Prophetic Dream: God is Coming to Your Ceiling

Have you ever had a prophetic dream you knew God wanted you to share—but it was for a later time?
This happened to me when I had a dream on Christmas Day last year, and now eight months later, I hear the Holy Spirit say, “This word is for right now!”

Water Hung from the Ceiling

Waterfall, "God is turning your ceiling into a new beginning"In this dream, I was in a room, observing a ceiling that stretched above me.
And everywhere across that ceiling, hung water in great droplets, low and heavy. In the dream, I knew that there was a “water table” above that ceiling. A saturated place.

Then suddenly, I saw a hand in front of me, stretched out. The palm was open, and I saw that this hand bore a red nail scar.
It was the hand of Jesus!

As I woke, I realized that it was still 25th December 2020—Christmas night.

Ready to Fall

A ceiling can have a positive meaning:

  • It can represent shelter, protection, or being undercover
  • A ceiling can speak of your home

I believe that for many, a ceiling represents waiting or confinement. But a ceiling can also be symbolic of a barrier to progress. For example, we sometimes talk of “bumping our heads against a ceiling”.
You may relate to this, or to feeling there’s a hindrance between you and a new level.

By the grace of God, a ceiling can be the beginning of something new in your life!

They Touched Heaven

On the Day of Pentecost, God’s people were waiting in an upper room (Acts 2).
And that place of confinement became a birthplace of outpouring.
This was an event that touched nations and made history!

There was a time when Paul and Silas were imprisoned in a dungeon (Acts 16).
As they began to sing and praise God, Heaven visited that jail. Chains fell off and the doors opened!
They may have been in stocks on the ground, but the sound of their voices touched Heaven.

No ceiling can stand between you and God’s promise for your life.

Today, whatever your own “stuck place”, or waiting place is, hear your Father singing over you.

That place of confinement is going to become the birthplace for the next move of God in your life.

The Holy Spirit says, “Now!”

A prophetic dream has its own time frame.
And when you first receive it, you may not know what it pertains to.
So, you jot it down. But there comes a day when the Holy Spirit says, “now!”

Here in Melbourne, Australia, we live in one of the most locked-down cities in the world.
Now, we are in our 6th lockdown and have been confined for more than 200 days since the start of the pandemic.

A few days ago, it felt as though the ceiling was closing in on me. How I longed for wide-open spaces! But at that moment, it suddenly struck me.

I was in the place of the dream, and I was also in the SPACE of the dream!

The Promise is Within Reach

The water, hanging heavily from the ceiling.
It is for all of us right now.
Oh the glorious promises of God!
They are not out of our grasp—they are within reach.
The promises of God are accessible!

If you relate to feeling confined, be assured that God is turning your frustration into fruitfulness.
His favor is working on your behalf!
Hear Jesus say, “I am coming to your ceiling!”

“Pull Up a Chair”

Have you received a prophetic dream or vision, and it’s coming to mind right now?
I encourage you to revisit such dreams and visions. Meditate on them with the help of the Holy Spirit, for His gifts are not rigid but like a river!
And perhaps God has more to show you about that dream or vision, as you wait on Him.

Maybe, He has chapter two, or three!

As I prayed again about the dream, I heard Jesus say, “Pull up a chair!” (Rev 3:20)
That’s when I realized that if I pulled up a chair—even stood on a footstool—I could touch that ceiling. The water was hanging heavy ready to fall—and even though it seemed out of reach at first, I still could step into it!

And so, with the eye of faith, I became immersed in the water and it fell around me, reaching the floor below.

Destined to be a Vessel

Sometimes we are waiting for God to move. Yet He has taken the first step and is waiting for us to respond! 

Today know that through you, the water of the Spirit will become a mighty river that touches the earth.
You are destined by God to be a vessel through whom that living water will flow.

“… He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” (Rom 8:32 NKJV)

Now, that ceiling that has frustrated you, represents a new beginning.
And you will discover His gifts in the very place you least expected.

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Is today’s word about a “ceiling” meaningful to you? I’d love to hear from you, so share your thoughts or your prayer request in the comments box below.

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58 thoughts on “Prophetic Dream: God is Coming to Your Ceiling”

  1. Thank prophet Helen for your word.
    I always look forward to hearing the word any time you release it
    This word relates to my situation and on Monday, I decided to surrender everything to GOD.
    I got a vision last year July and every day I receive communication of the Holy spirit but it still has not manifested.
    By His grace,I have seen transformation in my life and many of the things you release always speak to my situation.
    Right now, the long age captivity that was limiting me has been exposed but I still haven’t explored complete deliverance.
    Every day I’m expectantly but has not manifested physically until I decided to let God has control and I can attest of the peace and comfort.
    Thank you for letting God minister to Us and particularly myself.
    I have benefited out of this ministry
    Be blessed big time

  2. Dear Helen,
    I woke up this morning. It was early so I went back to sleep. I dreamt the ceiling and the water hanging from it just like you are describing in your dream. I was in the place where we are (part of our church’s retreat center set aside as parsonage) there was a group meeting and suddenly rain was everywhere. Then I looked at the ceiling the water was hanging over the ceiling. It was steadily moving — big small droplets. People were trying to dry the rain water, but I kept saying,”no, you have to let it rain.” After I woke up I thought of the dream’s meaning. I told the Lord if I would ever be given prophetic dreams like the ones I hear from many in the ekklesia and if I would know what they mean… I have begun to go deeper in my relationship with the Lord. I have been trying to discern the prophetic words I am hearing — whether they are indeed of the Lord. As I opened my e-mail, I saw your post appear. I read and cried. It was the Lord confirming so many things I have been feeling and thinking. And that this dream was linked to yours. Maybe that is why you released it now. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry as you bless us. In Christ…

  3. I do feel that God is speaking to me through this Word. it was this house that I and my husband live in now that we had a vivid vision that I was healed in, it was like looking into the future. Can’t imagine how or when it’s gonna happen but I know it will and SOON!

  4. Thank you, Helen. I had a dream 4 years ago that I have not yet understood, but this word speaks to me because of the “water above” and the unexpected places you mentioned.
    I was in a church service where I was pregnant, not very far along. I already had 3 children but I knew this new life would be different than the other 3. My sister was with me. I was frustrated because I couldn’t figure out what notes to sing, but discovered I needed to stay on a constant note. The pastor introduced a guest- a Jewish rabbi. His appearance was quite unexpected, even the way he looked was different that what I thought it should be. He introduced him as “Ami” which I later learned meant beloved. He came over to me and put his hands on my belly. I was immediately on a wild roller-coaster ride, going up and down, and then at the end of the ride I was tossed into a dark body of water, and landed in a fetal position. I thought I was going to drown, but noticed a circle of light above me, and knew as long as I swam toward that light, I would be alright. (end of dream)
    I’ve felt confused lately, because I know God is doing something, birthing something in me, but I’ve felt “hidden”. I know I’m going to swim “up to the light” eventually! I feel like your word is confirmation to me that IT WILL HAPPEN! (whatever “it” is)
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Melissa, whoooo!!!!
      Isaiah 42:9, God says,
      “Behold, the former things have come to pass,
      And new things I declare;
      Before they spring forth I tell you of them.”

      I just feel reading that dream, the Father is assuring you that He is a SAFE place for you, and that you are SAFE with Him, and so is the new He’s birthing in and through you

  5. Thanks for sharing your prophetic thought, once again it is encouraging for me as I am really feeling confined and thinks God is far from my reach. Your post has help me to recommit myself and know that Gods love me. Thanks

    1. I’m praying for you right now, Nirupam, that you will be uplifted and know God’s Presence is around you in a powerful way

  6. This Word speaks Loudly to me in this season! Thank you Helen for being a vessel that Daddy God can pour Himself through to encourage others.

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