Enliven Blog is not a solo project; it was birthed by a team of people and has continued to exist through the generosity and support of a community. Recently, I shared a post about my writing journey, which you can find here.

Here, I would like to gratefully acknowledge the contribution of those who have influenced and assisted me, and Enliven Blog, along the way:

  • To my husband, life partner and love, Malcolm Calder (aka ‘The Hunk’). Thank you for sharing the journey, for loving and praying and having the faith to keep committing and giving to this ministry
  • Pastors James and Viv Anson (Auckland, New Zealand), Pastors Arthur and Dani Cherrie (Melbourne Australia). This work would not exist without you
  • To all who have helped in practical ways—Ray and Junette Keefe who were instrumental in launching the blog, Rob Lister who has helped me maintain it, Rosie Eloff and Kamal Jassal for your assistance.
  • To the Board of Enliven Ministries, for your wisdom, generosity, care and oversight
  • To my prayer partners and those who have partnered through generous giving
  • To countless prophetic authors, teachers and influencers who have taught me through your ministry, example and books over the decades
  • Pastors Russell and Sam Evans of Planetshakers, our home church here in Melbourne Australia. You feed us from an abundant table, and because of that, we have life to feed others
  • Prophet David McCracken and team—David and Margaret McCracken, Steve McCracken, Clayton Coombs, Kamal Jassal and others in our ministry family. The very best of this teaching has spilled over from our years together

Thank you all.