3 Ways Jesus has “Turned the Tables” on Your Enemy

Many people have been in circumstances where it has felt like the enemy is controlling the outcome.
If you can relate to this in one or more areas, take heart! For the tables are about to be turned.

“The tables are turned”!

It’s a saying we use when a situation is being turned around.

  • It speaks of gaining strength and advantage over an opponent
  • A circumstance being reversed!
  • Someone who was initially weak now has the upper hand

Jesus Turned the Tables on Them

You are not under threat, you are a threat, lion's headOne day, Jesus strode into the outer courts of the temple, where greedy moneylenders were at work.
And He literally overturned their tables!

He declared, “It is written, ‘My house shall be a house of prayer!’ But you have made it a den of robbers!” (Matt 21:12-13)

We read that the next day—in that very place where greedy thieves had set up shop—Jesus taught and a crowd gathered.
He healed the lame and the blind who came to Him (Matt 21:14).
Children ran around the temple courts shouting, “Hosanna!”

Glorious contrast!
By His actions, Jesus declared: “This is what My Father’s house really looks like!”

From Upside Down to Right Side Up

Greed in the temple.
Priests profiting from moneylenders.
It is a picture of the enemy presenting what appears to be a “legitimized” operation, clothed in religion.

But Jesus said, “This is against Scripture, and the heart of my Father!”

While this story is of corruption in high places, it also speaks to us on a personal level.
And perhaps there are some “tables” that are due to be overturned in your life.

  • It may be fear, addiction, or a relational issue
  • It could be the threat of loss
  • Or, a controlling spirit at work

You can face up to that issue and say, “Enemy, you are trespassing here!
You’re not here to stay—that’s a lie—you’ve got to go, in Jesus’ Name!”

3 Ways Jesus has “Turned the Tables” on Your Enemy

When we look for our victory, all we need to do is look back to the cross.
Jesus said, “It is finished!”
He turned the tables on the enemy over 2000 years ago!

1. Life has Overturned Death

It is a threat that Satan wants us to believe.
The fear of death overtaking life.

We see its message in terrorism. In the spread of ungodly ideologies.
In bushfires and disease.
It’s a lie the enemy sells us—it’s the currency he operates in.

But the Bible paints a different picture; that of a River of Life, bringing healing, fruitfulness, and harvest wherever it goes (Ezek 47).

The truth is, God’s Kingdom is the invading, spreading Kingdom. It cannot be contained. It is expanding.

This is the prophetic perspective. This is what God’s Word says:

You are not under threat. You ARE a threat. And you carry a message of life that is unstoppable!

2. Light has Overturned Darkness

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” (John 1:5, NLT)

The nature of God’s Kingdom is light.
And the nature of light is to invade darkness, exposing what it hides.
Turn on a light, and darkness flees!

But Kingdom light is not only about exposing evil.

  • It’s about revealing good
  • It is about shining the light on what God is really like

Jesus overturned the tables of the moneylenders and exposed their greed. But He didn’t stop there.
In that very location, He went on to demonstrate the heart of the Father.

So today, be encouraged!

By faith, see the light of Christ shining through you to others.

3. Holiness and Wholeness, has Overturned Defilement and Disease

Another time, Jesus touched the lifeless body of a young girl—and she sprang from death to life. (Mark 5:41-42)
He touched a leper and said, “Be clean!”
That leper was instantly healed. (Matt 8:2-4)

These were conditions that were “unclean” under the law of Moses.
Touching someone unclean would cause defilement in the Old Testament!
But—a new law was now in operation!

Upon the touch of the Christ, the anointed One, those who were unclean, diseased, or defiled, became clean and whole.

Are you filled and anointed with the Spirit of God?
“…the One who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (1 John 4:4b)
Who and what you carry is contagious—so, don’t fear defilement of sin and sickness and don’t judge those who are ensnared by it.

You are a carrier of life, and Jesus—the source of light and life—lives within you and He is releasing His power through you.

Today, know that at your location, in your life, the Spirit of God is present.
You are the Father’s House!

Now the tables are turned, and the God of the turn-around is your Heavenly Father.


These “3 Ways Jesus Has Turned the Tables On Your Enemy” were first published on Enliven Blog in 2015:
“Is Your Perspective Prophetic? Check it Against These Three Truths”

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122 thoughts on “3 Ways Jesus has “Turned the Tables” on Your Enemy”

  1. I am currently staying in a relatives home which is very abusive. Have been attacked relentlessly since being there Also have the worst inflammation in my body and aches and pains.
    am taking painkillers for aches and pains and looking for answers for the apparently incurable inflammatory condition..

    Am believing for complete healing and wisdom and guidance in this situation. We have a long history of abuse in the generational bloodline and am believing for this to be dealt with..

    1. Hi Marlene, I say amen to that! your prayer request touched me and I wrote the prayer that is now right at the start of the comments section – that’s my prayer for you! <3
      His Word is your strength, is your medicine chest, and is your weapon of warfare

  2. Sandra Mokgalagadi

    Hi i need tables to turn around for my son who is looking for a job he has applied for jobs but no answer. Plz pray for the table to turn around in Jesus MIGHT name

  3. Wow Helen- talk about old prophetic words being for now! THIRTY YEARS AGO, I was given a download that a Cyrus Shepherd would appear here in New Zealand. June 2020 I discovered who he is!! He has been catapulted onto the scene with great rapidity. He has God’s agenda on his heart, but not loved for it. But a few days ago I had a dream that he is deliberately being kept ‘out in the cold’ and relegated to ‘the shadows’. There was a turnaround in the dream whereupon he was reluctantly acknowledged and brought in from the cold, and into the light. Please pray with me that God will turn the tables in this situation. Only He can. Thankyou.

    1. Hi Paula, I love to hear of God’s intercessors! That’s awesome! You can trust the God of your assignment to bring it to completion, and I pray with you for that to come to pass, in Jesus name! Ps 75:6-7

  4. Jacqueline Goodwin

    I need the tables to be turn around for my husband Darren that the chains and works of witchcraft be destroyed and consumed by the consuming of our God! That the tables are turned around and he comes back home to me delivered and set free! In Jesus name! Abba Father would turn the tables around in me and my children lives every area in our finances, business, and health in Jesus name!

    1. Yes Father, let it be for this daughter of yours, a mighty warrior and faithful, and Jesus name. Let every weapon that has been formed against this family instead be turned against the enemy. Let there be a restoration and powerful testimony

  5. Dear Helen, On my return home today, your prophetic word is once again so accurate, after I attended a worship day in another town, someone attended, who had previously ‘spoken ill of me and shut down me sharing a potent testimony I had been invited especially to bring. I was mid stream when it happened. Today a year later, the Lord has turned the tables….. to my surprise, I was handed a green silk banner to lift to the Lord in worship, it caught the breeze and was lifted up high before Him, and at one point, the annointing oil came down; the banner was so heavy, dripping with oil in the spirit. later the leader for the day commented on the heavy annointing I was wearing, while the other person overheard, and remained completely silent, on her knees… I trust she was before God being healed.

  6. Thank you for this word. Indeed I believe God speaks to us. And he turns around situation.
    Lately I have been having strange dreams related to evil sprits and attacks on my family’s progress and I.
    Please stand with in me in prayer to break every bondage having strongholds on our lives progress and success.
    May God turn around the situation and deliver us from the power of the enemy.
    Pray for me and my family.

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