Genesis Season: It’s Time for a New Beginning

“God, make a fresh start on me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.” (Psalm 51:10 MSG)

Genesis Season: It's Time for a New Beginning, text on gold background with sun risingA few days ago, while discussing someone’s new venture, I said, “It’s a Genesis month!”

After the call, Malcolm and I reflected on the phrase, along with its meaning: “This is a season of new beginnings!”
It seemed to echo in the atmosphere, and the word ministered to us personally.
Then I said, “That was the Holy Spirit.”

God’s Grace in a Genesis Season

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep waters. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.” (Genesis 1:1-2 NLT)

A Genesis season is a time of new beginnings, and it is marked by grace.
If that resonates with you in some way, be encouraged by these thoughts:

  • Darkness speaks of mystery—you cannot see the path ahead. But God, whose very presence is light, is going with you. And He will light the way. This is your season of discovery and new beginnings.
  • Emptiness speaks of a space ready to receive new things. If you feel empty or have recently had a chapter close, it is a sign that you have room to receive.
  • Formless, or shapeless reminds us of the potter and the clay (Isaiah 64:8). As you surrender to God’s hands, he will bring shape to your life and work. He is going about his good work! He is forming a vessel for his glory.

In a Genesis Season, there is a “God Factor”

At a time of year when many people are talking about goals, let’s remember the “God factor”.
The Bible says: “You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” (Proverbs 19:21, NLT)

The Bible gives us a key to planning, which is firstly to delight in Him! (Psalm 37:4)
And from that place of fellowship, to recognize what He is doing.

  •  To see what His favor is on and participate with Him in that.

Look to Where the Spirit is Moving

So if the yearly chatter about goal-setting programs makes you feel uncomfortable
* It does not mean that God does not have plans or projects for you.
Perhaps, that discomfort is an invitation from the Lord.

He is beckoning you to watch and see where the Holy Spirit is moving uniquely for you.

“And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters.” (Genesis 1:2 NLT)

Vision of an Artist’s Studio

On Sunday as we worshiped, I was holding this word about new beginnings before the Lord.

Suddenly, I saw an artist’s studio in my mind’s eye.
The studio was lit with a low, golden light, and it looked as though it had been in use for many years.
Two easels were sitting in the room, and both were covered.

Then, I saw the Lord’s hands, lifting the cover off the easel to the left. He revealed a canvas that was brand-new and had never been used!

Next, He lifted the cover off the easel on the right. This was a painting that seemed to have been left for a very long time.

Seeing in a New Light

The second painting appeared to be complete, and yet something was missing.
It was as though the painter—being dissatisfied with it—had left it for a later day.

Suddenly, a light shone on the unfinished painting, on a particular spot.
The light seemed to come from a high window, which was suddenly uncovered.

Now the painting could be seen in a new light.
It became clear how to go about finishing it.

The Master Artist

Then, I saw Jesus coming through a door on the right. He was holding a third painting in his hands.

This was a very old painting from a previous generation.
It was evident that He had freshly restored the work and given it new life.
Once, it had been faded and jaded—but now, bright colors were seen, along with previously unseen details.

The Parable of the Paintings

The paintings are a parable, a picture, and a story.
God is unveiling new opportunities, represented by the blank canvas.
The light on the second canvas speaks of the Holy Spirit shedding new light on old dreams, with an “aha” moment! This includes projects and plans that we had laid aside.

Now is the time to reflect that perhaps God’s presence is on them for the current season.

The Third Painting

The third painting being restored speaks of stories from past generations.
God is healing aspects of our family identity.
He reminds us once again, “I am removing shame from the generations; I am changing the story you tell from now on .”

God is With You in a Genesis Season

The Scripture in Psalm 51 that I began with, reminds us that during a season of new beginnings, God is working on our hearts.
For David wrote it out of deep sorrow and repentance.

The Lord wants to remind us of the nearness of His presence.

  • As the Master Artist, His hands are on the brush that paints the canvas.
  • The Potter’s hands surround the clay, as He shapes it for His purpose.
  • As the Gardener,  His hands are close, as He prunes the vine (John 15).

And His Holy Spirit hovers, calling you forth to life.
Now He invites you to share the moment of creation—to declare “Let there be!”
And to participate with Him in your Genesis season.


[1] Genesis, the name of the first book of the Bible means “origins” and the first verse (Gen 1:1) exemplifies a new beginning.

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40 thoughts on “Genesis Season: It’s Time for a New Beginning”

    1. I’ve been crying out to our Lord for a renewed & reshaped ME, for grace and for the Holy Spirit to restore me through the “potter’s hand” and lead & guide me to my Kingdom purpose for that’s were my joy in my life was found! So I repent of all my past ways not of God and I hand over all my burdens, fears, worries and past regrets and ask for forgiveness and to be washed clean. Lord have YOUR way in me, open my eyes, ears, heart and spirit to your Holy Spirit again where I heard your cries & calls and stepped out unafraid, knowing I was hand in hand with you Lord Jesus! Have your way in ME & lead & guide me for my life’s purpose is yours JESUS, just show me the way, I’m coming!
      In JC’s name I pray .., amen
      I want your will in my life JESUS, please don’t let me miss another moment, for I AM YOUR WILLING SERVANT SO LEAD & GUIDE ME AS YOU TRANSFORM & TRAIN ME FOR MY LIFE’s ministry!
      I say YES LORD! Let your fire burn in my heart and soul ONLY FOR YOU & protect me from all fiery darts being thrown at me for this call I pray in JESUS name …. amen
      I praise you Lord for this 2nd opportunity!
      Blessings to you Helen and your family, and I pray for a firewall of protection to surround you all from ALL THE ENEMY’S fiery darts and i pray for favour over you and family from our beloved Lord Jesus!
      I am so thankful for your word and service to God’s Kingdom!
      Bless you my MIGHTY sister in Christ Jesus!
      In JESUS NAME…, amen

      1. The Holy Spirit, the paintings ,the prophetic msg is right on me. All glory belongs to God. Thanks for being sensitive to His voice is being spiritually
        connected to you.

    2. Thanks for the confirmation: Isaiah 43:18-19. God said to forget the former because He’s doing a NEW THING. I received both messages. IT’S ALREADY DONE! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! BLESSINGS

    3. Dear Helen

      Thank you for your encouraging prophetic teachings.
      I am currently visiting my daughter in New Zealand. Marveling at God’s creation, I started my Bible reading at Genesis. In that moment I heard the Holy Spirit , “Nadia. I created the world in 6 days . Today the first day of the year can be your Genesis year. I can do this in 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years, it all depends on you and my presence in your life”
      I was truly blessed by your revelation and confirmation of what the Father is doing in my life.

    4. Charlene McFarlane

      I just want to say thank so much for availing yourself to be use by God. Every one of your post has been a blessing to me and always on time,I am truly grateful I pray the lord continue to preserve you and your husband

    1. Hi Andrea, I’m sorry about that – there was a problem in the email but you can scroll up to see the post

  1. Thank you Helen,
    This message truly resonate with me. I feel the Holy Spirit wanted to encourage me and gave you these words.

    I see The Lord confirming His promises to me throughout the message.

    I am encouraged, thank you.


    1. thank you Deborah,
      I’m grateful for that
      (there was a glitch in the email out of our control which is frustrating!)

  2. Wow! Thank you sister and thank you Father for this beautiful and timely word. I have commented on many of your last post about my difficult season and lately have had many encouraging night dreams. I feel I should share this one I just had Last night as it resonates with the word you shared with us. I lost my significant other when I was 20 years old in a very tragic way, God has often used his face to speak in different ways in different meanings. Sometimes when I have a spiritual dream I don’t know the meaning for a while, I am learning that sometimes they are for a season in the distance, and some are more recent. Last night I dreamed that I was planning a funeral for my long deceased significant other, yet discovered that he was still alive. My husband appeared out of nowhere to say that he was the one present but I knew it wasn’t so (don’t understand this part). Then after walking outside I saw him, the one who supposedly passed years ago, but his appearance was very unusual, he had a blue Mohawk, facial hair, dressed in rags, but I recognized his face and his favorite camo shorts. He then took me to where he had been living so we could talk, he had a tent in the library I frequented, set up like a home, right in the middle. I marveled that I had been there so many times yet never saw him. I went inside and we talked but he was very difficult to talk to, I told him I didn’t understand him and he told me that no one does. Then flash forward to the place where we were having the funeral or memorial service, I was told by friends that I should continue with the service since it was planned and everyone was coming, and he could come and announce that he was alive. I was then told that this was my story to tell. There are some more details that seem insignificant now, although nothing is and I’m sure with time they will be made known..

    As I sat in silence with the Lord this morning, His peace, love and grace filled me and I felt some of the interpretation was that He was bringing life into dead places, that it would not look like what I was expecting but that I would love it all the same. That it is something right before me that I have not been able to perceive.

    Then I read your email and it was so perfectly on time

  3. O yes LORD. Thank you precious HOLY SPIRIT. Thank you THEE Prophetess of GOD. It is DONE. In the NAME of GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT AMEN

    I have started Mama from the 1 January 2024. MAKABONGWE UNKULUNKULU NGIYABONGA

      1. your message speaks to me that God is bringing me into a new season. I feel it may be difficult but God will get me on track .thank you for your message of hope

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