‘You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you; and light will shine on your ways.’ (Job 22:28, NASB)

Are you in need of a breakthrough? A prophetic decree is an authoritative ‘now’ word that unlocks the supernatural and causes a shift to take place.

What is a Prophetic Decree?

Prophetic_DecreeA decree is ‘an official order that has the force of law.’ [1]

When we decree something, we are making a declaration that has the weight of Kingdom authority behind it.

‘Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’ (Matt 6:10)

Our decree is prophetic when it is sourced in our Heavenly Father’s intention. The Holy Spirit has revealed God’s will to us. [2] We then have authority on earth to enforce the Father’s plans through the agreement of our own words.

4 Reasons Why a Prophetic Decree is Powerful:

1. A Prophetic Decree Unlocks Kingdom Resources

In the book of Ezra, King Cyrus issued a royal decree to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem. (Ezra 5:13) The king backed that decree up with royal resources—and the proclamation of that decree unlocked the generous giving and volunteering of those who heard it. (Ezra 1)

King Hezekiah issued a decree inviting Israel and Judah to repent and come to Jerusalem for the Passover. That decree resulted in a national revival as multitudes turned to God, celebrating the Passover for the first time in generations. This was followed by the mass destruction of altars and ‘high places’ dedicated to false gods. (2 Chron 30-31)

In the book of Esther, Mordecai wrote a decree in the King’s name. (Esther 8) That decree empowered the Jews to mobilize and overturn the plans of their enemies. It brought victory to God’s people.

A decree is a royal command. The Aramaic and Hebrew words translated ‘decree’ in these passages could also be translated law, regulation, (royal) edict, judgment, commandment or commission. [3]

Your prophetic decree unlocks the resources of the Kingdom! Your words will change atmospheres, touch hearts, break through opposition and shift situations into alignment with God’s purposes.

Be inspired in your faith, as you meditate on the examples above. The result of a king’s decree was that:

  • The decree empowered people to fulfill God’s purposes
  • The king’s treasury was unlocked to resource the decree
  • People responded with generous giving
  • A national revival took place, with multitudes turning to God
  • The enemy’s plans were overturned and the enemy was defeated
  • God’s people gained victory
  • God’s will was accomplished

2. Prophetic Decree is an Expression of Kingdom Authority

“Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” (Matthew 18:18)

When a king speaks, his subjects must pay attention and obey instantly. As you declare your Father’s will through prophetic decree, the spiritual realm must pay attention and come into alignment. Miracles then break out in the natural (physical) realm.

A prophetic decree is powerful because it flows from the recognition that we are the Father’s royal sons and daughters and carry His Kingly authority in Jesus’ Name. (Rev 1:6) However, it is important to remember that:

  • This authority is not independent—we do not exercise it in our own name but in the Name of Jesus. (John 14:13) [4]
  • We cannot expect to operate in Kingdom authority if we are unwilling to come under authority and leadership ourselves [5]
  • A prophetic decree is not our own will or wish; it is not the personal desire of what we would like to see happen. We are making a confident declaration of our Father’s revealed intention.

God speaks His Divine command. You are His agent, submitted on earth, declaring on earth what your Father has established in Heaven. That prophetic decree becomes a powerful, creative, ‘let there be’ word.

3. Prophetic Decree is not a Formula—it is a Standpoint

The power of prophetic decree does not come from using the word ‘decree’. It is not about using the words as a formula.

A decree may be in the form of an announcement, declaration or command. A prophetic decree may be a declaration made in faith that causes the impossible to happen.

“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.” (Mark 11:22-23)

Prophetic decree flows naturally when we comprehend and speak from our heavenly position. (Eph 2:6) The power is not in the words we use but in the revelation of our authority in Christ.

4. Prophetic Decree is More Powerful When Announced!

In the Bible, after a ruler made a royal decree, officials organized the proclamation of that decree. It was not enough that a king or governor made a decree—that decree had to then be publicized and conveyed throughout the kingdom.

Decree and proclamation were part of a two-step process. Proclamation—the announcement of the decree—was vital. It allowed people to respond and position to obey the decree.

There is power in a decree, even when it takes place in private prayer and intercession. However, leaders understand the power of public prophetic proclamation. This is one reason why prophetic preaching is powerful.

Prophetic proclamation—announcing the prophetic decree—enables God’s people to position for and respond to the Father’s purposes.


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[2] All prophetic revelation is subject to being tested. See ‘How to Check Your Prophetic Insight is from God’

[3] See Strong’s H2942 and H1881

[4] For more on the topic of Kingdom authority, see ABC’s of the Kingdom of God

[5] See The Power of Prophetic Accountability

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24 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why a Prophetic Decree is Powerful”

  1. Hie
    I enjoy the sermons, for now everything looks very confusing for me in the ministry but with all things are possible, reason being 2years nothing is moving. Mike

  2. Hi Helen will you please tell me how to decree over my future wife that God will bless me with some day. Thank you for your help. Be blessed.

  3. Minister Mckinley Darden

    Very powerful word, God knows what we need. I needed to hear from heaven. Trying to seek direction in my Ministry. Finding myself in dry seasons, begin to speak negative words , but God allows me to experience this Word tonight. Praise God hallelujah, thank God for the power of his Word, the Divine Revelation of His Word.

    1. Amen! Praying with you from Melbourne, Australia. May you know the fresh flow of the Spirit and God’s fruitfulness in your life and ministry.

  4. Good day. i have heard of women who declare and decree other woman’s husbands. they talk about fasting for the man and tithing for that man. Where does God stand in all this.They talk about vows and yet that person is married with children. I doubt if God wants to destroy marriages for he said what i have joined no man shall put asunder. What advise would you give to the man’s wife.

    1. Hello Amelda, you are right – and that is abuse of a spiritual gift. (It could also be called witchcraft, as it is ungodly manipulation using spiritual means). We should always weigh up everything against God’s Word.
      I don’t have the full story so it’s difficult to speak into, but my thoughts are:
      – this kind of thing should be addressed by a church oversight – it’s a problem in the church
      – if the man knows about it, then as the protector of his wife and marriage he could speak to those who are doing this and tell them to stop it
      – Pray and break any effects off, and declare strength in the marriage according to God’s Word – but I do not believe that we should be brought into bondage by having to pray continually against curses. Pray once and then believe by faith that ‘a curse without a cause will not alight’ (Prov 26:2)
      Hope that helps, I am very sorry to hear it, Ameldah

  5. Obakore Bridget

    I am richly blessed your teachings on ‘Prophetic Decree’ Is it right if I should come out of the house at midnight and/or at noonday to make prophetic decree? As a sister,I have been believing God for marital breakthrough for some years now,well manner, humble and I have kept myself over the years,seriously committed to kingdom stewardship,fasting & praying,sowing seeds,praying for ministers & the church of God, & even emptied my account to build an alter to God in a church,but yet I have kept repeating this same prayer point ‘marital breakthrough for my two sisters & I,the three girls in my family’ I am not experiencing anything-spirit husband.What then can it be? Witchcraft manipulation/Foundation they say.What about all my commitment in kingdom stewardship,prayers and fasting? Since 2014,2015,2016,2017, I have received 7different revelations from different persons(both close/distant friends& Christian sisters) telling me they saw me in their revelations/dreams,saying:I saw a brother coming your way for marriage,he is rich: You are preparing for your marriage: I was preparing to attend your marriage: You introduced the guy you want to marry to me& he is a multi-millionair: You will soon get married& your marriage will be favoured,you will not spend a din: A guy was introducing you to me saying’this is my wife,the woman I want to get married to.the guy is wealthy, etc. I on my part I have also had personal revelations all centered on breakthrough. Of a truth,a few men has come but,the relationship lasted for either a day,2days, a week or a month, without quarelling or strife & some left without a comment. I realy don’t what to do again. Please I need your advice.

  6. Why do I neglect this powerful tool?! This is such an amazing truth and you have encouraged me once again, not to accept the status quo or go through the motions ( my mantra – “ I don’t want to just go through the motions”) but to press in for more. Declaring and proclaiming things that are not as though they are! Thank you Helen

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