recognize it is Operating in the Background

When a “soul-tie” from a past season is operating, it can work as an underlying code. It’s like inner programming!

  • That code may be operating in the background
  • Perhaps, it is pulling us off track or stalling us
  • As a result, we are unable to fully move with the fresh thing God is doing

This is because deep within, we are still tracking with the old!
How? We have a tent peg located in the past.
It may have been right and good once, but now, it is time to release it!

And when the Holy Spirit reveals this to us, it’s not bad news—it is good news! It has come to the surface to be removed.
Be assured that what God is revealing, He is healing.

2. Turn Your Heart’s Desire Towards Jesus!

One of the great commands in Scripture is:
“You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.” (Deut 6:5 NKJV)

Think about, what “all our soul” means!
When we love Him with all our heart, soul, and strength, other loves are second to Him. And the One who is with us means more to us than the past that is behind us.

In the Song of Songs, the Shulamite maiden declares, “I will seek him whom my soul loveth”. (SOS 3:2b, KJV).

This is where your healing journey starts—in your relationship with Jesus. You realize He is wonderful, He is delightful, and He is glorious.

Hear God say, “Come, be with Me. Let My love and power dissolve every tie to a past season.”

And I believe there is such a power of the Spirit at this time—even at this moment—that bands are simply dissolving.

3. See the Cords of the Lord Drawing You

Think about these beautiful words, and hear God speak them over you:
“I drew them with gentle cords, with bands of love, and I was to them as those who take the yoke from their neck. I stooped and fed them.” (Hosea 11:4, NKJV)

See, instead of cords holding you back, the powerful bands of God’s love and kindness drawing you!
He is setting you free.

He is healing you so that you no longer see through a lens of loss.
You are looking instead, through the lens of His love.

4. Receive Freedom from Fear

I believe there are some reading this, who have been hesitant to make new connections.
Due to past experiences, you have been fearful to put down tent pegs in your new situation.

Hear your Father say, “You are safe with Me! Receive the courage to start over, in the place I have appointed you.”

He is the God of new beginnings and He has a fresh assignment for you.

5. Take Time to Pray

Sometimes, we can benefit from some transactional prayer.
So, if there has been a mental or spiritual battle, take extra time to pray—you may benefit from having someone pray with you.

Right now, God’s grace is here to help you pull up tent pegs of regret, envy, and disappointment. You can be free from the negative effects of past relationships.

“Cut off” refers to a specific transaction with the Lord, which is stronger than simply loosening.

Ten more tips for praying over a soul tie

Here are some more tips for praying over a soul tie—ask the Holy Spirit to highlight which ones relate to your situation:

  1. Set aside time to pray
  2. Forgive anyone who has hurt or let you down (including yourself)
  3. Repent of and/or renounce any negative responses God is bringing to mind
  4. Pray and break off past expectations (of yourself and others)
  5. Verbally release any personal responsibility you bore (including towards the fulfillment of a prophetic word). By faith, hand the outcomes over to God.
  6. Release burdens of prayer from your past era
  7. By faith, apply the work of the cross—see and declare it finished!
  8. Receive a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit
  9. Take regular time to encounter God in a way that is meaningful to you
  10. Journey forward with a leader or mentor who can speak into your life

[1] Friendships (such as Jonathan and David) and family ties (like Ruth and Naomi) can form soul ties. And marriage relationships and other intimate relationships are another way a soul tie is created (see 1 Cor 6:15-20).
This subject is outside the scope of this article, and I encourage you to seek help from those who have a specialized ministry in this area.

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Can you relate to these thoughts about a soul tie to a past season? Which of these points resonate with you, as you’ve been reading this? Number 1. has definitely been a revelation to me recently!
I’d love to hear from you, so scroll down and share with us in the comments box below.

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54 thoughts on “Tent Pegs: 5 Keys to Cut Soul Ties from Past Seasons”

  1. Francie Robertson

    Thank you Sister!
    It has gotten a bit dry lately but now your message has brought the much needed refreshing water of God’s Word. Since Pentecost Sunday I wondered if I missed it – all that God had prepared for such a time as this. I fully expected a New Season and yes I know I have still been tracking old ties, some good some not at all and I know he has NEW connections for me. And yes I have hesitated just as you pointed out. Oh thank you for that. Spot on that one(!). That just has to be one of the main causes of this current DRYNESS. I just don’t know what step to take next but thanks again for pointing it out . I have been comforted, encouraged and corrected with loving kindness.
    Be Exceedingly and Abundantly Blessed I pray
    In Jesus Mighty Name!

    1. Hi Francie, I’m praying for you right now, that you will get the clarity you need. Sometimes we are looking for the way forward and He wants to release the dance where we are, and I pray this, His joy will spring up for you

    2. Thanks so much, I received every word. Since March 2020, when the pandemic came and it closed my church, which I had attended for over 30 years. I had realizing before the March-2020 closure of the church , I needed to make a change, but was use to the program and so many people I loved and enjoy friendship with, but God open my I eyes to see nothing moving, death and no growth. Things that once was alive seen like the Spirit of Dwarf. That was what I heard the Lord say to me one day Spirit of Dwarf. I was so attached to people that I tried to continue, but was not satisfied and I know I was not satisfying God. So the Pandemic, gave me time to seek God more and when the building open again ( we are the Church) in September 17, 2020. Keep in mind I heard nothing from my Pastor, until September 9, 2020. That call was more in the sense of tithes and offering, but not just out right asking for the money but hinting in that area. I find it very difficult to go back but I have some soul ties there. I worked in some many areas in the church and supported everything. I am praying to God to loose me from the hurt and to guide me in the right direction. But I must be healed and healthy in Spirit to move on. Thanks again, God is disconnecting me.

      1. Francie Robertson

        Jadien please read what our sister has to say to us from this link. And even though its been 30 years – we live in the little wheel of time and our God lives in the BIG WHEEL of ETERNITY– a 1000 years is as ONE DAY. With Him we have forever to find Him, to get to know Him and to be transformed into His very image and likeness. And you precious brother in the Lord are still in the running to becoming Heavens next top model. God was “dwarfing” things that are most likely “GIANTS” in the land of His Promises. Nothing is too big for our God. At this time He is DOING BIG THINGS for you, for me for all who will continue to trust and believe HE IS FOR US and will never let us go or miss out on the NEW stuff he has in store for us. PRAISE YESHUA FOREVER!!!

  2. Wow Prophet Helen Woman of God, you indeed spoke to me with in this powerful message of “Soul-Ties” Wow, these words where you said, “Right now, God’s grace is here to help you pull up tent pegs of regret, envy, and disappointment. You can be free from the negative effects of past relationships.” I needed to hear that after my yesterday’s prayer that I believe is related to this message.
    I salute God and may the LORD continue to use you for His glory! Wow

    1. Hi Portia, God is doing a wonderful work in your life! He is pouring the “oil and wine” for your healing. He is causing you to overflow!


        THEE Prophetess of GOD,I am GRATEFUL to GOD that I came across this Ministry & thank you BIG for the invitation to partake in this DEVINE FELLOWSHIP & WONDERFUL COUNSEL GOD. As I was READING this & going through this message I went like AMEN ALLELUIA as this past week I was praying & cutting SOUL TIES of the past & for me it is CONFIRMATION, I BELIEVE & I AGREE THAT WHICH HAS BEEN HOLDING ME BACK IT IS FINISHED IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME ALLELUIA




        You will be in our prayers this evening so will be everyone in this BLOG,CHURCHES & its LEADERSHIP WORLDWIDE



  3. Thank you so much for this today! I was desperately fighting to leave where I was for the last 6 years. Confused about the WHY and WHERE I am going…. this helped me tremendously to Let Go!!
    May God Richly bless you!!

    1. yes Nancy, a new lease on life, rich with possibilities and anticipation for the new He has for you!

  4. This really spoke to my spirit, because I’m going through this with a past divorce, letting go of my past and moving forward.

    1. I’m praying with you right now, Joyce, you are walking in liberty and joy, a season of new discovery is ahead!

  5. Praise king Jesus Helen,
    I bless the Lord for using you in this season,
    I receive all Jesus has for me in this new season. He has given me so much joy and peace amidst the trials at work, I can’t describe and he keeps wispering to me about the new work place and new home place. I heard his voice say time is coming and it will not tarry when you will no longer be with people at home and at work.
    I pray I continuously follow Jesus direction regarding my ministry, work, place to stay and family.
    I dreamt that I met my home pastor and we began a journey walking together holding hands then he moved away to solve some issues so I wondered off into sight seeing until he found me then we got two cars one was a whit Noah and the other a black wrangler which he sent for a male driver and a lady to assist me though he realized the lady wanted to sit in my position he then instructed them and they obeyed and respected him, he bade us fairwel and I woke up.
    God used you to speak about having others stand in prayer while having spiritual battles, please stand with me as I transition into my new journey.
    May God bless you, keep you and make his face shine upon you Woman of God

    1. Jesus is personally overseeing and directing what is happening in your life Tracy.
      May you know His wisdom, increasingly
      Isaiah 49:16
      “See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me.”

  6. Jennifer Beebe

    I personally feel this is a season that the Lord is shifting me and growing me as well. I feel a supernatural acceleration going on within me that will catapult me into my calling that he has for me. Letting go of the past and cutting off these soul ties of the lies spoke over me is something I am working on but I declare right now in Jesus name that nothing can stop me from prospering. I take my authority and rise up in the name of Jesus…my rock and my redeemer!

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