“I will rain down bread from Heaven” (Ex 16:4)

This week, I’ve been drawn to these words God spoke, as He introduced the provision of manna to Israel during the wilderness journey.
And I believe it contains a timely, and anointed reminder for us all!
I hear the Lord saying,

“What I have for you is so abundant, it will be as a deluge from Heaven!”

5 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

“I will rain down bread from Heaven”

God is visiting His people in the wilderness places, in the dry places, in the place of test and trial.
He is breaking through failure!
He is bringing life into the barren places—and providing sustenance for every need.

The story of how God provided daily bread to His people in the wilderness, has many lessons to encourage us.
And as I reflect upon this in the context of hearing God’s voice, these insights in particular stand out:

1. Expect to Receive an Abundance

It will be a deluge from Heaven, clouds, rainHear the heart of the Father in these words from Isaiah:
“…Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, and let your soul delight itself in abundance.” Isaiah 55:2b NKJV

See with the eye of faith, an abundance of loving thoughts, flowing from God towards you.

This is what the psalmist says,
“How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; When I awake, I am still with You.”
Psalms 139:17-18 NKJV

An orphan mindset is one of scarcity.
The enemy wants us to believe we have a shortfall of words from our Heavenly Father.
But God is speaking to you continuously, in one way or another.

You will never be short of the empowerment or direction you need.

You can know He is guiding you continually (Is 58:11).

2. Keep a Record of What God Says

“So they gathered it [the manna] every morning, every man according to his need. And when the sun became hot, it melted.” (Ex 16:21 NKJV)

God gave the bread, but the people still had to gather the bread, because uncollected manna would melt away.
This is the life of relationship and partnership. Our Father gives, we gather!

In the Bible, God has spread a table, laden and rich with a plentiful and continuous supply of food.
And the food you gather from His Word today, can become His word through you tomorrow!

The same applies to prophetic revelation.

Dreams are a great example of this—if we don’t lay hold of them, they evaporate.

What we neglect, we will forget!

When we value what God is saying to us personally, we will take note of it.
And it will be food to us—not only now, but on an ongoing basis.

“Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” (Habakkuk 2:2 NKJV)

3. Be Conscious of God’s Affection Towards You!

When God “rained down bread from Heaven” in the form of manna, there was enough for everyone.
Those who had capacity to collect more, did not receive more (Ex 16:18).
No one was preferred over another person.

What a wonderful picture of God’s favor and provision towards each of His children.
Towards you.
There are no little people in God’s Kingdom.
No one is left out or held back.

He has an abundance of revelation for you, for you are loved unconditionally by God!

Jesus spoke of the miracles He did this way:
“For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does; and He will show Him greater works than these, that you may marvel.” (John 5:21, NKJV)

The Father was not only sharing what was “necessary”, in order for Jesus to get a job done!

  • He was sharing out of love and affection for His Son.

And it is the same for each of us.
“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”
(John 10:27, NKJV)

4. Receive What Carries the Atmosphere of Heaven

When God said, “I will rain down bread from Heaven”, it set His power in motion, to produce what He declared by His word (Gen 1:1-3).

Manna was a physical food, provided supernaturally by God. And it stopped after the Israelites reached the Promised Land (Josh 5:12).
Hear your Father say,
“There is no limit to the way I can supply. Even in the wilderness, when all around you seems barren, I have bread from Heaven for you.”

Being from Heaven, a word that is from God will carry the power of the Holy Spirit, and the atmosphere of Heaven.

It will produce the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22-23).
And it will bear the stamp of the Kingdom, “righteousness, peace and joy” (Rom 14:7).

Don’t settle for less!

  • Turn your face towards that which carries the fragrance and flavor of His Presence
  • Words have reproductive power, so lay hold of those words that will reproduce Heaven on earth

“I am raining down bread from Heaven”.

5. See Jesus as the Source of Your Open Heaven

In John 6, Jesus fed a vast crowd of people, bread and fish multiplying through His hands.
Afterwards, He directed the disciples to pick up the leftovers.

Perhaps, these had been left scattered across the ground.
As He contemplated what the Father was doing, was Jesus recalling another era, another supply of bread from heaven?

During the manna years, God supplied enough daily for each person’s needs: no more, and no less.
And yet in this extraordinary act through Jesus’ hands, the Father supplied an overflow.

  • Basketfuls of food were left over, plenty to feed the hungry another day.

Afterwards, Jesus said, “I am the living bread that came down from heaven…” (John 6:51a)
The bread was a sign of a Person!
Jesus is the living Bread who has come down from Heaven!

So, open up your heart to receive, your hands.
The capacity you have to hear God‘s voice, is not based on your merits. It is not accessed through a formula, but by faith!
The open Heaven God has for you, is through Christ alone!
Child of God, it is your Father’s joy to give; and yours to receive and gather.

He says, “I have fresh bread for you.
I am releasing a deluge of words that will sustain you!”

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How do you “mark the moment” when God is speaking to you?
I dictate notes and copy Scriptures into my iPhone, then I email them to myself as a backup! We’re all different (I admire those people who write copious notes in, or highlight their Bible, but have never been able to bring myself to do that!)
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60 thoughts on “Manna: 5 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice—Abundantly”

  1. Thank you Helen for the revelation I receive the fresh bread from heaven in the wilderness where I am at now. This prophecy is speaking directly to me and on the right time when I was wondering when I will get provision long awaited or. Its a blessing indeed to hear that God favor is upon all His children and without fovoritsism. It a release for me to get this assurance that open heavens are upon me. May the good Lord our God keep and exten you and your family Helen and bless you abundantly to bless others. I have grown a lot from your ministering and learned to be patient while awaitng God to answering my request. Im proud to say this is an answer long waited for and i gladly receive in Jesus name. I aso give glory for His promises are yes and amen in christ. I believe and trust my over ten years wilderness journey is ending and all thanks to this beautifulinistry im aligned to. May God of Abrah ,isaak and jacob be praised. Amen

    1. Yes and yes! He is the one who breaks open the streams even in the desert and wilderness, Cynthia, may this be your encounter with Him at this time, Is 43:19

  2. Dear Helen,
    A couple months ago , i’d dreamt I was at peacefully place in the mountain with the sisters in church, then we saw an heavy rain com falling from heaven. When I woke up. I felt something in my dreams. My morning is so light ,, and I was searching the meaning of that dream. And brought me to found you ,, and I was so blessed when I read your blogs that day. Until now.
    And even in the midst of pandemic we our facing today. Im feel so blessed and my family we’re in The GOD’s ,
    Thanks to you. More power and God do best for us who obey his words. Amen. Love love.

  3. Praise God Sister Helen I already thank Our Lord for your love for Him and how you flow with His Sweet Spirit as you allow Him to use you for His Purposes. I’ve been hungry to understand the Prophetic things of God and prayed for wisdom “Lord who will you give to help me”? I know its the Holy Ghost who teaches us but then He uses people that are equipped available and sold out to Him. So I’ve been Blessed by your teachings on YouTube. Such Amazing help it has been! My husband and I have had some struggles in our finances lately and having to pay bills late or No money for some at all and shuffling them around to pay the most Urgent. We are tithers to our local church we also give to our Church Missions in the Dominican Republic and we give out of all our substance, wherever (we give its usually from our own Need) being led by Holy Spirit. And we Always seem to have enough food, supplies, electricity phone service for emergency etc. We do pay our bills but sometimes late. The bible says owe no man nothing but only to love. I had a dream a few nights ago before I was introduced to you. In the dream I saw our yard full of Fish laying on the ground. My mouth dropped with amazement! I woke up and said “fish represent provisions met thank you Jesus for paying our bills Your supernatural ways are about to happen for us”. I take communion to agree with the Word in ICorinth 11 do it to remember what Jesus did for us and John 6:53 Jesus says if we don’t eat His flesh and drink His blood there’s no life in us. I receive this Word from the Lord to Rain down the manna ( elevated worship, prayer, helping others, effective fruit of the spirit and monies to give to missions wherever needed in the world. I’m in Agreement however God uses to Bless us. Praising God in advance for Wisdom Counsel and Might as He Rain down supernatural manna from Heaven! Blessings and Love to you and your family! Prayers concerning your Ministries for Him!!!
    Always His first,

    1. yes, yes and yes, Barbara! fish raining down!
      And amen to a supernatural break-out in your finances!
      Thank you for mentioning the YouTube channel, that’s the hardest platform for me to get to, and I haven’t posted anything for a while, appreciate the encouragement

  4. You have always shared life changing words.Every time I see your mail,I know God is taking to me.
    God bless you
    Patrick from Uganda

  5. Naomi Testimony

    As always…..so timely. I am delighted to know that God has an abundance of revelation for me, for I am loved unconditionally by Him.
    The Lord bless you immensely Helen Calder. <3
    I jot down on notebooks. I also read as I underline/highlight my bible.
    For prophecies and my talk with God or letters to Him, I have an email exclusively for that; I write and send to myself addressing Him. LOL. Whenever I need to refer, it becomes easy.

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