Another WaveI was sitting on the beach recently, watching people surfing the waves and praying about upcoming ministry, when I heard the Holy Spirit say, ‘Another wave!’

There are ebbs and flows and surge times in the move of God, just as there are in the waves of the sea.

Waves are known as a prophetic metaphor for the move of the Holy Spirit.

God is saying, ‘It is time to pay attention! Something new is on its way. It is time to get on board with the new thing I am doing.’

‘Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?’ (Isa 43:18-19)

How to Catch the Move of the Holy Spirit

1. Pay Attention to the New Thing God is Doing

When you Google ‘surfing conditions’ you discover Surfcams, Surf reports and Surfcasts. [1] There is a new surfcast every day—yesterday’s wave forecast is no longer relevant.

  • In life and ministry, it can be tempting to hold on to old ‘Surfcasts’; prophetic dreams from the past.

However, in order to catch the wave of the new thing God is doing, we need to pay attention to where the Holy Spirit is currently moving and about to move. We also need to listen to our leaders who are tuned in to the Holy Spirit.

Andrew Caught Another Wave

The ministry of John the Baptist was a wave, a mighty move of God. The Spirit of God was moving powerfully, bringing repentance to multitudes in the Judean wilderness.

It must have been an exciting time for John’s disciples. They were on the crest of the wave of what God was doing!
And yet, when John the Baptist pointed Jesus out to his disciple Andrew, the young man paid attention and pursued Jesus. Andrew later became a disciple of Jesus. (John 1:35-40, Matt 4:18-19)
Remarkably, Andrew was able to release his past loyalties and go with the new thing God was doing.

2. Position with Purpose

In order to ride a wave, a surfer must be positioned with purpose on the surfboard, and ready to go.

Andrew is a great example of someone who lived out of his purpose. The call that Jesus gave him was to ‘fish for people.’

  • Firstly, Andrew brought his brother Simon, who would later become known as Peter, to Jesus.
  • When Jesus and His disciples were faced with a hungry crowd of 5,000 people in John 6, it was Andrew who brought the boy with the loaves and fishes to Jesus.
  • In John 12, when Greek Jews inquired about Jesus, Andrew with Phillip came to tell Jesus.

It’s time to catch the revelation of the purpose and destiny that God has called you to. It is time to say ‘Yes’ to Jesus.
Don’t let transition deter you—stay on the board of your purpose, and catch the new wave of what God is doing.

3. Don’t Lose Momentum

A surfer gathers speed, paddling in order to connect properly and catch the wave. Then comes the vital moment when the wave picks up and carries the surfer onward. At that moment, the surfer rises to his or her feet.

A half-hearted attempt misses the wave.

Unlike many other disciples of John the Baptist, Andrew moved with the change and never lost momentum.

In Matthew 9, John the Baptist’s disciples struggled with the difference between John’s approach and Jesus’ approach to fasting. The outward form was different.
It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t believe in fasting—He taught on fasting, but very often when people saw Him, He was at the centre of the local party in town, dining with outcasts.

Jesus responded to them:
“Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” (Matt 9:17)

If you are deterred by the outward appearance of the package, you are going to miss the gift of God, the new thing He is bringing.

This was a stumbling block to most of John’s disciples, but it wasn’t to Andrew. Andrew was one of those rare people who could enjoy both the old and new things of what God is doing.

It is important to remember that no change takes God by surprise. And when church, ministry, or secular leaders direct change that you have not chosen, you need to remember that God is sovereign and He is faithful. His plan for your life will be accomplished, as you keep your heart free of hurt and offense.

4. Stay on the Wave

While Andrew was able to catch the wave and stay on it, many of John the Baptist’s disciples could not see what God was doing.

30 years later in Ephesus Paul found a group of John the Baptist disciples.

  • They completely missed what God was doing
  • They missed Jesus

In the meantime, Andrew had gone on to see hundreds and thousands won to Christ.
Andrew understood that John the Baptist’s ministry was a wave that had spent and receded at John the Baptist’s death. Andrew caught the wave that emerged with Jesus’ ministry. He embraced change—and walked into his destiny. [2]

It is time to catch the vision for the new thing God is doing and receive the Holy Spirit’s empowerment for what lies ahead.

The Spirit is in the wind and the waves, God is at work and right now is an opportunity to join in what He is doing. Don’t hold back. It is time to catch the wave!


[1] A surfcast is a precise report of the conditions of the waves at a beach and is designed to help surfers make decisions about the best time and place to surf.

Prophetic People in a Changing Church[2] A portion of this study on Andrew was first published in my book, ‘Prophetic People In A Changing Church.’
Now available as an eBook, ‘Prophetic People in a Changing Church’ is written to help people with prophetic gifts and ministries who are struggling with changes in church life. Find out more on the David McCracken Ministries / Enliven Blog e-books page.

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