The Holy Spirit is Coming to Your Room

Holy Spirit is Coming to Your RoomEldad and Medad were invited to Moses’ leadership meeting, but for some reason, they couldn’t make it (Num 11:26).
Where were they?
Were they in their tents…visiting family…held up in the camp somewhere, attending a crisis?
The Bible doesn’t tell us.

What we do know, is this:
The same Spirit who was moving in Moses’ meeting, fell—simultaneously—upon those who couldn’t make it to the venue.

“But two men had remained in the camp: the name of one was Eldad, and the name of the other Medad. And the Spirit rested upon them. Now they were among those listed, but who had not gone out to the tabernacle; yet they prophesied in the camp.” (Numbers 11:26, NKJV)

Today, I believe the Lord is encouraging many: the Holy Spirit is with you! God’s power is in your room!

An Unusual Pentecost Celebration

This weekend, we celebrate Pentecost Sunday.
And here in Australia, we are still under COVID-19 restrictions, unable to meet in our churches. No matter what is happening for you right now, let your heart be lifted up in expectation.

Wherever you are, the Holy Spirit is coming to you in a fresh visitation.

Touched Through an Online Church Service

It was August 2018, and Malcolm and I were at home. Due to being unwell, we were participating in our church service online.

We sat in front of our TV, as our senior pastor preached from John 11, on “Jesus the Key of Resurrection”. [1]

As Pastor Russell closed his message and the worship band returned to the stage, he began to exhort us to no longer have a “surviving mindset”.

  • He likened this, to looking at situations in our lives as though they are on life-support systems!

Suddenly, I had a flash back, to a long-forgotten vision from 16 years before.

Time was Running Out

2002. It was our first ministry appointment here in Australia.
This engagement was the reason—or so we thought at the time—that the Lord had called us here from New Zealand.

We had been Divinely led, sent and appointed.
It was the culmination of 15 years of service with this one organization.

But far from the flourishing we anticipated, the ministry in Australia was existing on borrowed funds.
We soon realized that our time was running out.

Later that year, I wrote a letter to our prayer supporters. In it, I shared a prophetic vision:

“I was standing in a hospital room, looking down at a figure on an operating table that I knew to represent [the ministry we served]. The figure was wired up to a machine that was an artificial life support system.

My husband was working hard as a “doctor”, to keep the ministry alive, while my attention was being drawn to the cord that connected it to the power supply. In my fatigue and frustration, I contemplated pulling that plug out.
But then, I saw a third Person in the room; it was the Lord! We had been so focused on the “figure” on the bed, we had failed to notice Him. At this time, Jesus stepped forward and declared, “I am the God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were (Rom 4:17).”

18 months later, broken-hearted, we knew God was instructing us to resign from that ministry appointment.
It was time to start over.

God’s Power was in Our Room

Now, 16 years later, our pastor was exhorting us about seeing situations as being on “life support”.
He declared, “Jesus is coming in His resurrection power to bring life!”

God’s presence—already tangible in our living room—became stronger around me.
And then, Pastor Russell made a declaration of cutting off the life support cord.

It seemed the power of God, the Holy Spirit, rushed at me in full force.
In that moment an unseen cord was cut. I felt as though an “umbilical cord” was being severed.
The presence and power of the Holy Spirit was so strong, that I began crying and laughing simultaneously.

Afterwards, I said to Malcolm it was like a freight train hit me!

That day, we weren’t in our church gathering. We were at home, watching our service via YouTube, on the television.

I went straight to our computer and searched for “life support system” in our files. It came up with the prayer letter from 2002, describing the vision of our ministry being on a life-support system.

And one of the Scriptures I mentioned in that letter, was the very one Ps Russell had just preached on.

But that’s not all.
Just a few weeks earlier, my husband had received prayer at a conference, to have the cords of expectations and responsibility from that previous ministry cut off from him.
I had sincerely believed this didn’t apply to me.
But, God in His mercy revealed a problem, and set me free.
And we have experienced a permanent shift since then.

God’s Power is Not on Hold

If we have come to rely upon “being in the room” of a gathering for our healing, our deliverance and our impartation of the Holy Spirit, then by implication we are saying this:
“Opportunities to be where God’s power is being released are scarce right now.”

But this is not the case!
God’s power is not on hold.
The Holy Spirit is not limited to times, locations, or people.
He is visiting you in your room!

And as the wave of the Holy Spirit comes with a mighty force, he is washing away strongholds and disappointments of the past. He is coming with mighty acts of healing and deliverance.

God is coming with mercy, grace and power.

You are Chosen, Loved and Included

Remember Eldad and Medad—the elders who couldn’t make it to Moses’ meeting?
The Holy Spirit came upon them where they were, and regardless of whatever they were doing in that moment!
We read, “…they were among those listed”. [2]

You are on God’s list! You are chosen and included.
And the Holy Spirit is ministering to you in a fresh encounter.

The name Eldad means “God has loved” and Medad means “loved, affectionate”. [3]
You are His beloved!
God’s power is not on hold!
He is visiting you, wherever you are.
The Holy Spirit is coming to your room.

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[1] We are at home with Planetshakers Church, Melbourne, Australia. Our senior pastors are Russell and Sam Evans.

[2] Listed. The word is kathab and means listed, written, recorded, enrolled. Strong’s H3789.

[3] Eldad and Medad: See Strong’s H419, H4312

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39 thoughts on “The Holy Spirit is Coming to Your Room”

  1. Thank you so much for this ministry… everything prophesied has been spot on.. Last week I had a visitation of the Holy Spirit in my room. He held me with both hands as I lay on my bed…and He told me to open my eyes and not to be afraid and I will see angels all around my room. I did as He said, the presence of God was tangible… I open my eyes and there were angels all around my room.

  2. Komagum Jonathan

    Oh thanks for the powerful message from God, I would also ask you to pray for me and our family. There is a lot of battles, I also wants to serve God in the prophetic ministry. I would also like to know how online prophetic school students get impartation online!

  3. Naomi Testimony

    God’s power is not on hold.
    The Holy Spirit is not limited to times, locations, or people.
    He is visiting you in your room! 100% confirmed. <3
    Yesterday 28/05/2020 night I was led by the Holy Spirit to make a conference call to my 2 lady friends who are in a far city from where I am. Since we cannot meet due to the pandemic, we decided to have fellowship on phone … We shared how the Lord was ministering to us individually. We began by Daniel 2:22 He reveals deep and secret things;He knows what is in the darkness, And light dwells with Him.
    By the time we were concluding after 2 hours, the power of God fell mightily. We were not praying out of our minds but in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit took over. One of the ladies, Pst. Jackline was praying for me when God's power hit me and so it did to the other lady, Mary. How we conducted a 2 hour fellowship over the phone, only the Holy Spirit could enable us.
    Thank you so much Helen Calder. I couldn't agree more that the Holy Spirit is coming to our room. The Lord grant you many healthy years to continue ministering to the saints. I love you.

    1. How wonderful, Naomi! There’s nothing like the fellowship of the Holy Spirit! Thank You for the fire, Lord!

  4. Obakeng B. Tlhaodi

    Im loving this platform to bits because I know Jesus is here. Talking about a lone journey in the prophetic ministry.. that has been me. Im so grateful to finally meet christians with experiences like mine. I had a mighty visitation about midnight of March 18th this year 2020. And this happened just a few days, about a week after I ‘stumbled’ upon this platform and there was read about a 40 day fasting plan against anxiety. I sent out an email literally pouring out my heart about my experiences with fear and anxiety despite being an attorney. I further said disclosed that I had a strong feeling that God was about to do something major my life. And faithful as He is.. He did in just a few days.

    I had a mighty visitation, where I woke up to find myself face to face with a Man. This Man whom I knew to be my Lord and saviour. He was speaking to me though I could not hear him audibly in the natural. Neither did my mind have an understanding of the responses I gave. But it was a dialogue. Only this time around there was a warmth in my belly and I emitted signals therefrom in my responses. Fear I did not fear, though totally shocked. No major light and a ‘do not fear’. But I saw His face against the darkness in the room. My heart and mind said to me…, is this happening in this day and age?? To me, an imperfect being who keeps stumbling along the way? Having not done a thing to deserve such a thing which no words can describe.

    Now this my Father, He wasn’t alone, but with a mighty army. I never saw but perceived and heard the multitude as they all spoke the same thing repeatedly, all around us. Theirs were not human voices. The anointing…all around us…, was like never before. In a moment, without a journey, I saw myself in heaven..,there was a lady pastor from my workplace. She was also there. We all prayed deeply in one accord with these beings as we moved(more like floated) around a place I didn’t get to view. We orbited and there was a gap somewhere which we had to exercise some caution to cross over. Then I was back and the previous encounter continued. I got up around 00:25hrs and immediately reached for my bible. And in 7 consecutive verses the Lord was speaking to all that has been an issue in my life.

    The anointing lingered upon me that day so much all I did at work that all I did was lock myself up in office and weep as the day continued to pop revelations of the deep schemes the enemy had been trying to use to stop my walk in and with the Lord. That very night my 3 year old son jumped to me in his sleep scared and crying, pointing to the very corner in my room where I have always cried to the Lord.

    To cut the long story short, my husband was also delivered that very night. Then followed the experience when he cried the whole night and the Lord referred me to a verse ‘ Godly sorrow leads to repentance then salvation’ The 2nd night I saw him in a night vision removing his old torn white vest and putting on a new white one. And I knew it was done. Today the fruits of salvation are evident. And so it also happened, right in my room.
    Now the point is, I know I have come to the right place at the right time. With experiences such as these, at times you when you share them with other people, you appear like the craziest liar ever to live. I have had other encounters where it is clear I encountered Jesus but many simply dismiss this as unscriptural.
    I thank God for this day, this message, this testimony and the believer that you are. I know Im just at the inception stage and that the best is yet to come..

    More grace unto you the beloved of Christ.

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