God Says, “I am Changing Your Story and Revealing My Glory”

“My glory is coming to the wilderness places!”
This is the message of the prophet Isaiah—repeatedly [1]: “The presence of your Savior changes everything!”

Only Jesus can turn a past story of loss into a present testimony of power.
So, receive His touch on every part of your life—even those past times that felt like “wilderness seasons”.
For right now, He is visiting you with headlines from Heaven.

“I am Changing the Story You Tell”

Several years ago, God spoke to my husband and me one evening. It was 2019 and we were musing about a tragic event in our family’s history over dinner—when the Holy Spirit interrupted us.
And He said, “I am removing shame from the generations; I am changing the story you tell from now on.”

When we prayed over that event and over our family, He intervened with signs and a miracle.
God broke into our story with a fresh encounter, and our view will never be the same again.

As long as we have an earthly viewpoint, we will tell an earthbound version of our story. But when the Holy Spirit is present to lift our vision, we see God’s greater purpose:

  • And that is the redemption of our story

An Unusual Backstory

I believe that right now, God is releasing grace encounters to those who have been feeling conflicted in some way.
If you can relate to this, I believe Psalm 34 contains a healing word for you.

As this Psalm opens, we learn there is an unusual backstory:

  • David composed Psalm 34 after he fled from King Saul and escaped across the border to Gath
  • But his heroic reputation went with him and the king of Gath began to suspect him

As a result, David was in immediate danger and became very fearful.
And in order to avoid arrest, he pretended to be insane!
The ploy worked, and David escaped unharmed.

David Resorted to Deceit

This is not a story in which we read of angelic rescues or miracle interventions from God—that is not in the narrative!

  • Instead, we learn of a man who was terrified, and who humiliated himself, by acting out a lie

What if God could have delivered David without him resorting to deceit and trickery?
For the anointing and prophetic call on his life guaranteed David’s safety (remember Goliath)!

Yet through it all, and in spite of his weakness, David encountered God’s grace and saving power—even angelic protection.
And how do we know this?
Because of the song that he sang afterward.

God is Present in the Wilderness Season

David marked the moment by composing a song, and this is his testimony:

“I sought the LORD, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were radiant, and their faces were not ashamed.” (Psalms 34:4-5 NKJV)

So, if fiery darts of self-doubt have come against you—or you have endured a painful transition and been misunderstood by others.
You may feel as though you are in a wilderness season right now, but God is present with you. And He’s filled with love and grace towards you.

Headlines from Heaven

In my NKJV Bible, a translator sums up the theme of Psalm 34 with this headline:
“The happiness of those who trust in God!” [2]

In a book, a chapter title sets the tone, the atmosphere, and the expectation of what the story is about.
And I believe this is a time in which God is revealing headlines from Heaven!

You shall see His purpose, even to do with past “wilderness seasons”.
And from now on, God‘s purpose will be your headline for that chapter in your life.

I Saw God’s Greater Purpose

Earlier this year, the Lord led me to change the “chapter titles” of some wilderness seasons in my life—going back decades!
And this included some traumatic events.

But as I reflected on God’s greater purpose, by His grace, I was able to name the events accordingly.
For example:

  • A closed door and rejection became “God’s Greater Plan”
  • A time of burnout was, “Discovering The Father’s Heart”
  • Moving to Australia—very difficult for me—became “Positioned For Harvest”
  • Letting go of a ministry we thought was our life’s calling was, “Gateway To Prophetic Leadership”
  • Some years in which I felt I was barely surviving became, “Bringing Forth Gold”

As I wrote these in my journal, I could see the progression!
And this prayerful exercise helped me discover God’s chapter title for my current season.

Let Go of Regret

Perhaps the Lord is speaking to you today about some wilderness season. It may even be long ago, but ripples from it have affected you to this day.

  • This is a time to let go of regret and to release and forgive those who caused you pain
  • And that includes releasing yourself

For this is a time when God is revealing His “chapter headlines” from Heaven and making His glory (in your story) known to you.

And you will see that God’s purpose is not merely a postscript, or a bridging paragraph leading to your next chapter.

But it is the chapter title! For His redemption changes the whole, washing through your entire story.
Hear Him say, “Beloved! I am changing the story that you tell. And I am revealing My ever-increasing glory in your life.”

[1] Isaiah 32:15, 35:1-2, 40:3-5, 43:19, 51:3

[2] See Psalm 34, NKJV here

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31 thoughts on “God Says, “I am Changing Your Story and Revealing My Glory””

    1. Oh wow! This is speaking to me in so many ways. A friend I haven’t spoken to for years called me this morning and he said something similar to what you’re saying: to see my life story from God’s perspective. Your message confirms this Helen. I have so much work to do on changing my mindset as God works on me. I can’t wait to do the season renaming exercise you talk about, the way you did. I didn’t get it all this time but now I do. Thank you ?

  1. Thankyou Helen.. this is so speaking to my heart..
    no more regrets.. Chapter headlines ..
    Beautiful.. Thankyou Lord

    1. I’m glad to hear that Lorraine! The chapter headline journey has been a significant one for me.
      Amen, thank You, Jesus!

  2. Praise King Jesus Helen,

    i connect to this word, “I am removing shame from the generations; I am changing the story you tell from now on.”
    Jesus i let go of regret, to release and forgive those who caused me pain including myself.
    Jesus let your Glory and Honor come in the wilderness places and change my story.

    God bless you, keep you and make his face shine upon you Woman of God.

    1. Amen to that for you Tracy
      “The Lord bless you and keep you;
      The Lord make His face shine upon you,
      And be gracious to you;
      The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
      And give you peace.” (Numbers 6:24-26)

  3. Hi Helen do you remember me posting about the jar of honey a while ago?

    May I ask your advice again please ?

    I’ve seen in a vision what I can only describe as a white bowl with what looked like perfectly cut squares of potatoes in a pyramid shape before me and wondering what it may mean and hope you can help.

    Thank you and God bless you

    1. Hi Vince, generally i don’t help with interpreting visions (unless I see something that relates clearly to a Bible symbol, I may comment) and the honey one had personal meaning for me. This one, I honestly don’t know 🙂

  4. True. The gospel with Revelation massages heal the place soul people or the Nation. why if we do not hear Gods voice and his spirituial revelation. we shall be preaching the gospel that has no power and no healing. so this the right way for holygost annoint

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