Is It Time to Let Go of a Past Prophetic Word?

Waterfall. God is giving you new instructions.Have you been questioning a past prophetic word or vision?
Perhaps, you have been holding on to a promise from God for a long time, but it has not come to pass in the way you expected.

Today, God is inviting you into a place of liberty with Him.

“Do not remember the former things,
Nor consider the things of old.
Behold, I will do a new thing,
Now it shall spring forth;
Shall you not know it?”
(Isaiah 43:18-19, NKJV)

A Signpost Word

There are times to continue contending for a prophetic word, even when the opposite is taking place.
Every true word from God goes through a season of testing and purifying—and Joseph’s story is a great example of this.
But there are also times to let go.

A prophetic word may have been a “signpost” word and God used it to lead you in a certain direction.
But now, He has a new path for you to follow and new instructions for you.

The Day God Changed His Instructions

One day, God spoke to Moses about a change in direction.
“Then we turned around and headed back across the wilderness toward the Red Sea, just as the  Lord had instructed me, and we wandered around in the region of Mount Seir for a long time. “Then at last the Lord  said to me,  ‘You have been wandering around in this hill country long enough; turn to the north.” (Deut 2:1-2, NLT)

At one stage, that mountain was a prophetic destination.
But it was time to move on!

What if some of those people had resisted Moses’ new instructions? They could have complained, “But Moses, God said go to Mount Seir.”
And that was true.
Yet, it was not true for “now” and it can be like that for us!

God sent an earlier word to position us. But now, it is time to receive His new agenda.

We Needed to “Unhook” from Past Prophetic Words

Someone needs to know today, that a past prophetic vision is no longer your assignment! You may have been grieving over it, but your Father is giving you fresh instructions.

My husband Malcolm and I were involved in a mission agency for around 16 years. We sacrificed a great deal in that season—and believed that calling was for life! But our time with that organization came to a close unexpectedly in 2004.

At that time, and during the years since, there have been times we’ve needed to “unhook” from our past prophetic dreams of that time. These ran very deep for us.

We also had some prophetic words from that era, that were left unfulfilled. But our call from Jesus was bigger than that season. Be assured right now, your life’s calling is greater than any single season!

You are Not Disempowered

The story of how Moses redirected the people from Mount Seir, is a helpful reminder.
When we know God has planted us in a church or team, and we are in the place of His choosing, we can trust God’s oversight of our leaders.

Through the decades, and transitions of life, I’ve learned this:

  • My personal prophetic calling is not bound to a church or ministry, beyond the timing of God

When I believed that it was, and a leader of my church or ministry changed direction, it affected me deeply (and needlessly).

So, don’t buy into the lie that you have been disempowered by another person.
No one else can “torpedo” your God-given prophetic dream—and you can trust in God’s sovereignty regarding your calling.

Full of Power

Whenever and however a prophetic insight comes, it is not untouchable—it is adjustable!
And this is true, even when years have passed.

God’s instructions to you are not fragile, but full of power!

Paul wrote, “Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good.” (I Thess 5:19-21 NKJV)

The Bible tells us to hold onto prophetic words that have been proven to be good and of the Holy Spirit.
That Greek word translated good, Kalos (Strong’s G2570), means excellent, eminent, genuine, approved.

The question could be—is this prophetic insight “good” for right now?
Ask, “Is this a promise to carry into my next season?”

The Power of Surrender

Is something resonating with you as you read this? You are not being unfaithful by surrendering a past prophetic promise to God! Your Father is a God of resurrection, and well able to cause it to spring to life.

Remember Abraham, who was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac, a prophetic promise to God. Even when we head in the opposite direction of God’s commands, His grace is still available to us.

On the other hand, all of us have made mistakes in our past. If this has been troubling you, the story of Jonah will encourage you: “Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time: “Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you.” (Jonah 3:1,2, NKJV)

Whatever has taken place that has affected your prophetic vision, yield to God now.
And lean in close.
Now, hear your Father say, “Beloved, I have new instructions for you to receive.”

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Can a “Soul Tie” Hold Us to a Past Prophetic Vision?

This is a question I’m currently exploring some answers to, so if you’re interested in this topic, let me know in the comments. And keep an eye out for the upcoming “Part 2” on this topic, as I share further about letting go of past prophetic words and visions.

This can now be found here: Tent Pegs: 5 Keys to Cut Soul Ties from Past Seasons

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61 thoughts on “Is It Time to Let Go of a Past Prophetic Word?”

    1. Janet Angela Meyer

      My husband and I had a vision and we were both healed and in the right mind, God has told me over the years that He was going to heal me but at the time people spoke to me about what God was saying I could not receive it, it was to hard to believe. The healing would be a very dramatic creative miracle. In the vision I saw myself healed in the house I am living in now.

  1. Mary Kaye Olano

    Greetings. Many thanks for this! I am super interested in a Part 2 concerning soul tie to a prophecy.This is hitting the mark for me perfectly.God mightily bless you !

      1. Hi, I believe this is timely. The vision God gave me many years ago seems to have taken a change in direction and I am finding it hard to let go. Your article has clarified that I should ask God for a new set of instructions and trust His change of direction. Thankyou

  2. Thank you for your blog ministry. Yes, I believe that my prophetic vision may be changing. However, I am in a fog.

    I do believe that there is a transition taking place. I believe that I have strong soul ties to my wife of (what would be) 16 years this year. I love her and do not care what has taken place since our separation. I want us to be restored but also realize that God’s purpose for my life is greater than my desire. So what do I do now?

    I am hoping to read part 2 of Can a soul tie hold us to a prophetic vision? I have been frustrated with visions and dreams. So, I am hoping to understand them more clearly with your Master training.

  3. Yes I’m interested in the topic about soul ties possibly holding us to a prophetic vision, and the part of the series. Also, how do you deal with any anxiety/fear about the prophetic word in your life not taking place? Can unbelief make God change His mind about fulfilling a desire in your heart that you believe is from Him?

    1. Hi Hil, that’s a good question about anxiety relating to prophetic fulfillment! I believe it’s a little sign (like a flashing light) there’s something to be attended to – and it’s not the fulfillment of the prophetic word (which God is well able to carry)- it’s the revelation of our security in the Father, that He’s got this, that He’s working all things together for good, that His plans for us are good. To lean back into Him. And that His purposes for us are unshakeable and glorious, not fragile.
      Here’s another post with some thoughts on this topic

  4. Dear Helen, it must be that season. I have been studying Rees Howells to understand why a calling, still to be fulfilled has changed direction twice already. Rees Howells called it Stepping Stones. He said sometimes God gives you a vision you can build faith for, and when you have achieved that faith, God will raise the bar to a greater vision. And sometimes God just changes the direction, but the previous vision has been the preparation. And all along the way, He just keeps cleaning the vessel for holy use.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

    1. That is very insightful, Mike! Thank you for sharing that (I have a book called “Rees Howells, Intercessor” now I’m interested to see if it’s in there)

      1. Hi Helen,
        Thanks for your response.
        There is an audio version of the book you can google, which I listen to as I drive home from work.

  5. Oliver Buckley

    Hi Helen
    Thank you, I was not aware that you could let go of a prophecy. I tend to be like a dog with a bone and hold on but I can see now that God may be calling me to let go of a prophecy and get on with the ministry which is at hand . God bless . Oliver

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