Give Yourself (And Your Spiritual Gifts) Permission To Shine

Last week I shared about how you don’t need a spiritual gift to be a supernatural Christian. And I asked the question, ‘What spiritual gifts do you know that you DON’T have?

But what about the spiritual gifts that you DO have? Can they be expressed in your everyday life?

The Mantle of My Father’s Favour

In Genesis 37, Jacob had a richly ornamented robe made for his favourite son Joseph. Joseph’s coat set him apart and caused him to stand out from the crowd.

Everywhere Joseph went, he wore the mantle that represented his father’s favour.

In God’s Kingdom, each of us is the Father’s favoured son or daughter (Gal 3:26-29). The unique mix of spiritual gifts He has given to us individually is like Joseph’s richly ornamented robe.

‘We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.’ (Rom 12:6)

I want to live an undivided Christian life—where I am the same person in my daily life that I am in my church life and devotional life with God—not confining my faith to set times and places.

In the Gospels, wherever Jesus went, He was simply Himself, and His prayer life and spiritual gifts were on display for all to see. No matter where He was, He was always ready to impart healing, teach, set someone free or share a word of knowledge.

This challenges me.

Lately, I have become more conscious of not holding back my faith and who I am before others, and this includes being open about the spiritual gifts God has given me.

For a start, this is a matter of personal integrity. As I grow in gifts of prophecy, or prayer, for example, why should I be one way with Christian friends or in meetings, and then shut that part of my life down when I am out and about?

And yet (let’s be honest) many times, this is exactly what we do.

Too often, our spiritual gifts are like a coat that we pull out of our wardrobes when we are heading to church or to any place where we are meeting with our Christian friends. But then, when we leave church, we take the coat off as we walk out the door.

What would happen if we started ‘wearing’ our spiritual gifts everywhere we went—in our homes, workplaces, schools, shops and neighbourhoods?

I want to be like Joseph, unashamed to wear the mantle that my Father has given to me. I want to freely display who I am in Christ, as well as the Holy Spirit and His unique expression and anointing on my life.

Embracing Our Unique Giftedness

The Hunk has a ‘missionary’ gift. Wherever we go he delights in talking to people from other cultures, befriending them and discovering where they are from. (This occurs frequently in restaurants, when I want to have a private, romantic moment).

Whilst the focus of this blog is primarily on prophetic and prayer gifts [1], there are many more spiritual gifts that can be expressed in our everyday lives. For example, I have often admired people who have gifts of hospitality, like Mary and Martha did. (Luke 10:38)

Like the colours in Joseph’s robe, we have different many and varied gifts. Even when we have spiritual gifts that are similar to those of others, the expression and strength of those gifts will be unique to us.

We should never compare ourselves with others or feel inferior in our spiritual gifts.

I hear many people express doubt about having a gift, even though they have used it in church life, have seen others helped and brought closer to Jesus by it, and had its presence confirmed by Christian leaders.

Why does it seem more spiritual and humble to downplay or even deny the presence of a spiritual gift in our lives?

Are You Wearing Your Mantle?

If Joseph had hidden away the mantle of his father’s favour, his brothers may have been more accepting of him.

He may have experienced fewer trials. But he would never have been sent ahead of God’s people to Egypt, or have been used of God to save the nations of that region from perishing through famine.

So take ownership of your unique spiritual gifts. Throw the mantle of your Father’s favour around your shoulders for all to see, and give yourself—and your spiritual gifts—permission to shine.

As I go on this journey, here are some things I am starting to do more of:

  • Sharing openly with others—regardless of their beliefs—about activities that I am involved with that are to do with my spiritual gifts
  • Being honest about interests I have and values I carry that relate to my spiritual gifts
  • Being open to the Holy Spirit to use me wherever I am in my everyday life
  • Using my spiritual gifts, whatever they are, when opportunities arise for Jesus’ love to be expressed through them to people
  • Working on expressing my spiritual gifts (especially those of a revelatory nature like prophecy) in a natural, non-religious way

‘For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.’ (2 Tim 1:6-7)

Questions to Consider:

  • What spiritual gift(s) do I know that I have—that have been affirmed and used in the life of my church?
  • What would it look like for me to live an undivided Christian life in relation to my spiritual gifts? Am I doing so?


[1] To learn more about spiritual gifts and how to develop your prophetic or prayer gifts, read my e-Book, ‘Grow Your Prophetic And Prayer Gifts.’

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8 thoughts on “Give Yourself (And Your Spiritual Gifts) Permission To Shine”

  1. Helen – I love this analogy – it is a reminder to me to wear my ‘mantle’ every day – and to be who He wants me to be wherever I go – work, socially, ‘out and about’. It so wonderful to experience his favour in all things (great and small)

    (I’ve always had a mental picture of what Joseph’s coat must have looked like – richly made and beautiful – and I guess that describes the mantle God gives to us – individually ‘tailored’! That’s an amazing concept.)

    1. Thank you Jenny–and I love your words, ‘individually tailored.’ I’ve been meditating on Ps 139 again, ‘I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
      your works are wonderful, I know that full well.’ When we allow all that we are and all that we have received from Him to shine, we give glory to the One who made us.

  2. Josephs coat is a perfect example Helen. When we are with others and let our, lets just say, our gift of hospitality shine why do we have to cover the other beautiful colors (gifts) with black patches on our glorious coat or covering?

    You are so right, it is giving ourselves permission to shine. To shine His glory. He gave us the gifts. It is hard at first to share with others those gifts that we think they won’t accept us for. I have found that by sharing, other’s share with me that they too have gifts and that helps bring us out of isolation.

    I recently used my gift of discernment on a matter. I didn’t even know God had called me to this particular weekly event to use this gift. It was after a month before I knew that I was not meant to stay there, just to discern and clarify a matter, report it to our pastor and not go back. Our pastor simply acknowledged it and told me that what I had discerned was correct and he thanked me for some additional clarity. Not scary at all.
    I recently share with my bible study group that I lead that I am a discerner. I was very scared to tell them. They all returned the following weeks! Praise God that were not all freaked out. Thank you Helen for putting it all so succinctly.

  3. Hi Pamela,
    You have brought up a really important point. Most people appreciate the value of a gift of hospitality or administration. But some gifts, especially the revelatory ones like discernment, prophetic intercession and prophecy, take more courage to reveal to others. Many people do not fully understand or appreciate them, and especially as we are growing in the use of the gifts we can feel naturally tentative too. They are gifts that require faith to use and bring into community in church life (Rom 12:6), let alone into our daily life! But I believe that as we do this, in conjunction with our accountability and growth in the life of our church, there is a great capacity to see the Spirit move and miracles happen in our everyday places.
    It’s great to hear that you are stepping out and using your gift of discernment to support your leaders and bless your church. That is where the gift of discernment is most valuable and powerful!

  4. I am really touched by the above article. As I was reading it I realised I have not been living a real undivided christian Life. There are times I seem to lower the standard in order to fit in especially in my professional context. But now I know it is wrong,I take the commitment to be myself everywhere and to use my prayer and other gifts to impact the world around me. thank you once more for the article.

    1. Hi Gretiana,
      Thank you for your note. Living an undivided life is a challenge, isn’t it? Thank God for His wonderful grace!
      I think a great question is, ‘What does it look like for me personally to live an undivided Christian life, and what is the next tiny step towards this?’ It’s hard to break down the barriers all at once, but as we begin in small ways, we give the Holy Spirit room to move and lead us in our daily lives, including our work environment.
      I pray that you experience the leading of the Holy Spirit powerfully in this coming week.

  5. Actually, without counsciously trying, I have been using my spiritual gifts outside the church. It seems just natural to me. I have seen people blessed, encouraged, healed & delivered.
    But last week I was attacked verbaly, by 5 people asking: do you think you are a prophet?
    I lost my courage and tried to tone down saying that like every born again xtain I have the Holy Spirit; hence can speak for God.
    But now, I am encouraged to affirm my prophetic calling no matter what comes next time. Thank you.

    1. Hi Kenny, it’s wonderful to hear of your passion for living out your gifts in your daily life!
      The people attacking you may be a sign that the enemy is trying to close you down, but may also be that you need to share your prophetic insights in a way that they better receive it. May your joy and confidence continue to grow!

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