Unfulfilled Prophecy: 4 Things You Can Do While Waiting

“Unfulfilled prophecy” refers to that space of time between the giving of a prophetic word and it coming to pass.

Unfulfilled ProphecySome prophecies take a long time to be fulfilled. I am seeing prophecies about God’s call on my life being fulfilled right now that were given to me 25 years ago. There are also personal prophecies I have received over a decade ago that have not yet taken place.

Following are some thoughts and examples from the Bible as to what to do while you are waiting for God’s word regarding your call and dream from God to come to pass. [1]

4 Things to do While You are Waiting on a Prophecy to be Fulfilled

You know the prophetic word is true; it resonates deeply with how you are wired and the sense of destiny on your life.

  • And yet the opportunity it speaks of has not yet opened up to you.

Sometimes that delay seems like a very long time. How do you make the most of the time that you are waiting for a prophecy to be fulfilled?

1. Stay in the Place of Accountability Regarding Your Calling

‘Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.’ (1 Tim 4:14)

In 1 Timothy 4, the Apostle Paul exhorts Timothy regarding commissioning prophecies made over his life. [2,3] Paul is keeping Timothy accountable to what God has spoken concerning his gifts and future role, as well as to the impartation received at that time.

Oversight helps us to weigh up prophecy and to discern what is truly of the Holy Spirit. (1 Thess 5:19-21) This process continues to be valuable as time passes, not only when the prophecy is first given.

2. Be Faithful and Serve Where God has Placed you

Unfulfilled prophecy can be a factor in wilderness seasons allowed in our lives by our Heavenly Father. During those times we may be tempted to become discouraged or frustrated. If we give way to those feelings we can rush ahead into something God is not calling us into at this time.

Remember David’s ‘bread and cheese’ ministry? Being faithful in the small responsibilities put David in a position for the larger call of God on his life to be fulfilled. (1 Sam 17) Elisha served faithfully as a lowly servant to Elijah before his own call could be fulfilled. (2 Kings 3:11)

So embrace opportunities to serve where God has placed you at right now. When you look back, you will see God’s wisdom in the lessons you have learned as well as the character growth that has taken place in your life.

Further, your history of faithful service does not go unnoticed by leaders and this may be the thing God uses to open doors into your next season. (1 Sam 16:18)

3. Exercise Stewardship Relating to your Prophecy and Calling

‘Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the body of elders laid their hands on you.’ (1 Tim 4:14)

When leaders have confirmed a prophecy and fits well with your gifts, your sense of God’s purpose for your life, and the Spirit of God within you, don’t just shelve it. Use it.

If God is indicating the use of a gift, ability or ministry up ahead, find ways of stewarding that call. For example, is God calling you to a ministry of healing? Take opportunities to pray for the sick. Learn what you can about the ministry and put it into practice. Find someone to serve or learn from who is ministering in that area.

Activate the word of God and the desires of your heart and stay focused. Your life’s call with God is a partnership with Him, which means that you must also do your part.

4. Recognise Opposition to Your Prophecy’s Fulfilment

‘I am giving you this command in keeping with the prophecies once made about you, so that by recalling them you may fight the battle well.’ (1 Tim 1:18)

Paul is recalling to Timothy’s attention personal prophecies spoken over his life as the younger man faces the threat of false teachers in Ephesus.

There are times when we need to use our prophecies to spur us on, to face opposition and to contend with roadblocks along the way. The word God has spoken over our lives (and the lives of others around us) is a powerful weapon of spiritual warfare when times get tough.

One of the most important things we can do about an unfulfilled prophecy is to pray about it. This is especially true as the time draws closer to the prophetic dream coming to pass. [4]


[1] In this article I am specifically discussing prophecy related to individual destiny, ministry and the call of God. If you are concerned about another type of prophecy that is unfulfilled, or discouraged about a prophecy you have been given, this article may help: Dealing with Prophetic Disappointment

You have not received a personal prophecy? These same points also apply to any personal guidance you have received directly from God concerning your future.

[2] You will notice that I mention accountability frequently when discussing prophecy. This is because these are foundational in New Testament prophetic ministry. These are core values of our team at David McCracken Ministries and also one of the most important lessons I have learned along the way. For a brief outline of my story, see the Enliven Blog ‘About’ page here.

[3] See Prophetic Presbytery: What is it and How does it Work?

[4] See Is it Time to Birth Your Prophetic Word in Prayer?

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14 thoughts on “Unfulfilled Prophecy: 4 Things You Can Do While Waiting”

  1. Why is it sometimes I shy away from hearing from the Lord in prophecy, has anyone else had moments like that? I love hearing from Him in my own time but recently I have “hid” from receiving prophecy from the group…maybe because I was in a dry time in my life and I thought that would be the word of the Lord to me through others. Not sure. I am thankful for the words He has given me in the past through others and I do treasure them as you stated, holding on until they come to pass, even over many, many years. Let me be trusting oh Lord with others and the words you would give them for me, let me receive and forgive me for blocking words you may have wanted to speak.

    1. Yes Sam, you can trust your loving Father and words from Him because He has good plans for your life (Jer 29:11) Times that we feel the need for self-protection happen to all of us during life’s journey. May you know He is all the protection you need, and may the prophetic ministry flow once more to and through you!
      ‘Surely, Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield.’ (Ps 5:12)

  2. bienvenida,he leido con detenimiento su articulo,sin duda ensierra cosas interesantes.Como que :debo esperar el cumplimiento de la profecia personal,lo cual en ocasiones me lleva al desaliento,cuando eso sucede,escucho la Profecia que se me dio hace unos once años.y eso me estimula a esperar,y mientras espero,ORO,intensamente por el cumplimiento de la misma,hasta ahora,las cosas caminan mejor…todavia sigo esperando,y me alienta oir lo que usted dice,que tuvo que esperar 25 años y años mas en otras cosas de esta misma Profecia…sin duda,lo que recomienda,lo estoy poniendo en practica.Dios me ayude en ello.Una vez mas bienvenida,profeta Helen!.

    1. Jose, God is so faithful! I know it to be true..some things in the call of God have taken over 30 years for me.

      This verse comes to mind: ‘For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
      it speaks of the end
      and will not prove false.
      Though it linger, wait for it;
      it will certainly come
      and will not delay.’
      (Hab 2:3)

    1. Hi Amanda, if you have not received a prophetic word or personal prophecy, this does still apply to personal guidance you have received along the way. So you could substitute ‘personal guidance’ for ‘personal prophecy’ as you read this. 🙂

  3. It’s good to see the Lord confirming things through what you write, it’s refreshing… A couple weeks ago my husband and I were talking about the topic you shared. I’ve been thinking about different words given over the years. And lately I have struggled some with doubt and Sunday during worship the Lord spoke to me and said He has transplanted me here for a purpose and do not doubt the call upon your life any more. Etc…
    ( I moved from NW AR, left my hair clients and my family and my church family and position as an elder, women’s leader and part time preaching, which was all God training me as I served in a prophetic five fold ministry. I got married and moved to Phoenix AZ and then many trials and testing along with fighting demonic voices, which all that brought in doubt if I really heard from God.)
    But as you said about serving where God has you, God shows me things in the spirit first then I know I am to do it, (some things have been in the making for 25 years for me too) but I’m talking about the now things, such as serving. So at the church in Phoenix, I said yes to taking the women’s group because God shown me first. And I know it will be used to teach and train and polish me even more for the future. But where I struggle is not having enough time for the Lord and what He wants me to be doing, but I had to get a job, so I’m back to work as a hairstylist, and I’m keeping a right attitude but my heart is not there but because I have to have an income I do it and wait on God to show me what is next. So my question, if my heart is struggling, am I really doing what I should, or maybe because I’ve been a hairstylist 30 years I’m stuck in the familiar and maybe it’s not just doing hair but maybe other things that can hinder or hold back from the time we need for what we are to be doing. Yes by faith we can step out of the boat and walk on the water but when there’s not the financial provision I’d rather wait to see Jesus do like He did Peter and say come. But maybe we are so used to the familiar that we aren’t seeing or hearing how to do it or what changes need to be made, or maybe it’s still about timing? I know what I would like to do to make money but it takes money, so I wait. But as far as ministry, I know its not just a platform, but a lifestyle and our faithfulness leads us to the place the prophecies come to pass. But am I not seeing something that is causing me to be held back? If you have an answer please share ???? thank you!

    1. Hi Lori, I do know that in God there are seasons and cycles, so you may very well be where He has you right now. If you are having severe doubts we would recommend sharing with a leader/mentor in the church there.
      I have been in the very same position as you when we first moved to Australia. I was nearly 40 and left all my ministry behind, it was a very empty feeling but today I can look back and see the amazing move of God that launched me into what I’m doing today! I pray you are encouraged today Lori, God is watching over you

  4. I thank God for your teachings thru Christ Jesus, and for a heart to perceive n receive.
    Let Your will be done Heavenly Father…Amen

    1. Hi William, I pray for your greater clarity in hearing from God and enlargement in your gift and ministry. Blessings

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