A Day I Received a Strategy from the Holy Spirit

Receive strategies and blueprints from the Holy SpiritIn 2001, my husband and I were involved with a mission agency, that was going through a season of transition.
The ministry was in a financial crisis. I wrote in my diary, “we’re in one of the most difficult seasons ever.”

One night when my husband was out at a meeting and my children were asleep in bed, I got down on my knees. I was crying out to God about what was happening in our missions ministry. Suddenly, while on my knees praying, I saw in my mind’s eye some diagrams. They clearly explained the changes affecting our organization.

I got up off my knees, found some paper, drew the pictures that I’d seen, and sat up late writing notes from them.

Spirit-Inspired Diagrams

Those diagrams described a paradigm shift taking place in the way local churches approached missions, and they helped turn our ministry around. Wherever my husband Malcolm and I went, and we showed the diagrams to pastors and leaders, they were electrified. “That’s it! That’s what’s on our hearts!”

That insight—described in pictures and given by the Holy Spirit—contributed to the turnaround of our New Zealand ministry, and was instrumental in moving us here to Australia—into God’s new season for our lives! [1]

Supernatural Strategies and Blueprints

We often pray and ask God for guidance; for direction. For where to go. But there are times when He wants to add to that. He has made available strategies and blueprints that describe our destination, as well as how to get where we’re going. We simply need to ask.

One definition of a blueprint is, “a guide for making something — a design or pattern that can be followed.” [2]

Our Father is saying, “Will you believe and ask Me to give you supernatural strategies, and blueprints—patterns and designs? Will you seek Me for wisdom? I long to give you so much more than you’ve received up until now.”

The Power of an Anointed Strategy

In Genesis 41, Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s prophetic dream—that seven years of plenty in the land are going to be followed by seven years of famine.

Joseph doesn’t stop with the interpretation—he boldly follows it with an anointed strategy for how Pharaoh can manage the situation and save the nation.

And Pharaoh asks, “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the Spirit of God?” (Gen 41:38). He then puts Joseph in charge of the project!

One anointed strategy from God is powerful; it can even save nations.

God’s Wisdom does not Always Make Earthly Sense

In 2 Kings 4, a widow cries out to the Prophet Elisha because she is in debt. He doesn’t give her money—he gives her an anointed strategy from the Holy Spirit that uses a resource she already has on hand. “Go get as many empty jars as you can, pour your oil and keep on pouring—sell the oil.”

Here’s the thing about strategies from Heaven. Sometimes God’s wisdom may not make earthly sense. And maybe no one has articulated it this way before—but God is giving you a strategy that’s a ‘now’ blueprint for the new thing He’s doing.

  • It’s supernatural wisdom
  • It’s a Heavenly solution to your earthly problem

Now is the time for you to have faith in God, and be open to receive a Heavenly strategy! It will give Him glory because Jesus is the only explanation for what people see taking place.

How do you receive a strategy from God? Simply believe, ask, listen, and record.

The strategy may come in a dream, in a prophetic word, in a picture, or in a moment of practical but God-breathed wisdom insight. So, be open to the many ways God can speak to you.

Right now the Holy Spirit is stirring us, and He’s saying, “Will you believe and ask Me not only for direction but also the strategy, the “how” of getting there?”

Be encouraged by these words of James:

‘If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.'(James 1:5)

[1] My husband Malcolm was the National Director of a mission organization called Asian Outreach from 1995 – 2002 in New Zealand and 2002 – 2004 in Australia. We also served for seven years prior to that, in a voluntary capacity.
[2] Source: https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/blueprint

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31 thoughts on “How to Receive Strategies & Blueprints from the Holy Spirit”

  1. Hi Helen.
    I often see visions of the things I’m praying for. One time I had been praying for a house and I was praying I saw a hot air baloon with the name of an estate agent hovering over a very expensive surbub. Another time I was praying for a car and my eyes just opened and I saw a car dealer that sells Toyota cars. Problem? I don’t know how to receive the things I see in the spirit so they can manifest physically. Another experience I had, I took a day’s fasting just praying about my spiritual life. As I was praying my mind was flooded by thoughts of a business I need to start. A week before that I had been thinking about starting a business and I had a few ideas I wanted to choose from. I believe that God is leading me towards the catering business. The thoughts just filled my mind so powerfully as I was praying, it was difficult to ignore them.

  2. Sure, the holy spirit gives strategies and they are always true. I decided to sell some vegetables and at the beginning i bought almost every type of the vegetables known in my local area of residence but that night when i was praying to God about the business i had started, he showed me only two types of vegetables in a a sack, this came as a vision and it happened to me several times for the whole of that week. Since my gift of prophecy is still so young, i totally failed to understand this until when i realised that the vegetables that could appear in the vision were always bought in large quantities yet the other types normally got rotten due to lack of buyers for them. Thanks so much Prophet Hellen for the work you are doing in my life, i have not remained the same since i started reading your blog. God bless.

  3. Please I am very happy about the how to receive strategies and blueprint of the holy spirit.
    I need God help so that I can become like you but I need NIV/KJV STUDY BIBLE

  4. god bless you helen. i am extremely inspired by this message about the supernatural strategies and blueprint. i will use this tool in the near future and i will be delighted to share the testimony as a result of your influence.. may God continue to shine his face upon you and what he has called you to do..

  5. Hi Hellen! woow this is supernatural wisdom..i do not have a ministry but i have a heart to mother the nation.I have had several encounters with people in needs..at first i was praying that God give me more resources so that i can be able to help those in needs but then God gave me wisdom that if you give money/resources to a poor person you only serve their needs temporarily,once they finish what you have given needs rises again.will you continue giving and giving,how long will you keep giving to eradicate poverty is to empower the poor by ideas and stimulating their minds helping them to address life in a different perspective.Change their mindset,make them believe in themselves that they can do something,encourage them to work,that God will bless the work of their hands..it is really working,i have witnessed people growing from nothing to business people and i pray for more grace,patient and more wisdom that i may be able to help many more people without giving them money or resources..Poverty is not about shortage of resources it is the poor mindset,lack of wisdom..Thank you for the lesson,it will encourage me in what i want to do

    1. That sounds AWESOME, Tuduetso Amos.
      I pray you continue to receive the revelation and empowerment for this vision to be fulfilled!

  6. Please pray for me. I can’t seem to remember my dreams lately and so much oppressions I’m dealing with right now. I don’t know where to go in ministry because I have no mentor.

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