3 Ways Jesus has “Turned the Tables” on Your Enemy

Many people have been in circumstances where it has felt like the enemy is controlling the outcome.
If you can relate to this in one or more areas, take heart! For the tables are about to be turned.

“The tables are turned”!

It’s a saying we use when a situation is being turned around.

  • It speaks of gaining strength and advantage over an opponent
  • A circumstance being reversed!
  • Someone who was initially weak now has the upper hand

Jesus Turned the Tables on Them

You are not under threat, you are a threat, lion's headOne day, Jesus strode into the outer courts of the temple, where greedy moneylenders were at work.
And He literally overturned their tables!

He declared, “It is written, ‘My house shall be a house of prayer!’ But you have made it a den of robbers!” (Matt 21:12-13)

We read that the next day—in that very place where greedy thieves had set up shop—Jesus taught and a crowd gathered.
He healed the lame and the blind who came to Him (Matt 21:14).
Children ran around the temple courts shouting, “Hosanna!”

Glorious contrast!
By His actions, Jesus declared: “This is what My Father’s house really looks like!”

From Upside Down to Right Side Up

Greed in the temple.
Priests profiting from moneylenders.
It is a picture of the enemy presenting what appears to be a “legitimized” operation, clothed in religion.

But Jesus said, “This is against Scripture, and the heart of my Father!”

While this story is of corruption in high places, it also speaks to us on a personal level.
And perhaps there are some “tables” that are due to be overturned in your life.

  • It may be fear, addiction, or a relational issue
  • It could be the threat of loss
  • Or, a controlling spirit at work

You can face up to that issue and say, “Enemy, you are trespassing here!
You’re not here to stay—that’s a lie—you’ve got to go, in Jesus’ Name!”

3 Ways Jesus has “Turned the Tables” on Your Enemy

When we look for our victory, all we need to do is look back to the cross.
Jesus said, “It is finished!”
He turned the tables on the enemy over 2000 years ago!

1. Life has Overturned Death

It is a threat that Satan wants us to believe.
The fear of death overtaking life.

We see its message in terrorism. In the spread of ungodly ideologies.
In bushfires and disease.
It’s a lie the enemy sells us—it’s the currency he operates in.

But the Bible paints a different picture; that of a River of Life, bringing healing, fruitfulness, and harvest wherever it goes (Ezek 47).

The truth is, God’s Kingdom is the invading, spreading Kingdom. It cannot be contained. It is expanding.

This is the prophetic perspective. This is what God’s Word says:

You are not under threat. You ARE a threat. And you carry a message of life that is unstoppable!

2. Light has Overturned Darkness

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” (John 1:5, NLT)

The nature of God’s Kingdom is light.
And the nature of light is to invade darkness, exposing what it hides.
Turn on a light, and darkness flees!

But Kingdom light is not only about exposing evil.

  • It’s about revealing good
  • It is about shining the light on what God is really like

Jesus overturned the tables of the moneylenders and exposed their greed. But He didn’t stop there.
In that very location, He went on to demonstrate the heart of the Father.

So today, be encouraged!

By faith, see the light of Christ shining through you to others.

3. Holiness and Wholeness, has Overturned Defilement and Disease

Another time, Jesus touched the lifeless body of a young girl—and she sprang from death to life. (Mark 5:41-42)
He touched a leper and said, “Be clean!”
That leper was instantly healed. (Matt 8:2-4)

These were conditions that were “unclean” under the law of Moses.
Touching someone unclean would cause defilement in the Old Testament!
But—a new law was now in operation!

Upon the touch of the Christ, the anointed One, those who were unclean, diseased, or defiled, became clean and whole.

Are you filled and anointed with the Spirit of God?
“…the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4b)
Who and what you carry is contagious—so, don’t fear defilement of sin and sickness and don’t judge those who are ensnared by it.

You are a carrier of life, and Jesus—the source of light and life—lives within you and He is releasing His power through you.

Today, know that at your location, in your life, the Spirit of God is present.
You are the Father’s House!

Now the tables are turned, and the God of the turn-around is your Heavenly Father.


These “3 Ways Jesus Has Turned the Tables On Your Enemy” were first published on Enliven Blog in 2015:
“Is Your Perspective Prophetic? Check it Against These Three Truths”

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Are you praying about a situation where “the tables need to be turned?” Let us know how this word has ministered to you, and how we can pray with you.
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122 thoughts on “3 Ways Jesus has “Turned the Tables” on Your Enemy”

    In Jesus’ Name, we take authority over every ungodly assignment and device of the enemy that has sought to oppress God’s people.
    We push back now, in Jesus name.
    We say the tables are turned!
    We address and tear down every lie, every attitude and mindset, opposing the Word of God.
    We decree that finances are being released.
    Breakthroughs are being set up.
    Prodigals are being wooed home by the Holy Spirit.
    Situations where the enemy has sought to rob and steal our inheritance, physical and spiritual, are being reversed.
    Angels are at work in answer to these prayers and decrees!

    We declare the power of the cross.
    We proclaim the power of Christ’s blood, triumphant, a finished work, once and for all time.
    This is our testimony, this is our story, this is our Gospel.

    Father, thank You that hearts are being lifted with hope right now.
    Faith is rising up.
    Life, power and healing is being released into bodies where there has been physical affliction. The wind of the Spirit is blowing, touching hearts and minds. Where mental health has been under siege, oppression is lifting.
    Attacks of the mind are being broken, in Jesus name.
    We thank you Lord for a season of recovery. Restoration, multiplied.
    Father, thank you that by your Spirit you are releasing new ideas, hopes and dreams. Blueprints, strategies and inventions; the next steps to take–these are being dropped from Heaven into the hearts and minds of people. We welcome them.
    The tables have turned.
    Nothing, NOTHING can stop Your will.
    We rest in Your sovereignty; we align with Your purposes. And we say all the glory, honour and praise goes to You Lord,
    In Jesus’ Name.

    1. AMEN and AMEN. All Honor and Glory to Jesus.
      Thankyou very much the Lord continue to Bless you and Keep you. The Lord shine his face on you always.

    2. Glory and honor unto God for having you Helen in use for the work of kingdom here on Earth.
      Today’s prophetic word and even the prayer is all touching the person of me and the situation I am in. And right now I know for sure the tables have been turned against my enemies. I actually saw one last night in a dream being defeated.
      Continue to pray with for more anointing of the Holy Spirit and breakthrough in my financial situation for I have a business transaction I’m waiting to come into fruition.
      It’s my prayer that, may the gracious Almighty God continue to give you more wisdom, good health and blessings that you continue to propagate His kingdom’s goodness here on Earth, in Jesus name.

      1. Julie Vine ( urban life church Sydney)

        Dear Helen
        My husband and I have been in a very difficult season and your continued blogs have been words in season for us! We encourage you to keep going with your ministry! Your last “the tables have turned “ word is speaking right into our situation. I have just prayed your prayer over us and our church and I will continue to declare it’s truths over the coming week ! Thank you Helen for your prophetic insight at this time.
        Love and blessings to you

        1. Hi Julie! I’ve been thinking about you both this past week, in fact talking to Malcolm about how I saw the vision of the red paddle/oar before my visit, and was then amazed to see you actually had one! And I was thinking again about how this represented redemption.
          I’d love to hear from you, so contact me personally.
          I’ll be praying this prayer for you too!

      2. Hi James, thank you for that!
        Our God is a master of business and I pray you receive the wisdom, strategy, assistance and timely intervention you need!

    3. I took this as a PERSONAL WORD FROM THE LORD TODAY!
      I have been going through rough mid attacks as my husband has been viewing pornography and dealing with chat rooms for other women. My husband needs prayer for CONVICTION, SALVATION, AND DELIVERENCE! The Lord needs to TURN THE TABLES on this situation for me. AS I CANNOT CHANGE MY HUSBAND’S HEART! I need prayer to handle the mind attakcs of being hurt by all this and attacking on how I see myself as not good enough for him and physical looks ITS HORRIBLE! I ts hard waiting on the Lord for Him to move But the Word says that WHAT THE ENEMY MEANT FOR EVIL GOD WILL YURN FOR MY GOOD! its what I hang on to. Thank you for this encouragement that the LORD IS WORKING IN MY SITUATION! JoAnn P.

    4. Paulett Parnell

      Good morning I am happy to be getting these words of encouragement from you they have always lift my spirit I thank you so much. I am asking for prayer over my financial situation and breakthrough for my business may the lord bless you and keep you in jesus name.

      1. Amen, Paulett! Yes, the God who supplies every need and the Spirit who has all knowledge is your God, I join in prayer for your breakthrough, in Jesus’ Name!

    5. I’m dealing with a situation my sister once was married, had 4 children 2 grown, one 29,23,17,11,she’s widow by a tragic death by fire, husband got burn to a crisp in a 18 wheeler truck, now she got into homosexuality . Maybe drugs too, and got the woman up in there home, going against the children for the woman and her children.. I ‘m praying, I’m not going to stop praying..do I need to some different tactics or what??
      Pastor Dianne Boyd

      1. Dianne, have your sister watch my testimony. God delivered me from homosexuality. My channel on YouTube is rescuedbytruth.

    6. Just wow! How can I put into words all that God is trying to teach me right now. We are in critical days for finances to be released for us to own our home this very week. We are now desperate before God and He is teaching us so much! Yes to having the upper hand! Yes to faith rising up! The tables have turned! We bind the work of lies and misunderstandings, we loose God’s truth that changes the atmosphere for blessings. Thankyou Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

    7. I agree and just declared this over me and my husband and children! God will do it! 🙂 All the glory will be His, forever and ever amen!!!

    8. thank you this message has lifted me up! I need prayer in my finance there are so many ups and down but I believe in GOD that he will stabilize it ,thank you in advance.

      1. Heavenly Father, we lift up Gad and every finance need under heaven. We proclaim your truth and your word God, that you will provide for our every need (Philippians 4:19). We know that nothing is impossible for you (Jeremiah 2:17). Thank you God for hearing our prayer.

        Karen Stuckey
        Enliven Ministry Team Member

    9. Praise king Jesus Helen,
      I bless God for using you mightly and sharing his message timely.
      I receive turning tables in my life, family, ministry, finances, career, education, marriage, destiny in Jesus mighty name.
      I see Jesus reverse every satanic plan, thought, idea, action.
      I see angels at work in answer to prayers and I believe this is the time to testify the goodness of God in the land of the living.
      May God bless you keep you and make his face shine upon you Woman of God

      1. Lord, Thank you for Tracy and for the heart she has for you. We stand with her knowing that You in her are greater than anything she has and will come across in each area of her life. Thank you Father for what you have done and what you are yet to do. Amen.

        Karen Stuckey
        Enliven Ministies Team Member

    10. Standing in agreement with absolute certainty that whatever mountain is coming against us ..with the small globule of faith and hope on Almighty.. We can fight every battle in righteous way with the word of God.AmenThank you very much

      1. Thank you Father for Sunitha and for the focus that Sunitha has on you. Give strength where needed and the faith to know that nothing is impossible without You. Give Sunitha keys and reminders during times of need. Amen.

        Karen Stuckey
        Enliven Ministies Team Member

    11. Amen. I love very much following everything from Helen Cadler. God is using her so powerfully.
      Regards Mrs Farida.

    12. Amen! “For all of GOD’s promises have been fulfilled in CHRIST with a resounding “Yes!” And through CHRIST, our “Amen” (which means “Yes”) ascends to GOD for HIS glory.” – 2 Corinthians 1:20 (NLT)

      Thank you Helen for the prophetic word, impartation and a word of prayer through this blog and email. This speaks to my current situation. I also agree on what is written in the bible, in 1 Corinthians 14:3 (NLT) that says “But one who prophesies strengthen others, encourages them, and comfort them.” The word of the LORD edifies, strengthens and gives comfort to His people. Thank you for being HIS vessel and extending HIS love to others. All glory and honor to HIM forever and ever.

      I pray Numbers 6:22-24, “The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.” In JESUS name. Amen!

  2. Please pray for my daughter,she is 12 and is troubled by a lot of things.But I know God will touch her! And set her free! Also for a situation at home to be resolved by the first weeksof November as He has promised! And for strength for my husband and I.

    1. Praying for you, your daughter and family right now, Andrea!
      I agree with you in Jesus’ Name for a significant breakthrough being underway, and your testimony to come, and the transformation He is doing in your daughter

  3. I need prayer that the ‘tables be turned’ in my situation. I find myself in a maze of problems ever since my separation and divorce. These include financial, physical and spiritual. I pray that God would work a miracle and give me some insight as to how to get out of the maze. Lord, TURN THE TABLES. Amen.

  4. I need prayer for my table to be turned around in a unjust situation. I know my God is in control. I shall stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

    1. we declare the justice of God for Stephanie to be manifest! Father thank You that You’re at work and she will see an outcome that causes many to marvel!

    1. Father we pray for Moses, may extraordinary grace be released to see this financial turn-around. May the favor upon him bring opportunities and Your Word within him bring about the change on the inside that manifests and causes even more change in his financial circumstances, in Jesus’ Name

      1. Charlene mcfarlane

        I bless you woman of God your blog keep giving me strength everytime i pray the Lord continue yo undergurde you with strength and passion for his word as you continue to share with us i ask that you pray for my eldest daughter to have courage and faith in Jesús and herself that she is a success and walk out into her calling in Jesús name thank you so much

        1. Yes Father, we pray for Charlene’s daughter. Thank you Lord that she will walk in her calling, she will walk in the miracle zone and she will have strength and confidence in You always.

  5. Me and my girls need a complete uhaul size turning of tables. I believe my calling is in the church or the like for a future job. My steadfast, home, relations, living situation, finances. I sense God in all of it. Amen.

    1. amen, standing with you right now for that uhaul size turning of the tables, Momma C!

      God arms me with strength,
      and he makes my way perfect.(Psalm 18:32)

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