This word is for those who are faced with closed doors—it may be one closed door in particular. [1]
And with it, there has been a sense of being held up, or held back.

If you can relate to this, hear God saying, “Look up! For the windows of Heaven are open above you.”
Be assured of this:

Heaven’s open windows are more powerful than earth’s closed doors.

God is the Source of Your Supply

A door may be closed in front of you, but your Father has a supply above you!

In the Bible,  the “windows of heaven” being opened, was first used of the downpour of rain. (Gen 7:11, 8:2) [2]

So, receive this as a word for you, your family, work and ministry today:
“The Lord will open to you His good treasure, the heavens, to give the rain to your land in its season, and to bless all the work of your hand.” (Deut 28:12, NKJV) [3]

Prophesy at Your Closed Door

This is your time to rise up and say, “There may be a closed door before me, but there’s an open Heaven above me!

A powerful story about Heaven’s open windows took place in the era of the prophet Elisha (2 Kings 7).
The city of Samaria was shut tight against the onslaught of the enemy.

  • And while closed doors offered protection from their foe, it also meant that the residents couldn’t trade or access food
  • It is echoed in today’s COVID lockdowns—designed to keep out the enemy, yet damaging the economy

One day, when the famine was desperate, Elisha brought a prophetic word: “Tomorrow, food will be cheap and plentiful!”

Don’t Listen to “Official” Unbelief

When Elisha prophesied that food was on the way, the king’s official expressed disbelief.
Even if God were to open the windows of Heaven, how could this be?”

Perhaps you have had “officials” in your life, now or in the past—those who say, “that could never be!” They may have even been people in authority.

But your Father says, “Look up!” For I am indeed opening the windows of Heaven!

And Heavens windows are more powerful than earth’s closed doors!

They had Nothing to Lose

That day, God chose an unlikely team to discover—and deliver—the good news.

A group of lepers who lived outside Samaria’s gates, decided to risk approaching the enemy’s camp.
Starving, they felt they had nothing to lose.

But when they arrived at the Syrian encampment, the army had already fled, leaving a feast behind them.

  • It seemed, God opened the windows of Heaven and released His host of angels!
  • For the sound of chariots and horses had cause the enemy to flee

And so, it became just as the prophet Elisha had said.
Poverty turned into plenty.
Famine became feasting!
And their enemy had melted away.
The doors and gates of the city were open again.

Shut Out but Chosen

This is the grace of God!
He can use a prophetic word, and a group of lepers—unintentional heroes—trembling with fear.
And what was true then, is true today!

You may have been shut out by the opinions of others. You may have felt weak, or disempowered by a closed door.

But in Christ you are powerful! You are chosen, and you will lead the way.

The Enemy is Being Toppled

There are times when the enemy is seeking to occupy the windows.
We look up, but it is difficult to see God.
A spirit of intimidation has been coming against us.

Queen Jezebel occupied the upstairs windows of her palace (2 Kings 9).
She viewed the fast-approaching Jehu in his chariot, thinking she would conquer him, as she had all the rest.

  • But her time to rule had come to an end, for Jehu had come in response to a prophetic word from Elijah

In fact, Jehu did not even need to lay a hand on Jezebel.
He just heeded God’s word and gave a word.
Jehu shouted out to allies inside, who threw that evil queen out of the window and to her death. (2 Kings 9:30-33)

Has there been an enemy that has sought to intimidate and control you from a high place—perhaps in your thinking? (2 Cor 10:3-5)
It is a masquerader.

Today, know that you have power to overcome your enemy.
Every threat is being cast down at your word, declared in Jesus’ Name!

A Window of Opportunity

A “window of opportunity” speaks of a short space of time; it is a moment of possibility, within our grasp.

But Heaven’s windows are not like earthly windows. They are not fragile or limited.
They are not bound by time.

In early March, I saw a window of opportunity to visit my family in New Zealand.
And I literally flew through that window, just as it was closing.

The timing was such that I arrived in Auckland just hours before a 14-day quarantine order began!
I know it was a move of the Holy Spirit that held open that window of opportunity, enabled me to postpone a ministry engagement, and caused a miracle to take place.

After a few days I was able to return home—this time, through Australia’s closed border.

There’s a Miracle in Your Window

Today, wherever you are.
No matter what is taking place.

Look up! For there’s a miracle in Heaven’s window above you.

And no matter what door is closed—even though it has caused frustration or distress—be encouraged by this word for you today:
“Heaven’s open windows are more powerful than earth’s closed doors!”


[1] “In the New Testament, an ‘open door’ is a metaphor for an opportunity and access—whereas a ‘closed door’ means that access to something is currently being denied or blocked. The Apostle Paul often used the imagery of closed and open doors, with regard to his ministry and opportunities to preach the Gospel.” See, “That Closed Door Could be a Heavenly Redirection”

[2] The word “windows” has also been translated “floodgates”. (Strong’s H699)

[3] A memorable Scripture is from Malachi—in reference to tithing:
“And try Me now in this,” Says the LORD of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.” (Mal 3:10 NKJV)
The Hebrew word translated blessing, means “blessing, gift, prosperity” (Strong’s H 1293).

Study today’s stories in 2 Kings 7 and 2 Kings 9

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Today, the word about Heaven’s open windows is an encouragement for us personally.
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110 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: Look Up! The Windows of Heaven are Open”

  1. This was enlightening and gave me hope. I have been dealing with a few things concerning my job. I was worried about a closed door but no longer worried because closed doors for me mean open heavens! I rejoice knowing The Most High still sticks to his promises and he will never leave me nor forsake me! Thank you for this word!

    1. Yes, He is a promise keeper! Father thank You, for taking care of this work situation and for breaking Your favor over Tanara in Jesus Name

  2. Dear Hellen the message has been so comforting to me after I had been on quaranteen due to my daughter being Covid-19 contact I felt caged and not be able to fellowship with brethrens at church and now I am encouraged
    Thank you and may God continue using you to reachout to us.

    1. Hi Henrietta, that’s so tough at times, we’ve been there too. My prayer for you – “Blessed shall you be when you come in, and blessed shall you be when you go out.” Deut 28:6 NKJV

  3. Thankyou Helen!
    A very timely word that has spoken directly into my life and confirms that the direction I am following is the right one as God has taken me on an adventure. This word is so encouraging for me. It confirms other words and pictures I have received in the past month. Thankyou sooo much. It is the encouragement I need to keep advancing. Particularly the image of Jezebel being thrown out of the upstairs window by Jehu’s allies on the inside. That resonates very strongly with me! Praise God…. I am looking up to the open windows calling to my allies on the inside and waiting for her demise in my life! Carpe diem! The Lord is gracious and greatly to be praised! Hallelujah!

  4. Please pray for my health and families health and doors to open quickly just like you ministered. I believe in Jesus name! Anonymous EGEc

    1. Yes Father thank You that You’re at work in this situation, in fact tipping in your grace, even where the opening in hearts and situations is just open a tiny bit, it is enough for your light to pour in. Thank You for increase in health, power for healing, and opportunities to break open in Jesus’ Name

  5. Wow! Praise God for heavens open doors. We need an open door! My husband is deployed to Germany & I’m in the United States. Our plan was for me to go to Germany for 3 months & we were gonna travel through Europe on his leave time. Unfortunately Germany is closed! My prayer is for an open door for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you so much for this insight

  6. Thank you Helen for this word! It is exactly what I needed to read today. I’ve been going through a very troubling time, when a ministry opportunity came my way and seemed like a dream come true and an answer to prayer, but then when I accepted it and went to move forward, the door suddenly closed. It has been so confusing and depressing, but the idea of the open window in heaven has lifted me out of the despair. I’m now looking up to that window – high and full of light, with the fresh breeze of freedom flowing in – so much more exciting than the closed door I’ve been staring at up until now. I’m sure the next opportunity will come to me via this beautiful window of hope.

    1. Oh yes Kerry I love the image of that window of hope. I’ve been there so many times and while there are some still in mystery, I’ve seen that God’s plans are far beyond what I could have imagined and the truth that “life’s disappointments are love’s veiled appointments” (Streams in the Desert quote :-))

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