There is a certain type of spiritual warfare that is aimed at taking you off course and distracting you from what God has called you to do. The greatest temptation in those times is to divert valuable time and resources to deal with it.

This is one reason why discernment, oversight and wisdom are so important when it comes to spiritual warfare.

This is what happened to Nehemiah. God gave Nehemiah a responsibility—to govern Jerusalem and lead the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls.

Throughout the book of Nehemiah, the Jews’ enemies used a number of strategies to stop them completing the project.

Here are 3 signs that spiritual warfare is a distraction, from Nehemiah’s story:

1. The Enemy is using Discouragement and Intimidation

Signs spiritual warfare is a distractionThe Jews’ enemy, Sanballat, is angry about Nehemiah’s plans to rebuild the wall. And his first response is ridicule. He mocks the Jews, and in the presence of his associates and the army of Samaria, says, “What are those feeble Jews doing? Will they restore their wall? Will they offer sacrifices? Will they finish in a day? Can they bring the stones back to life from those heaps of rubble—burned as they are?” (Neh 4:1b-2)

The aim of these insults and questions seems to be twofold:

  • Gaining support for their negative opinions
  • Getting Nehemiah and the Jews to doubt their capability of whether they can do what God has called them to do

This is a reminder that one of the enemy’s chief strategies is intimidation and discouragement.

Now look at Nehemiah’s response:

  • He doesn’t let it aggravate him
  • He refuses to let it affect his progress
  • His first response is to take it to prayer

2. The Enemy Issues Threats

When the walls are halfway to completion, the enemies of Judah are becoming agitated. Now they issue a direct threat. They are plotting a physical attack. Notice that Nehemiah doesn’t minimize the threats—he takes them seriously—but he doesn’t stop the work, either.

Nehemiah keeps in mind that the enemy’s real purpose is to get the people to stop the work of completing the walls

So now, Nehemiah puts a strategy in place. He continues the building, but he also sets up a guard as well.

3. There is Blatant Distraction

Nehemiah’s enemies try another tactic, after the above two have failed. They send an invitation to Nehemiah to meet with them, to discuss various ‘issues’. And Nehemiah responds:

“I am carrying on a great project and cannot go down. Why should the work stop while I leave it and go down to you?” (Neh 6:3)

All of these threats escalate, but by the end of chapter 6, Nehemiah and his people have persevered and the wall is built.

Here’s the bottom line: In spite of the many distractions and threats, that wall was built without Nehemiah once having to directly engage in battle!

To sum up, there are going to be times when the enemy is threatening and his aim is to get you to draw aside and engage in spiritual warfare.

In this case, a threat is not directly in front of you, it is off to one side—and its chief aim is to distract and hinder you from finishing what God has called you to do. You have a choice as to whether or not to engage.

Be like Nehemiah, who determined to keep on going and did not allow his enemies to sway him from his purpose.

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34 thoughts on “3 Signs Spiritual Warfare is a Distraction”

  1. Thanks Helen for this timely word. The Lord faithfully prepares his people. One aspect that I truly loved about the Nehemiah narrative was his strong faithful resolve to complete the work. When’s I find myself distracted I always pray for the Father to give me a “mind to work” and the LORD has always faithfully renewed my mind to overcome the distractions and intimidations of the enemy

  2. hi all, Christopher I can relate to you a lot I was also going through the same attack.. the was this one day where the pains were so bad in the middle of the night I felt like killing mysel… and woke up and prayed my heart ou, I cried n begged for GGods interventio… n the follfollowing day I felt like someone was telling what to ddo on my phon, that’s how I ended up finding this wonderfull blog, and I also called this other lady who gave me numbers for this other man of God n he came to my house n casted all the demons awa, and told me something important “when evil spirits are cast out they flee for a short time n came back to check if there is a way they can enter you again so the only way to prevent this is to commit yourself to the word of God…. you can look it up on the book of revelations 12v 7-12… I hope this will help

    1. Hi again Christopher, God does love you, He is a good Father, and He has made every provision for your healing through Jesus’ suffering on the cross. I’m sorry to hear about your experiences – there IS freedom for you…I pray you find the keys locally to help (beyond the scope of this blog).

      And Christopher and Glander, one of our core values, which we believe is very important when it comes to exercising authority in the spiritual realm, is being in relationship with other Christians in a church community, and cared for by church oversight. So our key advice in these instances is to take these issues to local church leadership or to gain help from someone referred from a church.
      Sorry Christopher I’ve edited out some of the graphic descriptions you’ve given. I do pray you can find the help you need.

  3. Hellen, thank you so much for the word of God i am really encouraged about the story of Nehemiah. It’s like you’re prophesying about what am going through may God bless you and give you more wisdom.

  4. Yes, those 3 things are happened to me. God called me as prophet here in my province in the philippines. Pray for me the spirit of resistance that holds on my financial,spiritual,emotional and my family.

    1. Hi Ronilo, praying for you right now, that resistance must loosen its hold and go, in Jesus’ Name!

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