Prophetic Word: The Spirit is Pursuing You

Prophetic Dream:

I was walking through noisy, busy city streets, carrying bags and focused on getting to my destination as quickly as possible. In the dream, I saw the face of a man whom I knew to be a wealthy merchant. He wanted to spend time with me, but in my hurry, I was only dimly aware of his pursuit.
My destination was a small room, where I attended to my work. The man who had been following me entered the room, and recognizing I was busy, soon left.
That was when I arose. All that remained was the fragrance of where he had been—and two large-sized, wrapped gifts.

In that moment, the gifts didn’t matter. I had missed the Man and now, I wanted to go after Him.

I woke up knowing I had just had an encounter with the Holy Spirit—aware that the One in the dream was Him. And for hours, I felt the tangible sense of hunger the dream left me with—the sense of missing an encounter with Jesus. Of wanting to pursue and catch up with Him.

‘I opened for my beloved, but my beloved had left; he was gone. My heart sank at his departure.’ (SOS 5:6, NIV )

Eventually, another realization hit me: There are still unopened gifts.

Give God Your Full Attention

The following day, my husband and I were sitting in one of the most powerful funeral services we have ever attended. In a moment of clarity, in eternity’s light, I knew the message of this dream was not just for me.

The call of the Spirit is going out.

Jesus is saying,’I am waiting for you to notice Me. I have an appointment with you.’

‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.’ (Rev 3:20, NKJV)

Prophetic Dream: The Spirit is pursuing you. God is present with us at all times. We can go throughout our day knowing He is with us. But Jesus also wants us to know that He longs for moments of our full attention. Times when:

  • Our mind and heart is wholly turned towards Him
  • All else fades into the background

He wants you to know that more than you have ever thought, dreamed, or imagined is to be found in His Presence.

  • He is rich in mercy (Eph 2:4)
  • He has inexpressible things He wants to say to you (1 Cor 12:4)

You will not lose by taking time to spend with Him. Your Father is the Creator of the universe and has all at His command.

In an instant—during one moment of your full attention—He can release everything you need.

There are Gifts for You To Open

‘Now eagerly desire the greater gifts.’ (1 Cor 12:31)

Your Father has more to reveal to you. He has gifts with your name on, that you haven’t unwrapped yet. Greater gifts.

Of spiritual gifts, Paul wrote, ‘Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.’ (1 Cor 12:7, NIV) In other words, the grace gifts of God are not separate to the Holy Spirit—the spiritual gifts are the manifestation of the Person. To desire His gifts, is to hunger for Him.

The presents of God are found in the Presence of God.

Let Hunger Draw You in Pursuit of Him

‘Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.’ (1 Cor 14:1, NKJV)

Pursue love. Love is not only a quality; love is also a Person. And Jesus, the One Who is Love, is seeking an encounter with you today.

What makes a moment of giving Jesus your full attention stand out from any other time?

In that instant, it is not about how clearly you are hearing His instruction; it is not about how much revelation you are receiving.

It is more personal than that.

You are simply aware of His face turned towards you, and His love and affection for you.

More Reflections on Intimacy with God

If this word has touched you, I encourage you to pray and reflect on what God is saying to you personally. Here are some resources for further study or empowerment:

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I pray your heart and attention is drawn to Jesus this week, in a fresh and powerful way. As the old hymn goes, ‘Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.’

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13 thoughts on “Prophetic Word: The Spirit is Pursuing You”

  1. Gifts left for you in a dream especially from the holy spirit are usually spiritual gift. They last a life time!!

  2. Thank you Jesus for the wonderful message. Thank you very much for the spiritual gifts you have for me. Receiving those gifts in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ for your Glory. Let your will be done. I am your servant and prophet. Glory to Jesus!!!

  3. Dear Helen: I am intrigued and greatly encouraged by your post about gifts from the Holy Spirit. Thank you. I share the following dream God gave to me in 2016 for your encouragement. I am still wondering about the meaning of some aspects of the dream.
    Dream – December 18, 2016
    I was in a room at an airport, standing behind my friend, a big guy with very broad shoulders. He bought a gift at the store there, turned around and gave it to me. It was in a thin clear cellophane bag so I could see some of what it was. I was given a large sectioned tray (looked like a kitchen cutlery tray) filled with items/utensils although it was not clear exactly what they were. Inside the bag, on top of the tray was a clear plastic bag of identical artists paint brushes (chiselled angled top, approx.. ¼” brush, soft gold beige color bristles and long slender reddish brown handles). Trying to hold the heavy tray, it tipped slightly and a small paring knife slid across the top and out through a small opening in the left side of the cellophane but I caught it in time, pushing it back inside before it could fall out onto the floor. I was happy to receive this gift from my friend. When he gave me the gift, he said, “It’s not the best so you’ll have to get another one on your birthday.” I remember thinking that most of my friends are men although I have some women who are my friends. I went to hug him to say thanks but wondered how I could because I had a parcel in one hand and his gift in another. Both were in bags, a good size and weight. So with one in each hand, I placed a hand on each shoulder and hugged him. I was happy that others could see that I was given a gift. I left and stood in the foyer at the entrance of the building remembering my car was in the parking lot. I searched my purse for the car faub. The entry way looked like one outside a Walmart store rather than at the airport. Found the faub, stepped outside and it was dark. I thought, “Oh no, I have to drive in the dark. How will I do that? I’ll just have to do it!” (I don’t drive at night because of fuch’s dystrophy). I walked a little way. While trying to remember where I parked my car, it dawned on me that I didn’t have my gifts, that I had left them inside while looking for the car faub in my purse. I heard the door to the building entrance creak and looked back as it closed. I ran back inside. I feared someone might have found the parcels I left inside the entrance and stolen them. Then I wondered if someone picked them up and turned them in to the office lost and found. Calling to a woman who was walking through a crowd (in case it was her), “Excuse me, excuse me. Did you pick up some parcels?” No response. She kept on walking. I was upset for having left my gifts behind. I went back to the entry way to leave the building and glanced to the left. I saw them in a pile by the wall. There were two gifts and a parcel in bags (like Walmart bags but I couldn’t clearly see the print on them because of how they were placed on top of the other). I felt so relieved and thankful to the Lord for them. I remember thinking, “I forgot that I had a parcel too.” Somehow it became clear to me that there were two gifts and one parcel. I said, “Thank you, Lord for protecting these for me.” Then directly in front of me I saw a bench with a wrapped gift and a coat over the back and then more wrapped gifts and coats belonging to other people, just piled there, so I prayed over them and asked the Lord, “Lord please protect these gifts belonging to these people too.” End of dream.

    1. There’s a lot of very interesting detail in that dream, Julie! I love that the Spirit shows us gifts in dreams – it speaks of mystery, things that He has set aside and prepared for us (and others) that we are yet to see revealed. We have a part to play in the unwrapping of them. He is a good Father and His gifts are good.

  4. It’s rare for me to wake up while having a dream, but this morning I was having a dream about trying to help friends get somewhere but we never made it because of various obstacles along the way. I was very surprised immediately after waking, to open my email and read Helen’s latest post about her dream and the call of the Spirit. Only a few minutes after reading it, I felt the “tangible” call of the Holy Spirit to my heart, to spend my day with Him for as long as He leads, whether in prayer, reading the Bible, etc. I really believe that what is written here today has been used by Him to call me into intimate fellowship with Him, and I’m always grateful and happy to respond when He gives my heart a call such as this.

    1. That’s wonderful, Twila! I love the pull, the drawing of the Spirit, the way He pursues our hearts to get us to seek after His Word and encounter Him. I pray you day has been one of sheer delight in His Presence.

  5. Thankyou Helen for sharing this profound dream. I too felt the wooing of the Lords heart after reading this dream of yours, to spend time in his presence and seek his face. Reading Song of Songs.

    1. That’s so good Heidi.
      A few months ago I put SOS on repeat on my audio Bible and also downloaded the Passion TRanslation of SOS (audio) you’ve just inspired me to look it up again.
      I also just felt to add a short piece on the end of above…it goes
      ‘What makes a moment of giving Jesus your full attention stand out from any other time?
      In that instant, it is not about how clearly you are hearing His instruction; it is not about how much revelation you are receiving.
      It is more personal than that.
      You are simply aware of His face turned towards you, and His love and affection for you.’

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