As we move towards the New Year, those of us who are prophetic in nature yearn to know what is on our Father’s heart for the coming year.

Here is an insight that I believe comes from the heart of God for you in this season: “Seek My Presence as well as My Promise.”

In Luke 2, Mary receives a prophetic word from the angel Gabriel that she is to conceive and give birth to the Messiah, Jesus.

However, in order for that promise from God to be fulfilled, the Presence of the Holy Spirit must come upon Mary. The power of God must overshadow her. (Luke 1:35)

If you have received a prophetic promise or word from God that you believe pertains to this season, rejoice. Enjoy a fresh awareness of your Heavenly Father’s personal love and care for you and your family.

But don’t stop there.

Be intentional about positioning for God’s Presence and encountering Him, so that the seed of His prophetic promise will be birthed into reality in your life.

The fulfillment of your prophetic word for a New Year, or any prophetic word concerning God’s intention for your future will never come about through your own effort or through forcing open doors of opportunity. It comes first and foremost through your intimate relationship with God. Then secondly, out of that place of encounter with God, you continue to serve faithfully, along with speaking and acting in obedience to Him, you will participate with the Holy Spirit in the fulfillment of your prophetic word.

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7 thoughts on “How to Receive Your Prophetic Word and Position for its Fulfillment: A Lesson from Mary”

  1. Hi Helen. At the beginning of December I heard Holy Spirit say “IN 2015 I am handing out new beginnings, with some conditions. You have to ask for your new beginning, and you need to position yourself to receive your new beginning.” Thanks for sharing all your prophetic insights during 2014, have a tremendous Christmas and a highly Blessed 2015. I would like to finish with this picture for you for 2015.
    I saw you on a travelator walking and journeying with God, as you would, but your progress will be highly accelerated.
    I then had this picture of you giving God more of your life and Holy Spirit taking up an increased measure of your life which lead to more joy, this caused you to smile a lot more and at times cause you to break out into laughter. (In the grocery store.)
    Thanks Helen.

  2. Dear Helen,
    I wish you and your family a merry Christmas with all blessings and joy.
    Thank you for praying for me and your good words and the encouragement.
    My situation has become a little better and I have more hope again that a big change in my life is possible. On top of it I found a friend who believes in Jesus, too! And she invited me to celebrate the Holy night with her and have dinner together so I am not lonely despite my divorce and so on. I thank Jesus Christ for all this because I had felt so desperate before Christmas and now there is such a relief! God has not forgotten me in in my situation and this is what I wish everyone to experience that Jesus is always there even when we go through extremes.
    Lots of Love

    1. I’m so glad to hear this, Conny. May your heart and spirit continue to lift as you walk into 2015 knowing God’s love and goodness towards you. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you, Julia! It’s nice that you noticed 🙂 We’ve just started working with this new WordPress theme and will be using the same one over all our ministry blogs, still have more work to do to get it where we would like it.

      Happy New Year 2015, may it be an extraordinary journey for you and your ministry, revealing God’s grace and power to many!

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