Have you felt as though you have been pressed in some way?
Or, do you believe God is calling you to press in closer to Him, for a breakthrough or intimacy?

Receive encouragement from Heaven today:

  • That “pressing” is giving way to joy, because it is God’s time to birth new things in your life

The Power of Pressing and Being Pressed

Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you.” But Jesus said:

“Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.” 

This past week, I was preaching about the woman who made her way through a crowd, to touch Jesus’ robe.

As she touched the hem of Jesus’ garment, she was miraculously healed. [1]

The Day of the Crushing Crowd

Today, you may feel as though you are up against obstacles, or impossibilities. 
There may be challenges standing between you and your miracle.

Be assured that you have the strength that you need to press into Jesus.

To understand the determination of this woman, Luke tells us,

  • ‘As Jesus was on his way, the crowds almost crushed him (Luke 8:42, NIV)

The Greek word translated ‘crushed’ or ‘thronged’, means to choke utterly. [2]  It reminds me of a time my family visited Melbourne’s CBD for the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

As we walked towards the venue, we found ourselves in narrow city streets. They were jammed with people, wall-to-wall, standing room only.
It was suffocating.

That this woman was able to move towards Jesus—the One at the centre of the crowd’s attention—and to touch Him…

It was no less than a feat.
How could she do it?

You Have the Ability to Press Towards Jesus

The reason that sick woman was able to press, was that she was being pulled:

  • By a vision of what was on the other side of an encounter with Jesus
  • By the grace of God
  • By God’s destiny for her life

And like her, your destiny is to be a testimony.

So, if getting close to Jesus requires you to press hard against some things right now, don’t give up!

You can press, because you are being pulled by God.

Your Father’s mercy is abundant towards you.
Make this your confession today:

‘I am pressing in. I am touching Jesus like I have never touched him before!’

It’s Time for the New Wine and Fresh Oil

The day after I shared this message, I heard the Holy Spirit say,
‘New wine is pressed!
The oil is pressed!’

‘The threshing floors will be filled with grain; the vats will overflow with new wine and oil.’ (Joel 2:24, NIV)

The new wine speaks of the move of the Holy Spirit, and the fresh oil speaks of His anointing.
Both speak of harvest and inheritance. [2]

New wine and fresh oil have this in common: both are produced through the fruit being pressed and crushed.

You sense God has been moving to bring change and adjustment in your heart.
He is wooing you into repentance; into conformity with Him.

  • Your Father has an end-view in mind—that you will bear Jesus’ likeness

What you have seen up until now is the beginning of fruitfulness.

You may have felt as though you are being squeezed.
But now, through this season of pressing, you will see the fresh oil and the new wine.

Say ‘yes!’ to the press. There is power in your surrender.

A new move of the Holy Spirit is being unleashed in your life.

The Pressing of Bringing to Birth

“Sing, O barren,
You who have not borne!
Break forth into singing, and cry aloud,
You who have not labored with child!” (Isaiah 54:1a, NKJV)

When a woman is bringing a child to birth, her whole being is swept up in the contractions of labor.

Pressure is a sign that the new birth is imminent. Pain will soon give way to joy (John 16:21).

So, if God is bringing a new move of His Spirit—or a new season or ministry to birth in your life, say ‘yes!’ to the press.

Submit to God and let Him bring forth joy and praise.

Say ‘Yes!’ to the Press of the Holy Spirit

Today, hear the calling and wooing of the Holy Spirit: ‘It’s time to press in!’

Push against fear. Push back against any demonic pressure.
Say ‘no more!’ to excuses.
But press towards Jesus.

Be like the woman who pressed through the crowd—she saw what an encounter with Jesus could do for her.

One touch of Jesus’ robe released her miracle healing.

Her testimony was recorded in Scripture, for our benefit.

Say ‘yes!’ to the press—and your testimony will stand for generations to come.


[1] This is the story of the ‘woman with the issue of blood’. You can read it in Mark 5:24-34 and Luke 8:42-48

The quote is from Luke 8:45-46, NIV

[2] In other contexts, it can mean to strangle completely, or to drown (Strong’s G4846).

[3] Find out about the prophetic meaning of new wine here: ‘What is the Prophetic Meaning of New Wine?’

The Lord said to Moses, “Command the Israelites to bring you clear oil of pressed olives for the light so that the lamps may be kept burning continually.’ (Lev 24:1-2)

See the article, ‘How to Receive Your Fresh Anointing’

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51 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: That “Pressing” Is Turning To Joy”

  1. Hi Helen,
    Hallelujah! Today’s message is truly on point…….I have received and read it twice. My soul is rejoicing to answers that I have longed to hear. I have prayed asking God why so many times and for years, yet today I am with renewed hope. Thank you a trillion times for enlightening me. Peace and Blessings to you.

  2. Hi Helen, Amen! Thank you for that confirmation! Always on time. Truly God watches over his people.
    Thank you for this great, encouraging prophesy.
    Few days ago, the LORD said to me, I’m opening doors for you. You know, because I struggle my jobs-Finances; But the Lord opened a door for me in my church and gave me a job. so,one of the associate Pastors told me he is giving me more hours this week. i knew this is God’s mercy on me.
    But, i sense an attack to that! But i have decided to stand on the promises of my heavenly father: For our spiritual warfare is not canal but mighty in God….
    I believe its freely given to us, and you’re freely giving to many of us.
    It truly depend on who receive it with obedience.
    Please, pray for me.
    Thank you for your obedience to God!
    Best wishes!
    The Memorial Day.
    Thank you Helen!

  3. Our Dearest Helen

    What a Wonderful God we serve for giving unto us a special gift in you. I say a big AMEN to all the Lord has said to me just now through this message. I am free, I am looking forward to yielding more as I have been hard pressed from all sides. I surrender and embrace the New that He is watching to perform through me. Yesterday a prophetic intercessor called me and told me the Lord has spoken to her about a prayer meeting with Traditional and Political Leaders. She said she knew it was my assignment and I had to prepare to minister to them. I was amazed at the mercy of God who didn’t look down upon me, while I knew I was down n out, weaker in faith. The pressing is going to produce a big harvest for His Kingdom. Hallelujah!
    Bless you mightily Woman of God.

  4. Rebecca Mabuse

    Thank you so much about this revelation.As my country was going thrue election time, the Holy Spirit was using me to encourage people to pray for Peace in everything hapening.I was praying for solutions.I even asked people to pray for the elect President even if we never knew who will it be.After the winning party.He led me to pray for the Parliament to be opened by prayer & not just bow their head.To my supriced whatever I asked for or prayed for they all happened according to how I asked. Thank you Lord for the fresh oil anointing.Iam pressing on.Amen

    1. Eunice Cherono

      Praise the Lord Jesus, the prophecy is in line with what is going on in my life now, I say yes to the pressing because I didn’t understand why, I gave birth two weeks ago and the househelp left, am all alone doing all this and that I have cried to God for His mercies asking Him not to put me off, after reading your prophetic word I Now understand why I am going through all this, I have stopped questing God and ask for His favor and Grace to press on. Amen

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