You Don’t Need A Special Gift To Be A Supernatural Christian

Have you ever declined to do something because you are ‘not gifted’ in that area?

I have.

‘I’m not gifted in that area’ is an apology that I have used often, especially when it comes to things like hospitality or evangelism.

And this can be a very good thing!

In the church environment particularly, it is vital that we serve where we are gifted and passionate and called.

‘Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.’ (1 Peter 4:10)

But—what about in my relationships and my everyday life? Does ‘I’m not gifted in that area’ work as a reason to not speak to someone about Jesus, or not to pray for a family member who is sick, or not to provide hospitality when it is needed?

Don’t be Intimidated by Others’ Spiritual Gifts

We will never truly be fulfilled until we step into the fullness of life that we are designed for—and be comfortable with our own unique expression of spirituality.

I have an old Toyota Camry, which is a vehicle that serves my family and me well. If I am driving and alongside me a hot, turbo-charged Ferrari pulls up, I don’t say, “What is the point of me being on the road? My car is not as powerful as that one.”

My car may be ordinary, it may not go as fast, but it is the only one that will taxi my children around, carry my family’s groceries and get me to work.

In the same way, we must not allow the fact that we do not have a spiritual gift of prayer, prophecy, healing and so on, intimidate us, or stop us living the supernatural life that is our rightful inheritance as Christians.

You and I will connect with people in our everyday life that the pastors and gifted people in our church will not, and occasions for prayer will arise when there is no one present but the Lord and us.

Where is the evangelist when the opportunity arises for you to discuss your faith with a neighbour, or work colleague, or lead your child or grandchild in a salvation prayer?

Where is the prophet when you or someone near you is struggling in your daily life, and needs direction or breakthrough, and could benefit from an encouraging word from God?

A Spiritual Gift, or a Characteristic of Christian Living?

It is vital that we grasp the difference between what a spiritual gift is, versus what is a basic characteristic that we should be exhibiting as followers of Jesus.

For the most part, spiritual gifts are turbo-charged, Holy Spirit-boosted versions of attributes that should be present in the life of every Christian believer.

For example:

  • Every Christian is a witness and can share the Good News about Jesus (Col 4:5-6). However, a person with a gift of evangelism will see more people make commitments to Jesus through his or her ministry than the average Christian.
  • Every Christian can pray (1 Thess 5:17, Eph 6:18). In fact, prayer is foundational to our relationship with God. Some Christians will pray more, and experience more miraculous results, because they have a gift of prayer or intercession
  • All Christians can prophesy (Acts 2:17-18)—i.e., hear God’s voice for themselves and others. Some people can prophesy more powerfully, with greater accuracy and at a higher level, because they have a spiritual gift of prophecy

The same is also true of other areas such as healing (James 5:16), helps (Mark 10:43-45), giving (Rom 12:13) and hospitality (1 Peter 4:9).

This is why, in Ephesians 4, Paul describes the 5-fold (‘Ascension’) ministries—not as exclusive ministers in their area of giftedness—but as those whose primary calling is ‘to equip God’s people for works of service.’ (Eph 4:11-12)

The Basis for Supernatural Christian Living is Not a Spiritual Gift

It is true that some people do have a higher degree of giftedness than others in prayer, healing, prophecy, and so on.

But having a gift is not the basis for you being able to share with someone about Jesus, or pray, or receive a message from the Father for yourself or someone else.

Your ability to hear God’s voice is your right as a son or daughter in His Kingdom.

The source of your authority is the Name of Jesus Christ. What He has accomplished on the cross, and the authority that He has given to you as His committed follower, is the basis of your prayer power.

Further—and this is amazing—you and I have the same Holy Spirit indwelling and anointing us, who empowered Jesus to go about His life and ministry in the Gospels.

I have come to realise that there is NO ONE more qualified than you and I

  • to hear from God
  • to offer a prayer
  • to have a Divine appointment
  • to be involved in leading someone to Jesus

wherever we are in our everyday world.

Some Questions to Consider:

  • What spiritual gifts am I aware that I do NOT have?
  • Have I used the absence of a spiritual gift as a reason to not expect that God could use me to help love and lead people to Jesus, or to pray, or to believe God for miracles in my everyday life?


Father, I want to be fully alive—to be all you have called and designed me to be.

Help me to be comfortable with my own unique, down-to-earth expression of spirituality and to not be intimidated by the spiritual gifts and strengths of others.

Thank You that Your Spirit anoints and empowers me to be a supernatural Christian in my everyday world—to live a life for which Jesus is the only explanation, and to love and lead people to you.

In Jesus’ Name

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9 thoughts on “You Don’t Need A Special Gift To Be A Supernatural Christian”

  1. Hey darling, I read this and I am totally excited about it!!!! This is such an freeing, activating, igniting word!!!! Bring it on and lets all become more naturally supernatural and real!!!

  2. I needed this message this morning! I know I have an incredible gift from God, but I do allow that to limit me in so many ways…this message has truly set me on fire and I am so excited to meet people where they are and not where I am, when I am out and about. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Rene, I’m excited to read your note because this is what it is all about, taking our extraordinary, ordinary faith in Jesus out and about with us. May you experience breakthrough and joy this week!

  3. Agree Helen, What you are saying need to be said.

    We also need to remember who knows what the gift the Holy Spirit might add as we step out in faith and obedience. When we use what we do have, even in weakness, His power is released in and through us. There have been times i have ministered to someone and felt nothing, felt this is not my gifting but unbeknown to me the Holy Spirit took it and used it.

    No matter how we feel or what gifting we feel we have, if we are in a situation that we need to minister in, just be obedient and trust the Holy Spirit to move.

    1. Charlie, I love your thoughts about the Holy Spirit imparting gifts as we step out in obedience to Him. The word that comes to mind as I read your comment is ‘AVAILABILITY.’

  4. Hey Helen
    YOU are a gift to the Body of Christ! I want to encourage you that the effectiveness of your life is not based primarily in your 1 Corinthians 12 gifts (although they are VERY SIGNIFICANT and I LOVE THEM!!!) but in the fact that your life is lived out of 1 Corinthians 13 as your base. You love God’s Church and that is so evident. Many have incredible gifts but the gifts are more prominent in some than the love. Not so with you. You are a refreshing gift to us all and I love doing life with you and the hunk!!!!!
    Chat soon my friend.

    1. Thanks Steve, ‘The Hunk and I’ enjoy doing life with you as well! We appreciate your gift of encouragement too, and I know many others benefit from it as well 🙂 I love the 1 Cor 13 thoght…hmmm, sounds like a great topic for a blog post!

  5. Hey helen, your words are inspirational about dont be intimidated by others spiritual gifts, and how as christians the difference between what a spiritual gift is and the characteristic of christian living, because we can say I am not good in this area, and this inhibits us and stops us by walking by faith, and living a supernatural lifestyle, and touching peoples lives, I really liked the part about the questions that we can ponder on, and reflect and ask god, where he wants us to step up, and to identify what I can do, and how I can serve god, It is true helen we have the authority, god has given it to us, and we can declare boldly and reflect the love the jesus, thankyou so much helen, for your honesty and openness, it is so refreshing.

  6. Hi there Beverley,
    thank you for your encouraging comments, and I love your desire to be someone who reflects Jesus’ love.
    Yes it is so true that we can be inhibited by our thoughts about who we are and of our limitations, there is so much more that our Father has for us, we need to see it and step into it!
    I pray God’s rich blessing on you as you live a supernatural life with Jesus.

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