The Day The Enemy Came To Jael’s House

Special days such as Mother’s Day are a time to celebrate the significant people in our lives. However, for many of us, they are days that remind us of what we do not have: [1]

  • Mums or Dads who are bringing up children alone
  • Those who have suffered grief or loss
  • Estranged relationships between parents and children
  • Parents whose hearts are breaking over children who are wandering far from God

And the list goes on.

If you can relate to this, take heart today as we look at the Bible story of how a woman called Jael overcomes a powerful enemy—right in her own home.

When the Enemy Comes to our Door

Sisera, commander of King Jabin’s army, has oppressed Israel for 20 years—with 900 chariots at his command. (Judges 4:1-3)

Sisera is a cruel and powerful foe.

Now, Israel’s army led by Barak along with Deborah, has routed Sisera’s forces—with supernatural help from God.

There is just one problem.

The warlord, the strongman Sisera himself, is still on the loose. And the battle is not over until the enemy’s commander has been defeated.

Sometimes the Battle turns up at our own Home

Sisera flees from the battle on foot and arrives at the tent of a woman called Jael, looking for shelter.

There are going to be times it seems as though the enemy has camped on our doorstep—and not content to stop there, has made an entranceway into our homes, relationships and families.

People Around us may Make Ungodly Choices

The Bible says that Jael’s husband, Heber the Kenite, has a ‘friendly relationship’ with Jabin king of Hazor.

Why has Sisera come to Jael’s home? Because another member of her household has created an ‘open doorway’ to the enemy.

‘He kept a neutral position, being at peace with both Jabin and Israel.’ (Judges 5:17)

Heber is a ‘fence-sitter.’ He does not fully align himself with God’s people. However his wife Jael does not share his position.

It is easy for us to be affected by those who are around us who don’t serve God, or who have areas of lukewarmness or sin—even in our own household.

However, we can be like Jael—not responding according to our circumstances, or the people around us, but according to God’s word.

You are Already an Overcomer by God’s Word

Before Sisera even turns up at her door, Jael already has victory over him—by God’s word.

In Judges 4:9, before the battle begins, we read the words of Deborah: “The Lord is handing the enemy over to a woman.”

Jael is moving into the miracle zone because she is positioned in agreement with what God says about her—and God says she is an overcomer.

God says YOU are an overcomer. (1 John 4:4)

Listen—the enemy knows that when we wake up to who we are in Christ, we are going to be unstoppable.

We will have the courage to stand up, no matter what others around us are doing—and overcome the forces of darkness.

Choose to Act—be Intentional

From the moment Sisera turns up at her door, Jael acts intentionally. She acts intentionally when she invites Sisera in, when she gives him warm milk to put him to sleep, when she picks up the hammer and the tent peg…and drives it through his head.

What else could Jael have done?

  • She could have left the situation to others to deal with. ‘There are others better qualified than me.’
  • She could have excused herself from acting. ‘Why should I be the only person in this household to stand up to this problem?’
  • She could have sheltered Sisera hoping he’d go away as quickly as he’d come—avoidance. ‘I don’t like conflict.’
  • She could have settled him in and then bolted—run off. Who would have blamed her?

Instead, she literally nails the enemy. [1]

You Already have Everything You Need to Overcome

Jael took what was available to her—her ordinary, everyday skill and equipment. No fancy weapon killed the general of a mighty army: it was a housewife’s tent peg.

Like Jael’s tent peg, and David’s slingshot, what might seem ordinary in your hands becomes extraordinary when you put your hands into the hands of God.

Take your prayers, for example.

God doesn’t need fancy prayers or gifted pray-ers to do His work. Are you neglecting opportunities to use your ‘tent peg prayers’ in times of spiritual warfare, because you feel inadequate?

You do not need to have anything else other than what is available to you right now, to be used of God

What else do you have at hand? The simple talents, skills and gifts that God has given you are powerful when you use them in obedience to Him.

With God, there are no Little People and no Little Places

Jael wasn’t a ‘Deborah’—she did not have a significant ministry. She was a wife, woman at home.

Sometimes we mistakenly think that if we are not a Deborah, or a Barak, then God can’t use us.

It is not about your ability; it is about your availability.

Jael could well have felt displaced. Her husband had isolated her from God’s people. But in fact, she was Divinely placed for a miracle.

Jael was alone and vulnerable. But one man or woman together with God are a majority.

The enemy’s presence in Jael’s home coincided with God’s time to overcome him. And just as God was with Jael, He is with you.

You can be a Bearer of Good News

Jael had good news to share with Barak, when he came by in pursuit of Sisera.

The strongman, the warlord, the enemy who had persecuted Israel for 20 years, had been overcome.

And so it was that a simple Bedouin housewife stepped out of obscurity and onto the pages of history.


[1] When relationships become severed, we serve a redeeming God who can create something beautiful out of something broken. See the following article:

Mothers Day—a Message of Hope

[2] Jael nailed the enemy physically. We remind the devil, ‘You are already nailed through Jesus’ finished work on the cross.’ (Col 2:13-15)

Jael was a ‘law enforcer’, enforcing the judgment of God. You and I are ‘grace enforcers’ and our badge of authority is the Name of Jesus. For more information about spiritual warfare, see:

12 Signs of Spiritual Warfare

Responding to Spiritual Warfare Pt 1: Identify the Enemy’s Strategy

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6 thoughts on “The Day The Enemy Came To Jael’s House”

  1. malcolm Calder

    Helen, this is totally awesome. What a story!!!! There is a powerful principle here… changing!!!!

  2. Sandi Bonavita

    Helen, this is great, loved this teaching, very powerful and It would be very hard to deny the truth of the message. Love you my friend, pray your anointing continues to grow. xoS

    1. Thank you Malcolm and Sandi. The power of God’s Word never ceases to amaze me. May you experience His breakthrough and blessing this week 🙂

  3. Love the teaching Mrs. Calder. The story of Deborah is a favorite of mine. You gave me more insight about Jael. “It’s not about your ability, it’s about your availability.” That is so true. After all, the Lord did use a donkey to speak his message. :)… love it

  4. This message was beautifully said. I love the title “When the enemy Comes to our Door”. It seems like the devil is attacking both of my children’s minds. And the evil spirit has made his way into my house. My husband just came into living his life by giving it all to God. Therefore, there are some things he may be still lukewarm about and I have to take over “in God’s way” without making my husband feel less than. This message was a true blessing to me.

    1. Hi Tina, I’m glad to hear the message was a blessing to you – you’ve just returned the blessing because I was thinking about this message today and you’ve confirmed it!
      I pray your home situation turns around, in Jesus’ Name

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