I believe this is a “now” prophetic word for many people:

The miracle will happen as you count on God.

The Man on the Shore

The Miracle Will Happen as You Count On GodPeter and his friends fished all night, but caught nothing.

At dawn, they could just make out the figure of a man standing on the shoreline.

Unrecognizable in the dim light, the man called out to them,
“Friends, have you caught any fish?”

“No,” they replied.

“Throw your net on the right side of the boat,” their observer called.

In spite of their weariness, there was something compelling about this stranger on the shore, and his confident command.

As they obeyed, to their utter amazement, the net suddenly filled—to overflowing—with fish.

It was John who recognized him first. “It is the Lord!” (John 21:1-7)

6 Principles of Kingdom Mathematics

Now, more than ever, we need to understand Kingdom mathematics!

In this day when so much doesn’t add up—and, much that we counted on has been taken away—the Bible has good news.

And that good news is a Person.

1. Jesus is Closer Than You Think

Jesus was on the lakefront. He was distant, and His own disciples didn’t recognize Him. (John 21:4)

I believe there are some reading this, and it feels like Jesus is far off. You are having trouble recognizing Him.

The waters of recent events have somehow got between you.
But—there is a Man on the shore!

And He is saying,

“Beloved, this is the moment of your encounter. 
What concerns you, concerns Me.”

2. God has Already Set Aside a Miracle Supply for You

Peter swam ahead of the others to the shore.
There, he discovered Jesus already had fish cooking on the fire. Not only that, He had bread as well!

That fish wasn’t caught by Peter and the others.
Jesus already had possession of it!

The fish on the fire was symbolic.
It was a flag; a message from God.

Kingdom mathematics is nothing like we know.

We work with facts, with items, with something quantified.

  • God works with words
  • He works with power

Jesus already has possession of your provision.

3. God Uses New Instructions to Create and Multiply

Sometimes Jesus’ instructions, seem offbeat.
They don’t make natural sense—or they conflict with our experience and expertise.

The Holy Spirit often speaks in mysteries; in ways we don’t understand.
Or in new ways, that we are not familiar with.
“Throw it over the right side of the boat”

This brings us to an important principle of Kingdom mathematics!

Throughout the Bible, miracles happened when people obeyed new instructions from God!

God will use the wisdom of the world to position us, but the ultimate truth is this:

  • The finest wisdom of the Kingdom is to obey the voice of the King.

4. Miracles Happen When You Surrender Your Empty Nets

Perhaps, like the disciples after their long night with no catch, you face a shortfall.
Your Father says, “You can count on me.”

“You can rely on me. You can depend upon me. I am trustworthy!”

It’s a reminder that the most powerful thing you can do right now, is to have a conversation with Jesus.
And to listen for what He says.

At the instant a word from God is inserted into an equation, everything changes!

Surrender and obedience are the ingredients we can add, to create a miracle.

That day, the disciples on the boat counted 153 fish.
From zero to overflow!

When God is doing the multiplication, numbers can bring glory to Him!
It’s Kingdom mathematics.

5. Kingdom Mathematics Applies Where You Live and Work!

Jesus often spoke to Peter using the language of his everyday life.
As He did for many others!

And encountering Jesus’ power in the context of fishing, was nothing new for Peter.

  • There was the time of Peter’s call—another miraculous catch of fish.
  • And then, there was the moment Jesus sent Peter out to catch a single fish, with a coin in its mouth. The coin paid their temple tax.

Just as He did with Peter, Jesus will come to you in your work and everyday life.
To your livelihood, and at your point of need.

You don’t need to be anywhere different to where you are right now, for God to show up.

And to see Kingdom mathematics at work.
He’s already here.

6. There’s a Divine Appointment in your Transition

As this story opens, Peter had already met his resurrected Savior.
But there was unfinished business in his heart.

The miracle catch was Jesus again reminding Peter, “This is where your service starts. It begins with encounter.
Being with Me.”

In the conversation that followed, Jesus restored and recommissioned Peter.

Perhaps, today, you can relate to Peter’s situation.
During transition, you have experienced the loss of what used to be, yet the future has not become clear.

  • You may find yourself in frustrating circumstances, empty net in hand

Take a moment to listen.
Hear Jesus say,

“Surrender that empty net to Me.
For this is the very place I am going to feed you, and many through you.”

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[1] For example, John 14:20, Col 1:27, Rom 8:20, Eph 3:17

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59 thoughts on “You Can Count on God ~ 6 Principles of Kingdom Mathematics”

  1. Praise King Jesus Helen.
    Numbers 4 and 6 have ministered to me,
    Jesus I surrender my empty nets to you, I’m unable to do this on my own. Teach me to surrender and obey you Jesus, do what no man can do.
    May God bless you woman of God


  3. Thank you Helen for this prophetic word.
    It’s like all the points have really spoken to my situation.
    This is where I am and for sure you have confirmed this from another message I listened to yesterday.
    I have been going through afflictions and challenges both relational and financial but
    the word that came yesterday is that whatever I see is temporary and there’s a glory that’s coming which excels.
    I’m in a point of restoration and commissioning.
    God revealed to me my ministry last week and this week,a family member has been sick and they reached out to me and immediately God opened my eyes to see what is happening.
    The ministry starting right in my jerusalem
    Today two other family members are sick and again I’m surrendering myself to Jesus as I intercede for them and because I have Jesus inside of me, He’s empowering me to release the anointing that heals.
    The key thing here as you say, Jesus is here and is more than able to perform miracles in every area of our lives.
    The LORD continually minister to you as you minister to us.

  4. AMEN and AMEN. Woman of God, greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for the prophetic word , I have really been checking on my phone for the next message from our father to us and you did. Thank you for loving Jesus Christ and working for the lord.

    I have been blessed and bost up with the prophetic word from you. I surrender my empty net to God. Father, Daddy, give me grace to carry your glory. Father shine your face on my life , let you kingdom come on earth and cause your will to be done in my life. I Surrender all to you father. Take over for I have come to the end of myself, Please take over and let your glory be seen i my life and family in the name of our lord Jesus Christ ,Amen and Amen. God bless you more Women of God.

    1. Yes Father, thank You that this net is being filled to overflowing! This is a work of your grace in and through Dora!

  5. My word for the year is ENCOUNTER which I didn’t really understand until I read this post. Numbers 1 and 6 (actually all of them) really spoke to me. I have been spinning my wheels for years trying to figure myself out and what to do always stopping short of action, always wondering where my Helper is to give me specific clear instructions. My net is full of fear and I know Jesus can empty it but I can’t let go. Please pray for my net to be emptied so I can give it to Jesus to fill.

    1. I love that word “Encounter”, Ellen. I believe this is a time for you to simply encounter His love, for it’s His love that completely casts out fear (1 John 4), so I pray for you that the ease of receiving His love will flow and increase

  6. Hi Sister Helen in Christ,
    This was mind-blowing for me; both in a revelatory manner and individual prophetical way! All the glory to our Gracious Lord!
    The statement”
    “At the instant a word from God is inserted into an equation, everything changes!”
    was a revelation beyond any description as we always apply every day mathematics to our life situations! The title itself,
    “The miracle will happen as you count on God” is absolutely for my situation!
    From 2016, I have been praying for the sale of our current apartment so that our family can move out another location buying a new apartment from the money obtained from the sale as I cannot go for a Bank loan. I consider LORD as the REAL OWNER of the apartment and I do not any authority to sell it off at my own wishes. Therefore, I had been praying Lord’s miraculous provision (in other word COUNTING ON GOD , my “Landlord”) to bring a person in a supernatural way to buy the apartment at a great price. I believe THIS IS THE TIME to see how heaven’s astounding maths is going to unfold before us, Zero to abundance! PRAISE THE LORD. Heartfelt thanks for your efforts and time to bring out Lord’s message to people like me! May God empower and use you each day to unveil more before us!

    1. Yes Lord! Thank You for your supernatural work, and Your hand to be revealed in all that concerns Benny and his family!

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