Prophets: God is Shaping You to Be His Message

Prophet, You are God's StoryAs prophetic people, we like to dream with God about the story that lies ahead.

  • We may even have a chapter list, or theme in mind!

But our Father knows all. God knows the unexpected, and He knows the “pop-up” chapter, where we are right now. The pandemic of 2020 may not have been on our chapter list, but it was not hidden from Him.

As the Psalmist says,
“Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.” (Psalm 139:16 NIV)

So, if you find yourself in an unexpected, or painful place right now, remember, your Father is the ultimate storyteller!
And He is working a miracle behind the scenes.

  • This pathway is leading to its conclusion and the new chapter that lies ahead.

Prophet: You are Becoming the Message!

It’s something I’ve heard Prophet David McCracken say over and over, in all the years I’ve journeyed with him:

  • That the messenger must first become the message. [1,2]

This is a truth that has been sown deep into my heart.
You see, if the word of the Lord is going to be true through you—then first, it must be true IN you.

It’s about us, as carriers of a prophetic word, being compatible with the word we carry!
And there’s a few things at work here:

One is prophetic integrity. That your life is in alignment with the message that you bring.
Another is God’s love for you personally. He’s at work in you, taking you from glory to glory in the likeness of Jesus.

But there’s another dynamic at work.
And that is, there may be encounters with God, trials He’s allowing you to go through, even battles with the enemy, that are not only for your own benefit.
They are not only for your advancement.

  • But you’re experiencing something that’s related to your calling

This may be reflective of what He’s doing in the group that you’re called to minister to, or His wider body.
You may even be destined, to be not only a voice in that situation, but also an example and pioneer.

And what’s happening, is that you are becoming the message before you can bring the message. And your life actually becomes the story that God is telling.

It may be that stories and testimonies about what you have been through, will become a parable about what God is going to do in their lives or situations.

“There are going to be times when God will use your story to tell HIS story.”

I’ve personally been through a long journey on this—and to be honest, there have been many times when I’ve felt reluctant to share the stories of my own prophetic encounters and lessons!

This is partly because I want to represent His word faithfully and not rush into sharing something significant, before it has been verified—and that’s a good thing.
And also because by nature, I am a very private person.

At a pivotal time, I felt the Lord speak to me about this. He showed me that the stories of the prophets’ lives and their encounters are often an integral part of Scripture.

  • Their lives and stories are great lessons, and in many cases, they are also prophetic messages from the Father

God uses their stories to tell His story.
And it’s a principle for us to pay attention to—for He continues to do that today.

Tips on Becoming the Prophetic Message You Bring

If you can relate to this in your own prophetic journey—and it’s something we will all experience to a certain extent—here are some tips and lessons I have learned along the way:

1. Remember God is not in a hurry to shape His vessels!

When it comes to “becoming the message”, time will be involved. Begin processing what God is doing in your life privately and have people around you that can speak into your life.

I started a journal 30 years ago, and long before I was sharing publicly, I was processing my journey with the Lord privately.
I have books of prophetic journaling and diaries that no one will ever see–thankfully!

Sure, there are seasons of Divine acceleration, but there are no shortcuts in the prophetic journey.
Look at the stories of those God called in the Bible; we’ve got to be in it for the long haul! This is where the Lord develops our faith, our perseverance, and our intimacy with Him.

2. Be aware that some of the trials God will use to shape you, will be relational

At times, there will even be leadership issues, and hurts and offenses, and how you handle these will be crucial to what lies ahead.

3. Don’t be in a rush to declare messages that are “weighty” (significant words)

As prophetic people, many times we have a sense of what God wants to declare through us, sometimes even years before the time is right!

You can trust God’s timing. In becoming the message, He is developing you, and growing you in authority, humility and stature—and this is so you will bear the weight of what you will prophesy to others.
That you will be faithful.

Today, be encouraged:
There may be a prophetic mantle on you, and there is a work that God is doing in you RIGHT in this season, for that very purpose!

[1] The original source of this content is the Enliven Prophetic School

[2] See more about David McCracken here

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40 thoughts on “Prophets: God is Shaping You to Be His Message”

  1. Praise Jesus woman of God,
    I bless Jesus for using you to share the word that has pierced deeply into my soul and ministered to me. As I was reading God made me meditate and caused me to remember certain hard situations I went through and I’m going through so that I can become his message.i receive development of faith, perseverance and more intimacy with him, I receive more growth and development in authority, humility and stature in Jesus mighty and precious name I have prayed and believed.
    May God bless you, increase you and make his face shine upon you Helen.

  2. Margaret Tafela

    This is powerful Helen. I had a vision at one time when I saw an Angel with stars on top of his head, like ,12 stars and was bending down from a bulkon to give me a brown envelope down on the big room where I was standing.

  3. Naomi Testimony

    “You see, if the word of the Lord is going to be true through you—then first, it must be true IN you.”
    “It may be that stories and testimonies about what you have been through, will become a parable about what God is going to do in their lives or situations.” “There are no shortcuts in the prophetic journey.”
    I can relate to this. I have read and re-read the message with tears in my eyes. I have been touched to the core.
    This is God directly speaking to me. I have learnt to walk in prompt obedience even when it does not make sense. I believe that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Revelation 19:10
    Thank you Helen Calder

  4. I enjoy reading your stories!!! I want to say to you woman of God keep encouraging the people in a time such as this!!!

  5. My son is arrested for something he did not do.I prayed and the docket and police did not show up the second time he showed up and make a bad comment in front of the lawyer please pray for us because we are poor he will be persecuted for something he did not do. His name is Philimon

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