Momentum_Encounter_God“That which I add My weight to will have unstoppable momentum.” [1]

I believe the Holy Spirit is alerting us to be prepared for an increase in momentum as we position to encounter God.

The Power of Momentum

Speed alone does not define momentum. Momentum is determined by both speed and mass—the weightiness, or density of the object that is moving. [2]

Momentum explains that a feeling of caution I have when a large truck is overtaking me on the highway—I have respect for the truck’s momentum in relation to that of my much smaller car.

Why? Greater momentum means that a larger amount of force would be required to stop the object that is moving.

Imagine that you are standing at the top of a hill holding a large plastic ball, such as a beach ball, and a friend is at the bottom. You release the ball and your friend stops it easily at the bottom of that hill. Now, imagine yourself holding a heavy rock, the same size as that ball, and you release it using the same motion. What is going to happen? I know if I were standing at the base of the hill, I would soon be running to get out of the way, because by the time it hit the bottom that rock would have gathered speed. The choice would be to move, or get flattened!

Two objects are the same size and released at the same speed—and yet the difference in weight (mass) accounts for the difference in momentum.

And this is what I believe God is saying:

“That which I add My weight to will have unstoppable momentum.”

There is a season of stewardship in which we must focus on gathering resources, leaders, skills, knowledge and so on. But there comes a time, when God speaks to us and He says, “It is time for an encounter with My Presence. And when the weight of My glory collides with your preparation and your obedience, you are going to experience unstoppable momentum.”

You will see Divine acceleration.

Momentum Comes as we Encounter God’s Glory

Our prophetic hearts stir at the thought of encountering the glory of God. But are we fully aware of what we hunger for?

The Hebrew word for glory, kabowd, carries the meaning of heaviness, or weightiness. [3]

Many times in the Old Testament, when the glory of God shows up, we see the manifestation of His Presence: cloud, fire, the effect of God’s Presence upon people or the surrounding environment.

And it is awe-inspiring.

It is just as awe-inspiring today when we encounter a manifestation of God’s Presence and power. So much so, that it can be tempting to believe we are seeking God’s glory, but be focused upon the various manifestations of God’s Presence, rather than the Person Himself.

Moses said to God, ‘Show me Your glory.’ (Ex 33:18)

As I have discussed before, Moses had already seen more of the manifestation of God’s Presence than we could expect to see in our lifetime including a burning bush, a flaming mountain, miracles and the pillar of fire and cloud.

Yet Moses knew there was something more to know and experience of the glory of God. He was hungry for more.

God responded, ‘I will cause all of my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name in your presence.’ (Ex 33:19)

The fullness of God’s glory is not in a manifestation and it is not in a feeling. It is in the very Person of God Himself.

In the New Testament, we learn that Jesus is ‘the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being.’ (Heb 1:3a)

It is time to know Jesus—not just to know about Him, but to encounter Him. And as a result of that meeting, to comprehend Him in His Kingdom reality, as John did at Patmos. (Rev 1)

It is time to position to encounter God—not only in our personal devotional life, but also in our family life, our everyday life, our relationships, vocation, church and ministry.

But be aware that there will be an outcome and a cost. Get ready for a momentum that you will not feel ready for, but that God has prepared you for.

  • After Moses encountered God’s glory he led Israel into reformation—the institution of the law and tabernacle worship.
  • After Elijah encountered God’s glory, he was propelled into a new season.
  • After Jesus’ disciples encountered God’s glory, they journeyed with God through Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, to Pentecost, through to the birth of the church and the spread of the Gospel.

Once launched, the nature of momentum is to continue, build and increase.

‘That which I add My weight to will have unstoppable momentum.’


[1] ‘Unstoppable Momentum’ is a prophetic phrase that has resonated with me. It was brought by our Senior Pastor Russell Evans, to our church Planetshakers last year.

[2] In the science of physics, momentum is described using a formula—and that is, mass (weight) multiplied by velocity (speed). See

[3] Ref Strongs H3519

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18 thoughts on “Unstoppable Momentum and the Glory of God”

  1. Oh how I pray this is so for me. I have always felt to be waiting on something. Don’t know what. But something, or for Him to release me into something. I have held on to the promise that we all have a purpose and place in the Body.
    Will just stay faithful and in the Word and keep remembering that He is faithful and will do what He says He will do. Even though I have no clue what that is…
    Oh and that the preparation is just as important. 😉

    1. Hi Amanda, I love your heart. May it be a year of tuning in to what God has for you in a greater measure than before, finding that ‘sweet spot’.
      Even during uncertain seasons we can be nurturing, learning about and growing in our gifts and ministries – I pray you have greater clarity in what that looks like for you.

  2. Wow!
    To God be the glory.
    This post really spoke to me.
    Just before 2014 ended I kept whispering “Lord, I’d love nothing more than to have an encounter with You.”
    May God’s favour & richest blessings always find you.

    1. That’s the most powerful desire to have, Gaynor, may you receive the answer ‘exceedingly abundantly beyond all you could ask or think…’ (Eph 3:20)!

  3. Helen I feel that with every blog I read the spirit of God is speaking directly to me the spirit is right in! Bless you for being a faithful servant thank you !!!! It really blesses me!

  4. I am awed and grateful about this article.
    Yesterday, the Lord asked me to write about “weight.” I thought this was in response to my observation that the flesh feels heavy and sin increases the weight.
    Now, it has a deeper meaning. Praise God!
    Helen, thank you for your website!

    1. Yes Darlene, it’s amazing how the Holy Spirit moves and speaks to bring facets of meanings to us! My first thought on weight would be Hebrews 12:1, the things that hinder that we need to put aside, but Holy Spirit is also alerting us to the weight that God brings to bear in His Presence with us. Sounds like you have some great inspiration coming along!

  5. Hi Helen. Your blogs have been inspirational, revelational, instructive, direction giving, corrective, supportive, encouraging, manifesting the Holy
    Spirit’s comforting power. I am very blessed by the spiritual. Insight & the wisdom of the impartation you have delivered to your readers. Continue with the work you have been blessed with.

    Daniel A Stevenson
    Fire Igniters SA – & Emmanuel Holy Spirit Fire Ministries

    1. Hi Daniel, thanks for leaving a note and I appreciate the comments.
      Let 2015 be a year of unstoppable momentum in the Holy Spirit!

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