Hunger For God: 6 Ways You Can Stir It Up

The Power of Hunger For God

‘You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.’ Jer 29:13

In Song of Solomon, the Beloved is knocking on the chamber door. The maiden resists getting up to answer. ‘I have taken off my robe—must I put it on again? I have washed my feet—must I soil them again?’ (SOS 5:3)

She is in a state of repose, and for that moment, her comfort is more important than her relationship.

The maiden rises to open the door to her Beloved, but he has already left. Her hesitancy has cost her his presence. Now, her heart is stirred. Comfort is no longer an issue as she loses sleep and risks her safety to search for the one she loves.

Unable to reach him, she passes on a message, ‘Tell him I am faint with love.’ (SOS 5:8)

‘Here I am! I stand at the door and knock,’ Jesus calls to His church. ‘If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.’ (Rev 3:20)

Jesus’ call to intimacy is a challenge to our comfort. To answer His knock, we must stir ourselves from our place of spiritual repose.

His promise: ‘I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

Jesus’ invitation is to Christians who are hungry.

Why Be Hungry For God?

Hunger: that gnawing ache on the inside of you; that sense of need that is not content until it is filled.

  • Hunger is an active state, for it results in you seeking out the object of desire that will satisfy your need.

Hunger for God is the longing to encounter Him, to be with Him, and to be filled with His Spirit.

As prophetic people, we need to hunger and thirst after God.
When we are hungry for God and His Presence, we will do whatever it takes to get close to Him. The place of intimacy is where we will catch, not only the revelation He wants to give us, but we will also catch His heart.

Many of us want to be filled with the Spirit, we long to be close to God and see miracles happen in people’s lives.

When we hunger and thirst for God, we will seek Him, and when we seek Him, we will be filled and empowered.

It all starts with hunger.

6 Ways You Can Stir Up Hunger For God


A person who is fasting eventually loses their appetite as their body adjusts to the absence of food. Although in Christian leadership, I was spiritually famished for so long, I lost the ability to hunger after God.

My turning point came when I realised what I was missing.

I noted in my journal,

‘I have come to realise that the real tragedy in the church is not spiritual famine: it is famine without hunger, dryness without thirst.’


Even the desire to seek God is a gift from Him (John 6:44).

When we pray for spiritual hunger, we are praying in accordance with God’s will. He wants us to be hungry for Him. (Matt 5:6). It is a prayer God loves to answer.


Jesus told the Ephesian church, ‘You have forsaken your first love. Remember the height from which you have fallen’ (Rev 2:4-5)

You can stir up a desire for God by remembering a time when you were pursuing God and experiencing intimacy in your life with Him.

Do you have books that you read at that time, worship you listened to, or letters or journals that you wrote in? These can be aids to help you recall what it felt like during that season.


Spiritual hunger is contagious. Get around hungry people, or people who are further on in the journey than you. Study their books, listen to their messages, read their blogs.

A friend wrote a blog post about having an ache in his heart for God. When I read it, it stirred the same sense of hunger in me.


A new sound of worship can help impart hunger to you. When was the last time you heard fresh worship music that stirred your soul to worship and spend time with God?

These days, it is easy to purchase worship music through iTunes for a very small cost. A couple of songs from Rick Pino, ‘Your Love is Like’ and ‘My Romance’ have stirred the hunger in me recently.


‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.’ Ps 34:8
With the little sense of need that you have, pursue God. Like me, you will learn that the more you encounter His presence, the more you will hunger for more.

And most amazing of all, you will discover that no matter how much you long for God, and how much you hunger for Him, His desire for you is greater.

The maiden who sought her Beloved in Song of Solomon discovered this wonder:

‘I am my beloved’s, And his desire is toward me.’ (SOS 7:10)

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37 thoughts on “Hunger For God: 6 Ways You Can Stir It Up

  1. Malcolm Calder Post author

    Helen, as I read this…my heart stirred so much!!! This has affected me deeply. I do so appreciate your sincere heart!! Love you…

  2. Crystal

    First I prayed for a spiritual hunger then overtime I became increasing in hunger for more and more and Jesus keeps filling me up with more and more of the Holy Spirit and now I feel his presence almost daily and I can’t get enough of his LOVE and I am so in love with the Holy Spirit he is my husband and the lover of my soul.

  3. Mary Ann

    Spiritual Hunger is the KEY to the Secret of the Heart of God. Spiritual Hunger will move God more towards you than anything else. He is my Husband too, and I cannot get enough of Holy Spirit, either. Ruach Ha Kodesh is the ONE Who is longing for us, to seek Him and hunger for Him. I know this because I heard Him sobbing once, and when I asked hIm why He was crying, He said, through sobs, “I just so long and so yearn and so desire for My people, My Highest Creation to come to Me and Know Me and know and experience MY Love as you are, Mary Ann.”

  4. Don gg

    Thank you for this powerful work. It has help me now to increase my hunger for God, and deep intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Even though i dont know how it will take me to start enjoying the ‘with Him’ of the Holy Spirit.

  5. evans

    thank you very much have truly been blessed by your post and now even more my soul longs for Jesus
    my Beloved..

  6. Arthur Mavros Post author

    Thank you for sharing your food with me..With this invitation I am encouraged to come to the Lord’s table and know I am not alone
    Thank you Jesus…thank you Helen.

  7. Mary Ann Bryant

    Can you address distractions that would keep you from getting this hunger or having intimacyvwith Him?

  8. Edward

    Thank you for being obedient to God and the call on your life. This has helped me take steps I have long forgotten back towards Jesus.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      So good, Edward. I pray for you that you will experience a powerful touch of God as you seek Him. Thanks for leaving the note.

  9. David


    I appreciate your comments above with the word “wall” on the Holy Spirit, but does it not strike you as odd when the word “truth” cannot be found in the entire page?

    We’re missing something in this culture— even inside Church culture.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi David, I’m not sure what you mean, feel free to explain further. 🙂

  10. Julio saucedo

    Thank you for the explanation on how to hunger for God when the appetite is low and degrating within.i don’t get this kind of answers when i ask the people from church. They just shrug their shoulders n walk away.

  11. Monica

    Dear Helen,
    Iam so glad i found your site. I was wandering, thirsty, graving and longing deeply for Him, my friend, the Holy Spirit. I needed help on how to grow this relationship further. It certainly is one invaluable relationship that I cannot replace with any other or anything. But you know, there comes a time in everyone’s life when you lose that notch, that leaves you wailing and wandering about without a clear direction.
    Thank you. Please teach us more on how deeper we can cultivate this more than this world and everything in it relationship.
    Thank you

  12. Adele

    Hi Enliven
    Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. I’m at a place in my spiritual walk where I need to get out of the ‘norm’ and doing things out of habit. I’m longing for more of God but find myself far from him. I also long to hear God’s voice.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Adele,
      Sounds like you are on the launching pad ready to take off again! May you be blessed and encouraged today

  13. Favor

    For so long I prayed for spiritual revival, for God to help me restore my relationship with him but totally failed, I cried out to God to come to my rescue because on my own I couldn’t, with each passing day I felt my self become more distant. I felt empty, broken, and helpless. Slowly I started feeling the urge to pray return, I did not only think of going to church but made an effort to attend service. Last week as I prayed, the spirit led me to fast and pray for 21 days. This is only my second day, what God has done is amazing. He has led me to resources that have truly blessed me, as I searched for articles on revival and restoration, I came across this article. As I read, I felt my spirit stir, I felt an overwhelming sense of release, like something that has been binding me has broken lose, that barrier that has been keeping me away from God broken, I can’t find the right words to describe what I am feeling, but something truly special has happened as I read this piece, and I thank God for hearing my cries and drawing me closer, how I missed being here, wrapped in his embrace. THANK YOU JESUS, THANK YOU.

  14. Favor

    Dear Helene,

    I can’t begin to tell you how much this message has blessed me, I thank God for you, thank you so much. May the most high continue to use you mightily to touch many more lives. Be blessed.

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      I’m so glad to hear that Favor, may the glorious encounter with God’s Presence continue to touch your life and overflow! May you and others be richly blessed by what Jesus is doing in your life!

  15. Christian King Ifendu

    Dear Pastor Helen,
    I have a great desire for the Holy Spirit.
    my spirit Life started last year December 2015. up till now Sept 2016 I’m still burning and shinning for the lord. but the challenge I had to Eat
    [Callenges are bread for us beleivers to chew] through my spiritual walk was the ability to overcome fear. I had it like thorns of weed sown among fruits in my mind that gave me heavy burden while I fellowship with the Holy ghost. but I got free from those fears when I found out that he loved me more than heaven and earth and all the creatures ever made (James 1:18). So I just wanted to share my contributions from my own experience with God.
    A deep affiliation with God can only come, through an in depth study of the Word no matter how long we tend to pray for the bible says in psalms 119:130 that the entrance of the word Gives light…
    when the word gains dominion over one’s mind through deep meditation Joshua 1:8. a hunger for the lord would be manifested. God wants to set his kingdom in every man’s heart. for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. he wants to control the world through us believers and we can only do that through the renewal of our mind Romans12:2 be not conformed to these world but be yea transformed by the renewal of your mind, when your mind is renewed Romans 12:3 takes its place… that yea may prove(launch into these world) what is that good, acceptable, and perfect Will of God here on earth. remember though we are in this world we are not of the world, we are ambassadors here on earth 2Corinthians 5:20. and we are to establish the heaven in our heart here on earth so a major step to spiritual hunger Is through the word of God john17:17. Paul commended us also to the word of God’s Grace (Jesus) in acts 20:32 .for the more we look at Jesus through his word we are changed into him (Glory) 2Corinthians 3:18. ref:Colossians 3:10.
    when we eat the word faith is active thereby causing growth in our spiritual life.
    God loves us so much that he wants to demonstrate his kingdom, power and glory through us Romans 8:19
    (john 15:7)
    thanks a lot I love you all so much.
    God bless You!!!

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Those are great thoughts on God’s Word, Christian. I really appreciate that, because I have been thinking on the very same points lately.
      Thank you!

  16. howard syakuboola

    i thank God for the work you are doing i didnt know on how. to stir up the hunger for God but now i know their 6 ways to stir up the hunger for God my life will never be the same when i put this into practice.

  17. Chisomo

    Am uplifted with this understanding,,, now I can see where sometimes my spiritual life dry,,, Hahah,, Devil is in hot pain now,,, I will rise as never before the first day , He called me.. my today service will be dangerous with this teaching… Hellen thank you for this stuff.. long live

  18. catherine

    ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.’ Ps 34:8 ( Correction please: This is actually Psalms 34:9).

  19. Nokuthula

    Thanks for the information it came at the right time while I am seeking God through fasting and prayer I am asking God to baptize me with Holy Spirit and fire to fight the enemy.

  20. ReMo

    Thank you for your work and for your inspiring article. The combination of the powerful quotes from the Bible, as well as your guidance on how to develop hunger is just a gift! I am a Baha’i, and I don’t think that it matters what belief one practices when trying to develop this same spiritual hunger towards the Beloved. God is the source and the fount of the life-giving water, and I am learning how to long not for water, but for thirst.



    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Thank you Rommel, I’m glad to hear it and pray you are richly blessed

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